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GTPlanet Weekly Rewind: The E3 Special
Features Other Jun 14th, 2013 by Terronium-12

This week in the Rewind it’s nothing but E3: games, games, and more games!

gran turismo 15 live blog thumb
Gran Turismo 15th Anniversary Announcements: Live Blog
Other May 15th, 2013 by Jordan

LIVE coverage of the Gran Turismo announcements from Silverstone Circuit, beginning at 15:00 GMT.

Gran Turismo Collection For Sale, Includes Rare GT Games
Other Mar 20th, 2013 by Jordan

A Gran Turismo collector is selling some of the most sought-after titles in the series.

Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition Available for $13.99 at NewEgg
Other Feb 26th, 2013 by Jordan

The popular online retailer offers the biggest discount on GT5 since Black Friday.

Kazunori Yamauchi Describes PlayStation 4 as “Blank Canvas”
Other Feb 20th, 2013 by Jordan

The PlayStation 4 launches at the end of this year with a simplified development platform.

PlayStation 4 Announcement: Live Stream & Discussion
Other Feb 20th, 2013 by Jordan

Watch live as Sony unveils the next-generation PlayStation console, today at 23:00 GMT.

Sony Highlights Gran Turismo’s History on Eve of Next-Generation PlayStation Announcement
Other Feb 19th, 2013 by Jordan

A leaked video promoting the “PlayStation Meeting 2013″ prominently features the GT series.

Sony Announces “PlayStation Meeting 2013″ for February 20th
Other Feb 1st, 2013 by Jordan

The PlayStation 4 is expected to debut at Sony’s major press event later this month.

RX 7
Unofficial Gran Turismo 5 Update 2.10 Looping Bug Fix
Gran Turismo 5 Other Jan 24th, 2013 by Terronium-12

A looping issue that has plagued GT5 startup since it’s recent 2.10 update has now been resolved by the GTPlanet community.

GTPlanet & Nissan’s First 2012 #GTAcademy Twitter Viewing Party
Other Nov 15th, 2012 by Jordan

Over $500 in prizes were given out during GTPlanet and Nissan’s #GTAcademy Twitter viewing party!

Kazunori Yamauchi Goes Drifting with Daijiro Yoshihara
Other Videos Nov 13th, 2012 by Jordan

Gran Turismo’s creator gets behind the wheel of a drift car with the 2011 Formula D champion.

David Eckert’s Ford Mach Forty Wins 2012 GT Awards, Coming to Future Gran Turismo Game
Other Nov 2nd, 2012 by Jordan

A unique and one-of-a-kind hybrid between a ’69 Mustang Mach 1 and a GT40 will be immortalized in the Gran Turismo series.

The 2012 GT Awards Finalists Category Winners Announced
Other Nov 1st, 2012 by Jordan

One of these cars will be coming to the Gran Turismo series; which one would you like to get?

Snoop Dogg to Headline at 2012 GT Awards, November 1 at Palms Resort in Las Vegas
Other Oct 29th, 2012 by Jordan

Kazunori Yamauchi will add a new custom car to the Gran Turismo series on Thursday night.

Gran Turismo 5
10th Annual Gran Turismo Awards to be Held at SEMA 2012
Other Oct 13th, 2012 by Jordan

Get your car in the next Gran Turismo game at the GT Awards to be held next month at SEMA 2012.

Gran Turismo Tech Demo Shown Running at “4K Resolution”
Other Polyphony Digital Oct 3rd, 2012 by Jordan

An ultra-high resolution version of Gran Turismo goes on display at the Sony Building in Tokyo.

GT5 Academy Edition Included in New “Super Slim” PS3 Hardware Bundle for Europe
Gran Turismo 5 Other Oct 2nd, 2012 by Jordan

The new PlayStation 3 hardware gets a special bundle that includes Gran Turismo 5: Academy Edition.

Red Bull X2010 1:18 Scale Models to be Produced by AUTOart
Gran Turismo 5 Other Sep 23rd, 2012 by Jordan

Gran Turismo 5′s iconic prototype will be produced at 1:18 scale by AUTOart.

MM team
GT Academy Supporting Mission Motorsport Charity
GT Academy Motorsport Other Sep 19th, 2012 by Famine

The GT Academy fleet and RJN Motorsport are supporting injured servicemen return to civilian life – through a unique form of sports therapy!

Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition Gets Price Reduction, Now $19.99
Other Aug 22nd, 2012 by Jordan

The latest version of GT5 gets a $20 price drop after its debut earlier this year.

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