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Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Crispy, May 9, 2011.

  1. Crispy

    United States Allen, Texas

    I think it's the CSW with another wheel rim on it. I would really like to collect these things! I think I'm the only one that might do it though.
  2. Mr Latte



    The games continue....
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  3. Fanatec...


    I don't think you are. We are even planning a display for the wheels so you can hang your wheel collection on a wall or put it on your desk. There will be plenty of them if the market wants it.
  4. Crispy

    United States Allen, Texas

    Oh that's really cool. What will the general price range of these wheels be?
  5. Mr Latte


    So if someone buys a CSR Elite with the FM wheel rim can that rim be removed and then the person attach the F1 or other rims?
  6. scoddee

    United States Kentucky

    C'mon Latte. Elite = Triple platform. CSW = Double platform (lose Xbox, gain quick release rim)

    I guess you're trying to nudge Thomas in a certain direction, lol, because nobody disects info and reads the tea leaves like you. :tup:


    EDIT: OK after rereading I see where you're going. My guess as to the answer from Thomas, unfortunately, would be "no".
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  7. Nova21

    West Valley, Utah

    I certainly hope that's the case. I would think they would be able to sell more Elite wheels with this feature, and for sure they would be able to sell me one with this. I have money waiting for the CSR Elite, but if the FM wheel and logo are permanently attached, I'll buy a Logitech like I initially set out to do. Can't wait for this wheel to be released with all details. Hopefully it's fully revealed at Gamescom.
  8. Crispy

    United States Allen, Texas

    Well if you set out to buy the CSR line then you must be looking for Xbox Compatibility, which wouldn't be featured in a Logitech wheel.
  9. looking forward to more info at this Gamescon event, too!
  10. Mr Latte


    What's the chances of a sneek peek coming with whats happening at your stand at Gamescom?
    Come on some info, how many pods/cockpits on show etc?

    Also will our friend Mr Ganji be attending to help out?
  11. Fanatec...


    We do not have a booth at Gamescom. But we will have our products at the Xbox, Codemasters and Intel booth
  12. Mr Latte


    Righteo, well at least it is some information, lol. :)

    How id love to go their but it must be mental busy as well.
    Are any GT Planet forum members attending?
  13. Spagetti69

    Wales uk

    Thrustmaster show Darin their shifter and Thomas gives him a job.

    It's a cut throat buisiness this sim wheel malarky.

    TM must be spitting feathers, I doubt ISR will get an exclusive from them again lol.

    Anyhow you got a good guy there Thomas, pity I'll miss his hardware reviews.

    Couldn't you find a position for Jessica ?
  14. Ahh, thinking about Jessica and positions could get one in trouble ;-)
  15. tribolik


    Well I for one could think of her in many positions... but I dont think my wife would like it very much... and it would be I who would get in trouble :dopey:

    WV, USA

    I just can't wait for a better shifter to match the wheels. Feels like I'am playing with a Fisherprice toy shifter. If only my G25 shifter worked with my GT2. :(
  17. Nova21

    West Valley, Utah

    I have no interest in Xbox, purely PS3.
  18. The new Fanatec wheel gets a lot of air time in the new ISR video.

    It looks good!

  19. Crispy

    United States Allen, Texas

    Then the Clubsport wheel would be a lot better of an option. If you were considering the CSR Wheel, then the CSW should be around the same price range, and if it's supposed to be a lot better than a T500, (which I know is a fact) then it should be MILES away from any Logitech out now. Especially since it has to have the adjustable wheel settings that made a big success for Fanatec wheels.

    I can tell you that Fanatec wheels are definitely worth the money. I know because I have been enjoying mine everyday since I got it.
  20. KashunatoR

    Romania Romania

    I've asked that before but I just want to be sure. The CSW>CSR elite (for pc users). Right?
    Other question for Thomas: How many wheelrims models will be available at launchdate?
  21. Right. Nobody knows how many rims will be avalaible at launch. I'm hoping they announce all the details of the CSW next week at Gamescom.
  22. ZSPaulus

    Rotterdam (GMT+1)

    Im waiting for the CS shifter and the CS ebrake aswell..
  23. Nova21

    West Valley, Utah

    Okay I didn't know the CSW was supposed to be the better wheel. I'm still a little confused with what little info has been released on these wheels. Either way I'm waiting for the release of the new line of Fanatec wheels before making my purchase.

    Thanks for clearing that up guys.
  24. Mr Latte


    Thomas this is for you...

  25. paskowitz

    United States New York

    I like this one:

    Almost there! :dopey:
  26. Mr Latte


    Thats rather excellent actually. :tup:

    Still annoyed I couldnt go to the show.
    Would of loved to of gone met up and bought Thomas a nice sample of Cologne's finest, Kolsch.
  27. DaveTheStalker

    United States Michigan

    Neither of those are playable on mobile devices :(. Hope it wasn't anything major...
  28. Still nothing? Come on Thomas!!!
  29. Caz

    tewksbury mass

    new fanatec cockpit

    handbrake is visible here

    In the picture with the CSP angle adjustment it looks like the Hall sensor board on the gas is covered better and the connector comes out at an angle now. Much better than coming straight out like on the current model. ( or at least mine from december)

  30. bumer


    They've been selling CSP's which sensors are covered and also using brass bushings probably for months now. At least I have seen people posting pictures of their pedals which look like those. So nothing new here.
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