B-Spec Grinder 2.5.2: Automate Remote Races

Discussion in 'GT5 B-Spec Forum' started by yonis, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. SonicWagon

    New Mexico

    Mine too, I just today put it horizontal because of the thermal images hoodfield posted showing that it cooled more efficiently horizontally. I blast the vents with canned air once or twice a week and dust the entertainment center twice a week. I live in a very dusty area and it has killed a couple computers over the years.
  2. Shibby2142


    I took an extra step to go into the display dashboard and set the video output to only do 480p ... way less taxing than running at 720p or 1080p!

    Also (this is pretty well known) if you are doing a 24 hour event, put the living timing screen on as there is less to render for the PS3.

    Any other ideas people have feel free to post away or let me know if I am wrong somehow, lol...

    Buffalo, NY

    It makes sense that 480 would be lass taxing on the PS3 than 720 or 1080 but how can one really be sure thats actually the case? Consoles act more like computers these days than ever but even still Im not convinced.

    Anyways I just wanted to say the update to Grinder is awesome. Ive been using it alot and everyone on my friends list has benefitted. I just wish one of my friends would use it once in awhile.
  4. Shibby2142


    I don't have any thermal guns but to the touch it feels much cooler. I would think it would be less taxing since it isn't rendering as many pixels during output. My lcd monitor says 740xsomething when using 480p while 1080p is 1920x1080.

    To each their own I guess. It works for me. :)
  5. Xenn

    United Kingdom The U of K

    There's actually more to render if you put it on the live timing screen.
  6. Downforce


    Checkin in real quick, it's been a great week of remote racing so far.

    I'm taking out 4 drivers to do the 4 hour Nurburgring endurance.

    I'll put em back in after to resume the full 6 man remote race blitz!! I have a few holes in extreme as well, like the nascar and FGT race but I'll do those during the week.
  7. Shibby2142


    That so? PS3 seems to run cooler to the touch on live timing screen since the actual gameplay is in a tiny box. I would think doing all the video vs. displaying data would be easier on the system.
  8. Xenn

    United Kingdom The U of K

    Oh really? Just would've thought that, since there's more on the screen in that mode, there is more to render and would make the PS3 hotter.

    You learn something everyday!
  9. Shibby2142



  10. yonis

    United States Silicon Valley

    Makes sense. In the track-side view, the PS3 is limiting itself to somewhere around 30fps so that it can render motion blur and depth of field.
  11. Downforce


    addendum: giving some love to the toyota '70 race car in the 4 hour Nur race :D

    I should still have 2 drivers going in the remote and I'll be back on the widget in a bit, also watching NCAA, so the PS3 once again can idle happily :cheers:
  12. toymdngn

    United States Calipornia
    PSN:GTP_Toymdngn / toymdngn

    kept getting a "your drivers are all racing elsewhere!" message even though none of them were racing... manually started a remote race via PS3 and we'll see what happens.
  13. Watto


    I have no trouble with anyone using ALL of my drivers.

    The widget tries to reserve a driver so often, you're bound to get one as soon as it becomes available (like less than 20mins). When remote racing manually, which I don't really do any more, it's annoying when you don't have a driver free. The widget resolves that problem completely.
  14. yonis

    United States Silicon Valley

    So I found some interesting things as I was digging around on the gran-turismo.com servers for track logos.

    Their server has the directory listing disabled for the place where all the course logos are stored, so I had to find a different way to get them all.

    Here's a URL for one of the images:

    Now that filename is pretty recognizable as an MD5 hash. Through some brute-forcing, I figured out that the hashes were of a simple naming pattern. I saw names like "sarthe," "route5," "laguna," "daytona," and so on. But, I wondered why they were using hashes for these. Couldn't they use the names themselves, or simple numbers?

    So I did some Googling and I came across this list of track codes. I converted that entire list back into MD5s and downloaded the images. Here's what I found.

    The following codes don't have images for them on the server, which means that the codes have changed or that some of the tracks have been abandoned:
    And here are course logos for tracks which would be new to GT5. Logo on the left, code on the right:
    [​IMG]: 20r60r
    [​IMG]: apricot
    [​IMG]: assisi
    [​IMG]: capri
    [​IMG]: grandcanyon
    [​IMG]: hongkong
    [​IMG]: icerace
    [​IMG]: infineon
    [​IMG]: kashiwa
    [​IMG]: lasvegas
    [​IMG]: midfield
    [​IMG]: motegi
    [​IMG]: newyork
    [​IMG]: paris_rally
    [​IMG]: paris_tarmac
    [​IMG]: seattle
    [​IMG]: seoul
    [​IMG]: smtsouth
    [​IMG]: tahiti_maze
    [​IMG]: valencia
    [​IMG]: yosemite
    [​IMG]: yosemite_dirt
    [​IMG]: yosemite_dirt_mini
    [​IMG]: yosemite_dirt_short

    It could be that they were just uploading images for all the race codes they had, and that these images were just dumped on the server as a batch. But what's exciting about this is that there is a hope that perhaps these tracks could make it into GT5 in the future.

