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  1. JasonGT

    United States PA

    If you have one of these that you are willing to trade please reply to this thread. Thankyou

    EDIT: Completed
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  2. Si-UK

    United Kingdom London

    I will trade this for a 80, 81 or 83 birthday ticket.
  3. JasonGT

    United States PA

    sorry dont have them
  4. Nicksfix

    United States Buckeye Nation

    Any particular color ?
    Any particular condition such as a 0/0/0 collectible or a 0 switch/xxx/0 version ?

    I'll donate one to you. Send me a FR and I'll gift you one .... *wants nothing in return*

    I can't swear to the fact that I have a 0/0/0 version (I think I do), but I do know for sure that I have several 0/xxx/0 versions available.
  5. JasonGT

    United States PA

    thank you so much! ill add you right now. It doesnt have to be 0/0/0 because I am actually going to use it