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New DiRT 3 Forum Now Open at GTPlanet
Site Announcements May 22nd, 2011 by Jordan

Join other GTPlanet members to chat about Codemaster’s latest rally game, DiRT 3.

GTPlanet Forums Reach Over 5 Million Posted Messages
Site Announcements May 13th, 2011 by Jordan

The GTPlanet community reaches a significant milestone with over 5 million messages posted.

Thrustmaster T300RS
Thrustmaster T300 RS: Feel the Road as You Never Have
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Premium force feedback racing wheel for PS4, PS3 and PC, featuring an industrial-class brushless servomotor!
Live Twitter Q&A With GT Academy Star Lucas Ordonez
GT Academy Other Site Announcements Mar 22nd, 2011 by Jordan

Submit your questions now for Gran Turismo’s biggest real-world racing star: Lucas Ordonez!

GTPlanet at “Shift 2: Unleashed” Media Event
Other Site Announcements Mar 16th, 2011 by Jordan

GTPlanet is invited to take a closer look at one of the GT series’ most aggressive cross-platform competitors.

“GTlife” User-Contributed Gran Turismo Fan Magazine
Gran Turismo 5 Other Site Announcements Feb 24th, 2011 by Jordan

The GTPlanet community launches its first completely user-generated “GT” digital magazine (it’s free!), featuring car reviews, comparisons, interviews, and more.

GTPlanet Mobile App for iPhone, iPad, & Android
Site Announcements Feb 14th, 2011 by Jordan

Quickly access GTPlanet from your mobile device with our new free mobile application, available now in the App Store and Android Marketplace.

GTPlanet Celebrates 10 Years Online: Thank You!
Site Announcements Jan 25th, 2011 by Jordan

Happy birthday, GTPlanet! Learn about where we came from, where we’ve been, and where we’re going in 2011 and beyond.

Fight Pancreatic Cancer with the Official GTPlanet 2011 Automotive Calendar
Site Announcements Dec 23rd, 2010 by Jordan

Start next year off right with GTPlanet’s official automotive calendar and help us take the fight to one of the world’s deadliest forms of cancer.

GTPlanet at GT5’s Madrid Launch Event, Yamauchi Q&A
Gran Turismo 5 Site Announcements Nov 22nd, 2010 by Jordan

Get ready for complete coverage of the international Gran Turismo 5 Launch Party via GTPlanet, live from Madrid all week long!

GTPlanet, InsideSimRacing Team Up for Gamescom 2010 Coverage & Yamauchi Interview
Site Announcements Aug 16th, 2010 by Jordan

The next big gaming event is here, and GTPlanet is joining forces with to provide you with every single new Gran Turismo 5 detail!

Just in Time for E3, A New GTPlanet
Site Announcements Jun 13th, 2010 by Jordan

With the announcements and interviews expected to begin pouring out of E3 2010 on Tuesday, next week could be the most exciting ever for GT fans around the world. To kick things off, I’m proud to launch the first major revision to GTPlanet in more than two years. Over the past 6 months, I’ve personally crafted […]

GTPlanet on Track for the 2010 Racing Season
Site Announcements May 2nd, 2010 by Jordan

The 2010 racing season is kicking off around the world, and GTPlanet is proud to support the first GT Academy winner Lucas Ordoñez in this year’s GT4 European Cup and TKi Motorsport, competing in the NASA Pro Racing Northeast Series here in the United States. Both are off to a great start, with TKi having […]

Order Your GTPlanet 2010 Automotive Calendar!
Site Announcements Dec 10th, 2009 by Jordan

If you’ve spent any time in our forums, you’re probably aware of our vibrant community of talented photographers with a knack for shooting all things automotive. Today, we’re proud to showcase their very best work in the first-annual GTPlanet Automotive Calendar – a compendium of beautiful images of exotic cars and motor sport events from […]

Gran Turismo News Expected from GamesCom Today
Gran Turismo 5 Site Announcements Aug 18th, 2009 by Jordan

All eyes of the gaming world are on Cologne, Germany, as Sony holds a massive three-hour long press conference today.  The star of the show is widely rumored to be a new “PS3 Slim”, designed to replace the PlayStation 3 at a lower price point to drive sales.  However, three hours is a terribly long […]

Become a GTPlanet Fan on Facebook
Site Announcements Jul 5th, 2009 by Jordan

Just want to remind everyone that GTPlanet’s Facebook Page officially launched last week – if you’re on Facebook, please become a fan!  Much like our Twitter feed, you’ll find more interesting links, forum threads, and videos that didn’t make their way onto the main news blog here.  When you become a Facebook fan, some of […]

Gran Turismo E3 News on Twitter!

After years of waiting, we’re about to get a deluge of Gran Turismo 5 and Gran Turismo Mobile news from E3 2009. To help you keep up with it all, I’m happy to announce GTPlanetNews on Twitter – featuring breaking GT-series news from the E3 show floor.  Start following us now! Of course, Twitter isn’t the only way […]

Gran Turismo 5’s Most Wanted Features, Cars, Tracks
Gran Turismo 5 Site Announcements Mar 27th, 2009 by Jordan

You know exactly what features you want in Gran Turismo 5, but how many people out there actually agree with you?  It’s easy enough to peruse our Gran Turismo 5 forum, but even the most popular ideas get lost in the sea of discussions and opinions.  That’s why we’ve launched, a new type of […]

GTPlanet Hits 3 Million Messages
Other Site Announcements Dec 27th, 2008 by Jordan

On Christmas Day, the GTPlanet Forums hit a milestone, reaching a total of 3,000,000 posted messages.  A huge thanks goes out to everyone in our community who made it possible.  Those millions of messages contain more than just text – they forged new friendships, answered countless questions, and hold massive amounts of data about the […]

GTPlanet Launches YouTube Channel
Site Announcements Dec 22nd, 2008 by Jordan

As we move into 2009, expect to see some nifty and fresh changes to GTPlanet.  The first is a transition away from our old video platform, and on to something you’ve probably heard of before: YouTube.  Hosting our videos with YouTube offers quite a few advantages.  If you have your own YouTube account, you can […]

GT5 Prologue Discovered in PlayStation Home
Other Site Announcements Nov 24th, 2008 by Jordan

Those of you who have received invitations to Sony’s PlayStation Home service – listen up!  GTPlanet user Marky264 discovered that if you create a Japanese profile on your PS3 (learn how to do that here), the Tokyo Game Show 2008 “booth” becomes available.  Once inside, you’ll find the Gran Turismo 5 Prologue ‘racing pods’ that […]

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