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Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Crispy, May 9, 2011.

  1. sonac


    No problem. I was 99% sure it is not possible before I took the wheel off the clamp and removed the angle bracket, but I wanted to be absolutely sure. This was actually the first time I removed the angle bracket off my wheel :)
  2. sandboxgod

    United States Texas

    Sounds like you didn't read my review or the one by that guy from iRacing. Maybe I am misreading this comment

    Okay I understood ya. Yeah you didnt read my review or the iRacing one.
  3. sonac


    I need to correct myself. I just tried to mount CSR Elite wheel to Clubsport table clamp's wheel plate directly without the angle bracket by using just two screws and it is absolutely solid, because the bottom of the wheel is flat metal. I did not expect that.
    In fact, it is even more solid than using four screws and the angle bracket. So yes, it is possible to mount the wheel directly to CSTC without the angle bracket :) Photos:
  4. amf7

    United Kingdom UK

    Thanks again ;) I kind of thought it was confirmed upon release but wasn't entirely sure! And from your pictures it did seem like you were correct originally lol. Anyway thanks for checking again!
  5. sonac


    I saw that two holes matched, but thought that was not enough for stability. Turns out I was absolutely wrong, it is rock stable.
  6. HoiHman

    Netherlands The Netherlands

    New firmware spotted on the CSR Elite : 722

    I received a replacement today and noticed that the calibration ,which automatically turns the wheel to the center at start up, was gone.

    I thought that wheel needed to be updated to the latest 721b.
    Already downloaded it, but i checked the firmware version first and it says722


    I have not had the chance to test the wheel with this new firmware yet.
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  7. amf7

    United Kingdom UK

    Great news ^^ means I won't have to update mine next week :)
  8. zedfonsie

    united states

    Just wondering but can you use the csr shifter by itself on a pc game? like could you use a ps/2 to a usb conversion plug and use it by itself?
  9. noobs

    United States VA

    Where does one find firmware 721 to date the CRS E? Did not see it on the blog.
  10. sonac


  11. faddish

    United States Minnesota, USA

    I want to know where to get FW v722??????????????????????????????:tup:
  12. amf7

    United Kingdom UK

    I imagine it will be on Thomas's blog in the next few days... I'm sure whoever sees it will be prepared to post it on here :D
  13. noobs

    United States VA

    Sorry, I meant 722. I have 721B
  14. Yay! keeps getting better with each fw, cant wait to hear whats next for my baby!
  15. HoiHman

    Netherlands The Netherlands

    It's only on the new batch of CSR Elites for now.
  16. Raitziger

    Finland Espoo

    They might just have named 721b to 722 for production.
  17. faddish

    United States Minnesota, USA

    Maybe but not likely, they haven't done that in the past.
  18. noobs

    United States VA

    I think some communication or a blog post would not be too much ask for to confirm or clarify.
  19. zacharyPL


  20. paskowitz

    United States New York

  21. amf7

    United Kingdom UK

    Had the elite for a couple of days now!

    GT5 is really really powerful!
    F1 2011 is ultra smooth but not very powerful in comparison to GT5. On f1 the fans don't come on I've noticed.

    FM4 isnt as powerful as gt5 but it's still pretty reasonable... Certainly more powerful than f1.

    So far very impressed... There is no flex in the shaft that I have noticed either.

    The csr pedals are also pretty good. I quickly got used to them anyway. On f1 no abs is very easy.... Om gt5 it is very difficult In comparison. I think using the pedals on the special event on gt5 on inter difficulty the first stage abs is worth around 1.5 seconds. It also offers consistency!

    Anyway I'll continue to put time onto the wheel and hope to right a review in a couple of weeks :)
  22. superbike81

    United States Japan / Seattle

    I can't wait to get ahold of the CSW with GT and F1 wheels.
  23. amf7

    United Kingdom UK

    Same! If its like this with a formula 1 rim I would be in heaven! I can't wait to see mods when the CSW comes out!
  24. thehawk05

    Canada Toronto

    Are you playing F1 on PS3?

    In game Settings are tricky to get right with that game. I'm playing it on XBOX and without a doubt the FFB is stronger and more violent than GT5 and without question blows Forza FFB out of the water in terms of strength. Either your in game settings are turned down very low or for some reason the FFB coding is different in comparison to its XBOX opposite if you're on the PS3 version of F1. When I first got my Elite I left my in game settings to what I had it set with when I had the CSR and did my on wheel settings the same as my CSR and it wasn't driveable like that for me .the FFB resistance was way too strong and made driving difficult to say the least.
  25. amf7

    United Kingdom UK

    I've played f1 on both...

    I haven't really noticed a difference between the two platforms.

    In game I think I have everything stock :)

    My wheel settings:

    Sen: 210
    Ff: 100
    Sho: 50
    Dri: 001
    Abs: 95
    Lin: 000
    Dead zone: 000
  26. Simracer92

    Germany Nordenham

    nope, 315 ;)
  27. thehawk05

    Canada Toronto

    F1 2011 on Xbox:

    In game wheel settings:

    Advanced: everything is at 0%

    FFB in game:

    Environmental: 10%
    Feedback strength: 20%
    Wheel weight: 10%

    On wheel:

    Sen 210
    FF 60
    Sho 100
    dri 003
    Abs 75
    Lin 0
    dEA 0
    SPr 0
    dPr -2
    ACL off

    I don't like overly strong FFB in my games so some will find these settings light for what they may prefer.

    Wheel weight is important to get right in this game. I find if you crank it up you will lose the understeer feedback in the game and then can't tell when the car understeers. The dPr setting doesn't seem to affect wheel feel other that effects like when you clip or run over curbing. When set at -3 the effects are very sharp. When turned up to 0 the effects are just as strong but the initial sharpness is toned down compared to the -3 setting. Settings above 0 seem to mush those effects too much for my taste.

    F1 is a tricky game to tweak. It's best to make one change at a time as all 3 settngs interact with one another it seems. Same would apply with the advanced wheel settings. I think it's best to start everything at 0% and get the feel as close as possible in the FFB settings ingame and on the wheel and then fine tune as needed if you want in the advanced settings menu.
  28. amf7

    United Kingdom UK

    Im very happy with the effects from the settings I am using... I just don't beleive the effects are anywhere near as strong in comparison :)

    I have to agreee in how difficult it is to tweak however. Took me forever!
  29. superbike81

    United States Japan / Seattle

    Someone on the iRacing forums who has the wheel says it's 320mm.
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