All Dealer Events completed = bonus car ?

Discussion in 'GT5 Prologue' started by Napoleon_Ist, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. Napoleon_Ist



    I was wondering, do you get a bonus car once you have beaten ALL 16 Dealer (Dealerships) Events ? :)

    By the way maybe there gonna be new ones with the April 17 update (Peugeot event?).

    GT5 Prologue Dealer Event:
    *Alfa Romeo Brera
    *Audi TT
    *BMW 135i
    *Chevrolet Corvette Z06
    *Ferrari Festival!
    *Honda Integra
    *Lotus Elise 111R
    *Mercedes-Benz SL55
    *Nissan GT-R
    *Renault Clio
    *Suzuki Swift

    Spec II Dealer Event:
    *Daihatsu Copen
    *Ford GT
    *Mazda RX-7
    *MINI Cooper
    *Volkswagen Golf V
  2. moonman79

    Nagoya Japan.

    Your answer is NO:grumpy:
  3. Napoleon_Ist


    damn, this is sad... I was hoping for the Black Mask or something :(

    I have to focus on the S events then. :guilty:

    thank you anyway.
  4. April 17th Update? There is an update tomorrow (15th) but I havn't heard anything about the 17th before!

  5. Napoleon_Ist


    the April 15 update will be a piece of cake bringing fixes, there should be an April 17 update adding the 5 extra cars from the US version. we need these cars to compete online with the U.S. anyway so there gonna be an update for us sooner or later. I think it will be April 17.
  6. Tired Tyres

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    15th is Network Maintenance . I've not heard anything about the 17th though.

    This update indicates that the extra cars for the American version of the game have been removed from the list of cars for that version.
  7. Do you REALLY think they are going to do 2 updates in the same week? Some how I doubt it.

    Personally I think that, either tomorrows update will be bigger than we assume and will included the extra cars.. Or they won't give us the update at all (or atleast for a while)

    You are assuming that we will be able to compete with the US players and I am not sure.. After all, we can't play now with people from Asia can we? So why will they let us play against US players?

  8. Napoleon_Ist


    this link you've posted is about the PAL version which is different from the US version. the five extra cars were supposed to be US exclusive not included in the PAL version. these U.S. cars were available in a US press release from March, it was called "car list". this is not supposed to be a server maintenance since PD have used the term "update" in their news.

    why not, there were 2 updates in the week in December (25 & 27).

    this is possible, but their news said it will be a "minor" update, that's why I believe there gonna be another one later adding the 5 cars.

    I have the Japanese version and I play with people from around the world, that's the GT5P principle. haven't you seen the UK TVCM? :)

    EDIT: did the Asian version (HK, Singapore, Taiwan) received Spec II update ? I'm not sure about that! It's not mentioned on the Asian site for GT5P, they have not updated it with Spec II infos like they did in the Japanese site. :indiff:
  9. Napoleon_Ist


    damn... the US version's five extra cars have been removed from SCEA's March press release US car list... :(


    they are not anymore in the US GT5 Prologue's car section neither. :(


    they have edited both to remove the 5 extra cars...
    *Mazda RX-7 (FD) Special Tuned Car
    *Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD) Tuned Car
    *Peugeot 207 GTi ‘07
    *Peugeot 307 CC Premium AVN ‘04
    *RE Amemiya FD3S RX-7

    Peugeot and RE Amemiya are credited in Spec II though. :)

    Maybe there's still hope for a good surprise... I wish! :nervous:
  10. CoccoBill


  11. Napoleon_Ist


    yes, actually April 17 is the release date for the PS Store version of GT5P US, that's why I thought the GT5P major update bringing the missing cars to us would be available this day. last time they released Spec II on March 28 which was the day they released the PS Store version of GT5P PAL.

    now I doubt we'll have the five ghost cars since they have recently removed all evidence of them !

    no cars and a cheap update... that would be terrible lads ! :(
  12. nd 4 holden spd

    QLD, Down Under

    They had better make the full GT5 indentical bar language differences in every country :irked: So at the moment I can not verse Americans with my PAL AU game? That is horse :censored: No wonder there's only ever a couple people on line and they're never GTP members from what I've seen. :mad:
  13. Napoleon_Ist


    you mean the US blu-ray version "advance" is already available? :)
  14. nd 4 holden spd

    QLD, Down Under

    Isn't the US version more advanced than ours already with extra cars?
  15. Napoleon_Ist


    I think the PAL version adds extra cars (compared with the Japanese/Asian version) through Spec II update. It should be the same here. That's why I trusted on an April 17 update for all. but things have changed.

    there was a time (until last March actually!) where the US version was supposed to be an updated Spec II adding the forementioned 5 cars, "exclusive" BGMs (Weezer, Mars Volta, DJ Shadow, etc.), and including a GT-TV video ("GT Apex") exclusive to the blu-ray edition.

    now the bonus BGMs should be added to the Japanese version later, and the officially announced extra cars just vanished a few days ago...

    the US blu-ray version will be available tomorrow (April 15). soon we'll know the truth.

    there are probably some pre-release US blu-ray available in a few US shops like it happened in Europe with the PAL version. I'd like to get reports from an early US version hands-on to know if a new update is performed on game launch, if Peugeot cars are there, etc.

    Reading the April 4 interview, I first thought Kazunori Yamauchi was mistaken, but now it makes sense. alas!

    CVG: "Will the US get the content that was added to the UK version?"

    Yamauchi: "The Japanese version was updated to match the UK version on the day of the UK release, so they are now the same. And the US version that's coming out is going to be pretty much the same as the UK version."

    this damn thread ruined my day. :(