F1 2010 better than f1 2011

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    Get 2011. It's better in every aspect in my opinion.

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    How are the tracks in 2011? Are they realistic? or drawn from maps/surveys?
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    F1 2010 and F1 2011 both are better.F1 2011 is out this week. Codemasters have promised lots of improvements over last year's game.One of the things on the list is graphics. The main difference is a completely reworked set of lighting and post-processing. A lot of the community complained about the yellow filter that was so obvious in F1 2010, as well as the much too intensive bloom.On the other hand, rain looks absolutely mind-blowing. It is even more intensive than it was in F1 2010, we can also see a lot more water on the track's surface. Singapore at night, in the rain, is something I am going to play all the time, I only wish I had a bigger TV.
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    Post above - first sentence...

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    :lol: At first I was very confused too, then it made sense :)
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    ? ....... F1 2011 is out this week?
  7. Edited: uh huh.

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    Just purchased 2011,
    asked for it 2nd hand in gamestop. €25 they wanted,
    I looked at the disk and it was scratched to ****, told them its a bit of a mess.
    They told me that ps3 games are practically invincible.

    I said, screw it, give me the new one.
    It was €28 on special offer(shouldnt they have said this?). came with the Vip pass, a manual, a perfect disk.

    Then he asked me if I want game protection and I just looked at him, "I thought you said the games were invincible..."

    Those dudes in gamestop are smokin something whacky, Im telling you
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    JCM awesome pic

    England Kings Lynn.

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    Thanks :)
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    That actually makes F1 2010 less realistic. I've noticed it too. I haven't played F1 2011 in a while and I don't own it, but that is one of the biggest problems I have with the physics of f1 2010.

    It does seem very "random", just like you say.

    I have driven a f1 car, but the way they lose grip in professional sims is not just random. Even though they have high grip, there's still a large transition between having grip, and losing it.

    It's probably what I hate about F1 2010 the most besides the fact that there's basically only one type of car (yes I know it's an F1 game, but would it really kill them to add some low end open wheel cars, some classic F1s, or some karts?)

    I'm done with the series until they add those things, seriously. I'm not paying $60 for updated driver list (which usually only changes by 5 or 6 drivers at the most), and updated track schedule (usually only 2 or 3 changes). If they're gonna release it every year, they need to do more than just copy the previous title. I've always said, adding a random classic F1 season would keep people interested.

    Instead, it's turning into an EA sports game except worse (as far as improvement/differences from previous years)
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    For me, 2010 was a better game for online leagues. None of these lag incidents, silly setups, super unrealistc handling and crazy slipstream.
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    just saw this. What I meant was that certain kerbs would spin you 90% of the time regardless of how you attack them. While it may not be realistic, I enjoyed it as it was another thing to keep on your mind. In real life, certain circuits have "danger spots" that the drivers avoid like the plague. F1 games do not offer a true simulation, so do not replicate this. However, the kerbs that spun you in f1 2010 did a good job of mimicking that. Not realistic, but it made it even more intense when wheel to wheel.
  16. Purchased F1 2010 today, this game really need soft setups for kerbs, in F1 you need to use all track, attacking kerbs agressively. The car running over them must feel soft, grippy and with good traction. Default setup seems way to stiff so I'm working on my own.

    FFB is not that bad, I was expecting worse to be honest. Nice game :)
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    I think I preferred the F1:CE/2010 style where the car was relatively easy to drive up to the limit but to really get the laptimes you had to really know which kerbs you could smash and which you couldn't. Basically it was a case of going beyond what you think is the limit of the car - something I believe is more like a real F1 car should handle. You think you are going fast but there are always seconds to find by pushing really really hard.
    F1CE was seriously punishing trying to extract every tenth from a qualifying lap!
    In 2011 I feel the car handles more like a Formula Ford. Its more focused on constant wheel action, where your driving within a limit and waiting for the car to react and learning to react to it. It means laptimes can vary in seconds rather than tenths much more easily and I find its less about extracting a tenth or thousandth here and there but pulling off a decent enough lap.

    Read any race driver's (no not Hammond) first experience of a real F1 car and they talk a lot about how the car is "perfect", does everything you want it to. To me that suggests more a car that handles like it does in F1:CE, and thats how it looks on TV. The cars in 2010 and 2011 are not perfect, feel very floaty and twitchy.

    I'd suggest making the physics of 2011 the backmarker physics for 2012 and give the front-runners the physics of 2010. I've always felt the backmarker teams are never really represented properly, usually they are just slower in a straight line but they never seem to suffer the handling/tyre wear issues we see in reality. This makes it too easy to get ridiculous results in the HRTs and Marussias, it isn't difficult enough in the corners and too easy to block like crazy on the straights to overcome the power/speed deficit.

    I would love if they actually made it difficult to drive the slower cars. Rather than being able to slap on a Red Bull setup on a HRT and run very close laptimes. Surely they could also implement some kind of setup-limitation where by the setups the lower teams run can be more imperfect or compromised? The backmarker teams tend to suffer with higher tyre degradation and so their car setups are much more limited as they have to run less camber and toe to avoid burning through tyres. Same applies to the brakes, gearbox, engine maps, etc.
    Its a shame the "real" teams have such reliable cars now as that used to be another seperating factor too.
  19. Tom

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    Saying that, we know that HRT don't have the Brake Bias adjuster on their car. So maybe they won't implement that for example.
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    Much prefer 2010.