    EDIT: Found another:

    [​IMG]: super_speedway

    EDIT 2: Our friendly neighborhood squadjot has found two more track logos!

    [​IMG]: campo
    [​IMG]: grandcanyon_north
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  15. shirakawaa


    Are you able to obtain GT5 and GT5P track codes from that? That would be interesting to know.
  16. yonis

    United States Silicon Valley

    Like I said, I just used the codes in this list. Despite having a blu-ray drive in my machine, I don't have the skills required to look at the contents of the GT5/GT5P discs and thus can't get an up-to-date list.
  17. shirakawaa


    In the post above (differently than in the master track list thread) I meant if it's possible to reverse-engineer by brute force hash codes from remote spec image filenames in the officical website in order to obtain GT5 tracks codenames. Is this possible for you (I assumed it is since you figured out a few names by yourself. But probably that's because I haven't understood properly what you did in order to do that) ?
  18. the_greeze

    United Kingdom UK

    Interesting find Yonis. I'd love to play El Capitan again, but in HD!
  19. Xenn

    United Kingdom The U of K

    I can't see any reason why they'd be there just for the heck of it. They've got to be planning to return these courses in the future.
  20. McClarenDesign

    United States Norman, OK

    PD can name their price! If they offer these, I'm in regardless of how much they charge. Who do I make the check payable to, Sony or PD?

    Also makes me wonder if it's part of development for GT6. A week after GT5 came out, PD mentioned that they've already begun working on it, so who knows.

    Yonis, again, you deserve the Nobel Prize!
  21. SonicWagon

    New Mexico

    I want the grand canyon, sounds awesome. Hopefully all those tracks are on the disk.

    I would gladly pay another $50 for all those tracks if they were included in a-spec and new events generated.

    Good detective work Yonis.
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  22. Caliper



    I don't know if I'm doing something wrong here, if someone could help
    downloaded and installed widged, added PSN info, created a dummy account to have another bob to race against mine. Set remote race to standby and activate the widget but it shows in it's queue reserving driver, starting race and then immediately ending, I check the PS3 and it always stays in standby mode, it doesn't load any races.

    uhh...help :indiff:

    EDIT: Nevermind, got it working, THANKS A LOT! great stuff
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  23. gambleboyen


    Could someone explain to me what the "reciprocal" option does? Does it make the widget choose bobs from friends who are racing your drivers? If so, how does the widget know what friends race your drivers?
  24. squadjot

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Yes, it does what you guessed!, it loads the race logs from GT website.
  25. gtuned

    United States New York

    Woah Yonis.. I Think you're easily becoming the coolest person on GTP right now. The awesome Grinder, and the track logos you found... Great job man !
  26. Sumbode

    On a Chair...Somewhere...

    Yonis... Your a Hero dude...:bowdown: Thanx for the cool stuff...
  27. sebbemann


    I feel another BUMP is in order, as i struggle with the same thing. I'm sure its just a setting issue, but i'm just terrible at that stuff. My main account is set to "always use", but drivers from that profile only gets used every other race, and even then only 1 or 2 of my 6 drivers get picked even if they are not used by others. The grid is full almost every time. The widget is amazing, though!
  28. Turb0wned


    This is great, I cant wait to try this maybe I can get to level 35 and get my x2010 instead of doing the ridiculous hard challenge.
  29. squadjot

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    As i understand it, Yonis found a short_name tracklist for PSPGT, he took that list and converted each name into MD5, and used that to request filenames files with those names.
  30. gtvault

    The Midwest

    Great widget! It's been a big help for me, even having just discovered it over the last weekend.

    For those who may be having problems "Verifying Internet Connection", I am unable to ping store.playstation.com this morning. The other sites listed are all accessible. I thought perhaps Sony/PD is attempting now to block suspected B-Spec Grinders. I doubt that though, as I was also unable to access store.playstation.com via my Motorola Atrix 4G phone over AT&T's mobile network. Is anyone else experiencing similar issues?
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