Aston Martin to Make New Model

Discussion in 'Auto News' started by Crushed, May 4, 2012.

  1. Crushed

    United States NC

    The CEO announced a new model is coming for the 100th anniversary!

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  2. Rossell2


    Its going to be gorgeous.
  3. Leonidae@MFT

    Finland Riverside, Ca

    Quick! Everyone start stalking the Nurb webcam for prototypes and mules!
  4. homeforsummer


    Will we be able to tell this new Aston from any of the other Astons of the last decade or so?...
  5. RocZX

    United States NEW YORK

  6. Eunos_Cosmo

    United States The Motor City

    I see some vanquish in that. I like. :)
  7. Crushed

    United States NC

    If they make a new model I want something that is totally new. If you ask me the Astons of this decade look too much alike!
  8. Furinkazen

    United Kingdom Lancashire

    I saw a V12 Vantage on a DB9 body. I approve :tup:
  9. Tornado

    Lyons, New York

    It will be called the DBR.

    It will look exactly like the DB9 with some plastic bits glued to the front, have exactly the same engine, exactly the same drive train, exactly the same chassis and exactly the same interior, except it will be tweaked to 540 HP and weight 10kg less than the DBS. And it will cost 200,000 pounds.
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  10. Crushed

    United States NC

    Source? (sarcasm)
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  11. Luminis

    Germany Germany

    ^ Common sense and the current Aston line-up.
  12. homeforsummer


    Some fell on stony ground...
  13. Beeblebrox237

    United Kingdom Betelgeuse

    We can hope it will be an entirely new model, and that it will be gorgeous. The DB9 is getting a bit old...
  14. Tyger

    Egypt UK

    Those pics look like a current Aston with a kit to me. And I agree, much as I love them, a little diversity in the current range wouldn't hurt, as I wouldn't really be able to tell you what that looks most like.

    It does look nice though, just not speshal enough for the 100th birthday. Perhaps that Bulldog concept will become reality. Or perhaps they will do a limited run of the original Bulldog, now that would be cool :)
  15. Crushed

    United States NC

    Haha i actually only read the first line and thought he found out what it was LOL. :dunce:
  16. Tyger

    Egypt UK

    You could've just pretended you were continuing the irony by requesting a source, that's how I read it :-)
  17. Crushed

    United States NC

    Oh but that is how I intended it LOL :tup:
  18. Famine

    United Kingdom Rule 12

    The car pictured will be called... the Vanquish,

    Yes, really. No, I know.
  19. Sanji Himura

    United States Azle, TX

    Either way, I do enjoy the look of this Aston. It is like the OP described it, it is sportier than the DBS, but it looks like it can perform on the track very well. I just hope that they call it the DB10 instead of the DBR(sorry Toronado).
  20. Does Venari still post here?
  21. I know a future car that within this forum will always be old. It's called the Nissan GTR 2013 edition.
  22. LMSCorvetteGT2

    United States Arizona

    Why should there be diversity, everyone knows that Aston is the british version of what Porsche is in Germany. You build a similar car to the last model tweek the engine slightly, raise the price a tad for said simple moves. Bam wham, new car!!! :sly:
  23. Famine

    United Kingdom Rule 12

    Yep - but he doesn't work at Aston Martin currently.

    "New" Aston = VH platform + Callum/Fisker/Reichman body.
  24. zedextreme8177

    Maldives Maldives

    Is it me, or does the whole cabin itself seem to be moved a little bit forward? :odd:
  25. coolboy48

    Singapore S'pore

  26. 1241Penguin

    Canada Canada

    In terms of styling I think overall the new car is great! The only thing is that the trunk (boot) line is much more prominent, unlike the old one, which sort of blended itself in with the tail lights and license plate area. Not a complaint, just an observation.
  27. Doog

    United States Scottsdale, AZ

    At first I saw the front and went, meh. Then I saw the back and went, meh. Then I saw the side, and I went, yuck. But then I saw it in red, and I went :drool:. Glad to see that the voluptuous Vanquish is back; I just hope that they finally come out with a new interior. The whole copy-paste interior that went from the DB9 to the V8 Vantage to the Virage is just lazy. But overall, I like the idea of this car, and while I don't like all the angles, I'm sure it will grow on me.
  28. the_stig_1

    Australia In A Pond

    I don't really like the back end.
  29. Leonidae@MFT

    Finland Riverside, Ca

    New car? Well, maybe in the Stuttgartian meaning.. :lol: It looks as much new car as 991. Same old, but stretched and tweaked. It better be lighter than the predecessors though.
  30. Prince.M5

    Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

    In terms of styling, I don't really like the front end but the back end and the side is fine. I really hope the interior is something different from what we've seen. I'm honestly getting bored with the same interior in almost all across the Aston Martin line now.

    I'm pretty sure the specs will be impressive.
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