    The car feels too loose in 2011, corners that are easy full throttle in real life, you need to lift for in the game.

    Forever correcting the car through corners, too easy to correct a slide now in my opinion.

    I use a g25, in 2010 it was great, same amount of tension when turning the wheel, in 2011 it seems to loose tension and feedback when you go past a certain range of motion.

    The graphics and tracks look worse in 2011 as well, not to mention the level of cutting you can get away with in 2011.
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    I have to say, the career mode is way more fun in F1 2010. I'm in a Lotus on expert, and the car is just slow enough that I'm able to qualify top 10, and finish on the podium most of the time. I'm just doing short race weekends, with minimal practice and default setups, to make it more challenging as well. 5 races in I'm tied for the championship lead with Hamilton at 70points. Towards the end of the race I always find myself gaining on the leaders too, often passing a car to get from 4th to 3rd on the last lap. It's a lot more fun then the F1 2011 career, where you get to the front on lap 1 and defend like crazy to stay there. In this game I actually have equally paced AI to fight when I'm in a Lotus :)

    That said, I do think that the F1 2011 physics are much more realistic, and I for online I'll only play 2011.

    For me, career: 2010, online: 2011.
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    GP3 was the one I prefered the most, I think I can say its my favorite F1 game to date, even better than the ones you get on the PS3 etc.
    I loved GP3, still play it :D
  23. dj_hazardous

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    2010 walks all over 2011, atleast when comparing the PS3 versions anyway.

    The graphics, frame rate, performance and handling in my opinion are all better on 2010.

    2011 has awful screen tearing, no v-sync or anti-aliasing. It looks plain bloody awful.
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    Pardon me for bumping an old thread, but I just found this and thought I'd jump in.

    Got both F1 2010 and 2011 for Christmas. I only asked for 2010 as I wanted to play that first before moving on to 2011/12. Never mind, we can compare them side by side now :tup:

    So I dive into 2010, and I started to really enjoy myself quite quickly. I must state right off the bat I'm no hardcore 'no assists' gamer - I admit to running medium traction control and ABS on, but no other assists. And with these settings Im having great fun in career mode. At the moment with tyre simulation OFF (but fuel sim, damage etc ON) and Professional AI, I'm 4th in the championship in a Lotus having got two podiums in Melbourne and Monaco and my first GP win in Istanbul last time out :sly: I've tried running tyre sim ON and though I like the realistic element, I'm enjoying battling up front too much right now :dunce: So I may switch it ON next season to return the Lotus to it's more natural home at the back of the grid! Will definitely move it up to Legend AI in the coming weeks I think :idea:

    What's most enjoyable about 2010 for me is the handling, which is crisp and precise, and I can really feel the limits of grip - just how I'd imagine a real F1 car feels. It demands that I push as hard as I can, and I really do, but at the same time I can build confidence in the car because I know where it's limits are. It's the old 'easy to learn, hard to master' chesnut. The cars are quite easy to drive and learn how to drive fast - it's then up to you how hard you can push them to shave those crucial 10ths of seconds off laptimes. Compare that to Shift 2, for example, where I spent most of my time trying not to crash as even the tiniest mistake at any speed would send me careering off in a super-slo-mo barrel roll :ouch: Not that I don't enjoy Shift 2, I just think it's aggressively difficult. F1 2010 is tough, but you still feel like with enough hard work and bravery, you can master the car and tracks :tup:

    So I try F1 2011 for the first time last night, and I wonder 'surely if 2010's handling physics were so good, 2011's won't be much different?' They were. To me anyway. Firstly tyre sim is set ON all the time, so I was stuck at the back whether I like it or not :grumpy: Fine, don't mind that. But the handling feels...soft. Lumpy even. Which is NOT how I expect an F1 car to handle at all. It's much more difficult for me to find the limits of adhesion, but what amazed me the most was attacking Turn 5 at Melbourne in career practice flat out like I did all the time in the less-developed Lotus in 2010 - and wiping out lap after lap. WHAT?! :confused: I just didn't get it! And what made it worse was that I could barely tell when a slide was coming on. Granted, I could save the slide more easily than in 2010, where if you got a slide on you were pretty much guaranteed to be facing the wrong way seconds later, but still. Turn-in feels soft and soggy, not crisp and sharp like 2010. Also the graphics for me look worse, almost like a PS2 game sometimes. 2010's graphics were pin sharp, smooth and gorgeous. 2011 looks like it's had a used teabag sitting on the screen the whole time. It just isn't as smooth, and it's noticeable to me. as dj_hazardous said, the little details like frame rate just aren't as up to scratch :grumpy: :tdown:

    Conclusion: I'm willing to stick with 2011 mainly due to having the chance to race the 'real' Lotus further up the grid later in my career, and also to give me the more realistic challenge of being in a backmarker car than I have so far on my 2010 career. But at the same time I feel myself gravitating back towards 2010 more as an overall game just due to the handling - it feels much better to me in the little details. So 2010 for me :)
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    F1 2010 leaves both 2011 and 2012 in the gravel. They're both awful compared to 2010. It just goes to show how bad a game can get when the majority of the development team leave.