***0/0/0 cars: 21x VW's + BMW's AVAILABLE!***

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  1. Closed, all cars sold. Thanks for interest.
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  2. ID_racing


    Hi, what number/colour is your Volkswagen New Beetle Cup Car '00?
  3. @ID_racing - Forgot to label them. Will check and let you know ;)
  4. spikeyhairdude

    England London

    Hi there
    What Paints do you want for Volkswagen Karmann Ghia (Type-1) Coupe '68 - Pirolgelb.
    Is this car 0/0/0 then message me the 10 paints you would like for it

  5. Monatsende

    Trinidad and Tobago F1 chimp land

    Sorry that I have to ask before going into trades:
    Due to your feedback in reputation thread: Are you willing to send first?
  6. spikeyhairdude

    England London

    Thanks for posting this mate. I would of traded and could not expect anything back, From now on im going to search there names before trading to see if there recommend or not :tup:
  7. Monatsende

    Trinidad and Tobago F1 chimp land

    Better you have a look into THIS from time to time. :):tup:
    Due to his post count OP should send first automatically... :lol:
  8. christara321

    England Halifax, England

    Well said Monat, just flown in here to advice the OP, But see that he,s been adviced already.?

    OP I guess before making trades best try clear up your name or you may find it hard to get trades from reputable traders.:)
    Chat soon bye for now.:)

  9. OP updated. Thank you for your input.
  10. Sorry about the "mis-understanding". I will send my car first. Then when you receive it, you can send yours.
  11. Buckstank

    United States Texas

    I can trade you the I-ROC for the Tacoma
  12. Ok. Done. I will send the Tacoma on Monday or Tuesday if that is ok? When you get the car, then please send me the IROC. Thanks.
  13. crang08

    United Kingdom london

    :lol: I wouldn't use me as a reference when you still owe me a car!
  14. @crang08 - Well, I have sent the other car. + I could not send the M5 today (said sending limit?!). Sadly crang, not what I needed to gain peoples trust....
  15. Buckstank

    United States Texas

    No problem I'll send it today. What is your PSN name?
  16. NikoBellic

    United States Under Your Bed

    You should really put down the #'s on Cup Cars.
  17. spikeyhairdude

    England London

    Have you read this yet
  18. JK83

    Finland Finland
    PSN:Try JK83..

    No need read, Im just gonna send it to spikeyshop :)
    Edit: sent :)
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  19. spikeyhairdude

    England London

    Cheers mate
  20. I think ive got the vette you want i'll check in morning
  21. @V8 beats import - thanks alot. PM'd you.