Difficulty and driving aids

Discussion in 'Codemasters' F1 Series' started by swamidude, May 6, 2012.

  1. swamidude


    Hi guys,
    Just wondering what AI difficulty you all play on? And also which, if any, driving aids you use?

    I love this game but I have to drive with a few aids on and I feel like a noob :/
  2. gorsad

    India Pune

    Since when has being new or bad at something been a crime. Driving with aids on is completely up to personal choice and it doesn't matter what aids you use.

    Anyways, I drive on Legend A.I with all assists off with the exception of the driving line 'corners only'. I do long race weekends with 20% race distance. Want to do longer races with 2 or more pitstops but I can't seem to find the time.
  3. jcm

    Canada Vancouver

    Legend AI, all aids off.
  4. f1_stig

    United States my house

    legend AI, medium traction control
  5. Medno84

    Denmark Copenhagen

    Legend AI - ABS on - G27
  6. m8h3r

    England East Midlands

    Legend AI.

    Don't remember the whole AID's list but I don't use ABS or Automatic Gearbox. Im a DS3 user too.
  7. gabrym3gtr

    Germany Germany

    Legend AI, ABS off, TCS off, automatic gears, driving line only corners and I m using the driving force GT
  8. chanchan126


    using full tc with legend difficulty on my career. but probably as i progress the game, will eventually do all aids off to have a more challenging game :)
  9. BlacqueJacques

    Canada Courtenay BC

    All assists off except for driving line which helps my 50 year old eyes 'find' the braking points on those rarely run tracks like unforgiving Singapore and Monaco:ouch:

    And Legend A.I. because the other A.I. settings are quite slow, erratic drivers :)
  10. xiSealHDz

    Finland Liquicity

    same here:) driving on pc