Bryan Heitkotter Wins U.S. GT Academy 2011

June 6th, 2011 by Jordan

Brian Heitkotter (GTXf_CudaMan) has just been announced as winner of the first U.S. GT Academy! The win comes at a great time for 30-year-old Brian, who is bouncing back in a big way after having been laid off from his former job as a delivery driver in California. Now, he gets a quick break at home before returning to England, where he’ll continue training throughout the summer with Nissan for the 24 Hours of Dubai next January. Congratulations, Brian!

The competition in its entirety will be shown this fall on Speed TV.

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  1. therealEnzo

    Congratulations, hopefully he will get as far as Lucas ordonez and be in Le Mans.

  2. Congratulations Good luck in the future!

  3. Lord Nicon

    He has come a long way from gran dorifto (gt3), and even then he was awesome. Congrats man. Passion and persistence paid off.

  4. A 30 year old unemployed pizza boy? Congrats dude!

    • I hear he has to drive with a thermal bag next to him, a big plastic sign for the sponsor on top, and twenty dollars worth of singles in his suit, and every time he pits in, they have to tip him well, or he’ll “get lost” for the next 50 laps…….XD

      J/K Congrats Brian!

  5. Congrats Brian, I’m sure you will be the best GT Academy winner to date, excellent job.

  6. Congrats Brian! I completely agree with you LeftyWright! I am happy to see a fellow Cali made it to the top…,now back to practice for the next opportunity!!

  7. LeftyWright

    I don’t feel so bad that I got taken out in the first round from the west given the fact that a fellow Californian took the whole thing. Great Job Brian, you earned it.

  8. Congrats CM.

    Fantastic achievement, well done!

  9. Well done

  10. praggia

    This is really awesome stuff congrats to the winner and props to Sony and PD for organising such a great event and giving these guys a chance at a successful career in motorsport…..well done.

  11. Gt3luke

    Heitkotter??, If someone would said that he is the winner of the German GT Academy, I would have believed that too.

  12. Awesome! This sort of confirms my prejudices about American delivery drivers ;)

  13. oscarGT5

    Best GT Academy winner yet.. unlike all the other nerd

  14. HighPlainaDrftr

    Very Cool.

  15. chriz00

    Woot! Representing California!!


  16. What’s with the winners all taking goofy pictures? :P

    Really though, good job and congrats.

  17. Congrats brian, good luck in england :D

  18. toyomatt84

    Huge congratulations, bud. That’s fantastic!

  19. Rosebudteg

    Did I hear that right? He said his screen name was “GTXf Cudaman” but the screen said GTZf Cudaman. Am I just hearing things?

  20. AnPrionsaBeag

    “Laid off from his former job as a delivery driver”: not fast enough?

  21. Congratulations to Bryan! I know he’s a jet on iRacing so cool to see him having success on GT5!

  22. Wow, congrats! I’ll watch the show on SPEED. I won’t be on speed while watching.

  23. Champion Motorsports

    Champion Motorsports, one of Bryan’s primary sim racing leagues would like to congratulate him on this huge accomplishment!!!! Way to go Bryan, we are very proud of you!!!!!!!! YEAH!

  24. Old_Man_Xander

    props yo

  25. R1600Turbo

    Someone at Sony let it slip. Naughty Naughty.

  26. Panchito401

    Congrats man! I remember racing him a few times!

  27. Brandon

    Congratulations man. For some reason when I read your name months ago I had a feeling you would win. Heitkotter just sounds like a winning name.

  28. outlaw4rc

    Congratulations and good luck! We’ll be cheering for you!

  29. GTP_Davey07-O37

    Congratulations Brian. All the best to you for your future in motor racing, and will check in on you at Dubai 24HRS next year…;-))…

  30. Rod_Sauzer

    Congratulations to Brian… extremely impressive feat given the competition.

    Well I guess that takes some of the suspense away from the TV show (of course I’ll still watch)!

  31. occasionalracer

    Right on… enjoy the summer Brian!

  32. RADracing

    Good luck Brian! May you deliver checkered flags and podium trophies to PD in your new venture.

  33. Brad Kinder

    Do we know when a new patch might be released, yet?

    • Really?

      Obviously not. Jeeez, like spamming here is going to get you a date for the patch . Facepalm.


  34. GT_Die_Hard


  35. Congratulations and best of luck on the rest of your journey!

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