1.03 update adds ONLINE ONLY mechanical damage (No further details known.)

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by fabianw, Dec 7, 2010.

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  1. Jay

    Australia Australia

    He also mentioned he didn't like how the pedals (clutch and brake) were too close together and PD studio pictures showed the G25 with the clutch pedal face removed.
  2. Stephen220378

    Scotland Scotland

    Typical! PD release an unfinished game and now they're releasing unfinished patches to try finish their unfinished game. No mechanical damage for the biggest part of the game, at this rate we'll be downloading a patch a week up until GT6 is released.
  3. Forgive me if I'm being stupid here, but I thought the damage modelling already unlocked at like level 40 or something?

    Does this just make the mechanical damage unlocked at any level then?
  4. JDMKING13

    Edison NJ

    You can see the headlights in the rear view mirror now. :tup: Just raced an RX-7 online and hes head lights where all in my rear view. It was so damn fun the ring at night with mechanical damage is the best!
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  5. Novice


    so much complaining in here..
  6. Jay

    Australia Australia

    I must say this mechanical damage for online is great, with damage wheels the tyres make some of the coolest squealing sounds ever. :D
  7. SuperShouden


    You can't say it's typical when this first full game they've released on the PS3. GT5P was essentially a Beta version of GT5. And it wasn't unfinished. Just because there are a lot of updates right out of the gate doesn't mean it's unfinished, it just means they're still working on making a finished game better.
  8. FRR35H


    I'm with you on that one.
    I just take the updates as they come. There's no point complaining about it. It's not YOUR game to complain about. Kaz/PD will make the game as they choose. Sure they will hear out our desires, but don't complain. Why not? Simple, if he decides that the GT Community will just whinge and complain no matter what he does, he simply won't do anything. Then we all may as well have just recieved a graphics update on GT4 with a set of new cars and tracks and be done with it.
    I think the updates are fine. Perfect. On the right track for sure. I mean, if you read all the comments, interviews and press conference's that Kaz has made, you will note down that there is HEAPS that is missing from the game. However, he has not ruled them out yet. If everyone recalls correctly, we ALL whinged about the game not being released sooner, so possibly (more than likely I should say) Kaz/PD haven't finished the game in their image. Hence the updates.
    Be happy with what your getting because you might not get anything at all later.
  9. EnzoDBR9

    iowa city/iowa/usa

    I think it's good there giving updates, don't you? Would you rather have a great unfinished game, or an awesome game thats being updated pretty regularly, keep in mind, its only been out about 3 weeks or so.

    @supershouden, that was a reply to the quote you quoted, i agree with every thing you said there
  10. James24


    They should just fix the broken xp system for a start.

    That should be the top priority. mech damage is nice but they should have fixed their broken game first and make it enjoyable to play. Nearly everyone has complained and moaned about that. it wouldnt even be hard to do. They could do it inside a week.
  11. uvelocity

    Gold Coast, Australia

    And then complaints about complaining. Don't get me wrong, I'm with you. Too much complaining, and nobody can win.

    Bring on the updates I say, the more the better. And I know they know how to do it better than I do, so happy to leave it to the experts!!!
  12. danjama

    United Kingdom London

    hear hear
  13. marchi


    Who exactly do you think you're appealing to, I have a G25 also, but i'm not complaining because it was never Officially announced as a supported wheel..... As far as i'm concerned

  14. danjama

    United Kingdom London

    No it didn't.

    Stop talking rubbish. (This isn't aimed just at you).
  15. Sounds like a half assed attempt at implementing mechanical damage, I'm already over this game, can't even be bothered to muster up the energy to fire up the PS3 and download the patch.
  16. Senna52


    Or its a step in the right direction?
  17. And you came to that conclusion how? Works better then LFS damage to me..
  18. Supercheyenne

    Newton KS

    I guess I donated my money to PD then... :dopey:
  19. tezster

    Canada Canada

    If enough people are complaining about it, then I'm sure it'll be patched eventually. I don't see it as a huge issue - people can still grind away in the meantime to get to level 30 (or whatever leve they're trying to achieve). I haven't read through every single thread on GTP, but I've seen more complaints about mechanical damage than I have about the XP system.

    And as far as patches go, there's no such thing as a simple change when you're distributing it to millions of users. There's lots and lots of testing and verification that goes on. I don't know what goes on inside PD, but part of my job involves developing/testing/releasing software updates to a large number of PCs within a corporate environment. When you're dealing with a large enough scope, there's no such thing as too much testing.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2010
  20. danjama

    United Kingdom London

    Well go then, because I am sick of people like you being around here, polluting threads with pointless, moaning posts.

    This thread should be completely positive, we have mechanical damage in online mode now. It wasn't there before, it's there now. People still complain. It's not even funny. It's ridiculous. You're given a surprise update that adds a new feature, and then complain.

    I wouldn't blame PD if they saw this place, this thread, and just gave up on GT5 and left it as it is, and said, screw making a 6 for this ungrateful bunch of kids. If I was them, that would be my attitude.
  21. Stephen220378

    Scotland Scotland

    The game is unfinished without a shadow of a doubt, there's features that were announced before GT5 was released that haven't shown up in the end product, hence the need for patches to implement these features (mechanical damage, online leaderboards to name a couple). They released the game (possibly under pressure from Sony) with parts missing, glitches and bugs and now they're putting these missing features in, like damage, piece by piece instead of one patch, one fix. If that's not an incomplete game, I don't know what is.
  22. mastretta_mx

    Mexico GDL, Mexico

    It's Official:

    Complainers are going to complain, no matter what they Do!:dunce:
  23. cb1021


    bitches, not kids. bitches. they are wayyy above kid-age.
  24. tezster

    Canada Canada

    But you clearly mustered up enough energy to complain about it, so you're at least in part emotionally invested in the game since you feel the need to comment on it :)
  25. Tornado

    Lyons, New York

    Um, we've known this was coming since the game came out.
  26. Any pics or videos?
  27. I say we should just all ignore the whiners. At this point, GT5 has been out long enough that people should either decide if they like it or not. My guess it that the people who do not like it are just not that much into racing maybe? Or are so buried in disappointment that is unfounded in the first place!
  28. danjama

    United Kingdom London

    I'm thinking much worse, but there's the AUP to think of, eh.
  29. too bad the online is ******** in the first place, yeah lets add crap mechanical damage to the crap online mode.. good one PD
  30. SohnVonStig


    Keep in mind that PD wanted to have the game released for the holidays. So even if it is unfinished, Im glad that the updates are still FREE. They could easily charge us and make it optional DLC.
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