Favorite Gta 4 activity

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  1. shmogt


    I just drive around in my most expensive car at my most expensive property area in the most expensive suit than anyone who hits my car I step out look at the damage than pull them out of there car and kick the **** out of them. It's funny because everyone just watches than I get back in my car and drive away from the scene.

    Another really funny thing is you eventually get a high level with one of your friends and they let you all for back up. I call for back up and two guys show up. Than I pretty much do the first situation only the guys get out and kick the **** out of the driver lol. Or just go up to someone and get in there face so they hit you and the back instantly pulls out guns and shoots everyone. Getting into cop shoot outs with back up is funny too as they shoot everyone but eventually you will have to steal a car and drive away. Not always the two guys will get into the car and it's so mean when you have to drive away leaving him behind lol.
  2. DJones

    United States KC Missouri

    Alright guys I just picked up episodes from liberty city :)
    One question though; are there any display settings that I should tamper with? I adjusted the brightness and the contrast (both all the way up :yuck:) and it looks ok now, but I still remember gta4 looking better than this...
    I'm ecstatic to finally get this game again, but the graphics are A LOT grainier than I remembered. Meh il just go run people over on the sidewalk then take a five star taxi ride.
  3. magic_town

    Australia Melbourne

    Are you playing TLaTD or TBoGT? TLaTD has a filter over it that makes it seem grainy, if that's the one your playing. I feel it fits the mood of the game though, at least the storyline.
  4. DJones

    United States KC Missouri

    Yeah that was in TLaTD. I played TBoGT and out looked a lot better. Plus when I went to the club I got everyone to do the bus stop! *I'm winner*
  5. magic_town

    Australia Melbourne

    Haha yeh TBoGT is way more fun
  6. i like to get a ambulance or firetruck and ram cars. Once i made a car flip like 12 times.. in my free time i go participating in skydiving off large houses :lol: I also like to make private rooms with cops off to use the APC to put dents in cars. But i love the Prius.. the people of NYC say "Why Is The Bumper Covered In Blood?" and once a jackhole cut me off and put a huge dent in my car, i got out, looked at it, and beat him up. Oh, and i took his car :tup:
  7. ZohsixGT5

    United States Atlanta

    Me and my brother used to make a private room, cops off, friendly fire off, explosives only. You start with a rpg when setup this way. One person has to make it from point A to point B on foot, without using any vehicles or weapons. The 2nd person chases and can use any vehicle, but only the rpg. Once the runner gets hit 3 times without making it to the finish, game over. It's so much fun. As the runner you are constantly dipping into alleyways, explosions are going off everywhere, it's great.
  8. smuffyatfcp

    United Kingdom Hampshire

    TBOGT get a buzzard and just destroy everything that moves. Once you get a high enough wanted star they bring in swat so you change to the annihilator and blow up the swat trucks. :lol:

    Also can you do everything you could do in normal GTA in TBOGT?
  9. L8erBaby

    Denmark Somewhere

    My favorite activity:

    Getting car-chased by the police, and headshooting them in the cars.
    Im weird.
  10. OtakuTaikun

    United States So-Cali

    Gonna sound stupid, but in offline single player, i just try to get a vehicle with huge amounts of mass, find a parking lot, and just start sandwiching other cars. It gives em hilarious shapes. The Prenenial looks hilarious, like a smart car.

    Then i also like going to Hove beach (? don't quite know the name, it's the one in the Russian Mafia district in TBoGT) and running a course through the sand. Quite fun to hit that huge jump near the jungle gym, throw a C4, and try to explode it as soon as you can. The car gets thrashed, but if done correctly it won't explode. xD it's quite funny
  11. KyoDex

    1st Place

    Me and like 9 friends would get a bunch of cars, find a parking lot and park them in a huge square. That's how you make an online GTA IV fight club.
  12. J0SH1


    That sounds like fun!
  13. E28

    United Kingdom England

    I once called an ambulance in a park (just under the bridge to Charge Island on Dukes) and the ambulance came barreling down the hill from the road above, and straight into a wall, killing the driver and flinging the passenger out of the windscreen. :lol:
  14. Slash

    United States Indian Falls, NY

    Standing next to the subway and knocking people into the paths of the trains lol.
  15. Liquid

    Wales CH5

    Pushing people back down the steps. Also very lulzy.
  16. Slash

    United States Indian Falls, NY

    I need to try this. Like now.
  17. L8erBaby

    Denmark Somewhere

    Whenever i do that, im gonna drive them to see if they still work.
  18. NikoBellic

    United States Under Your Bed

    I like to get a helli and go to the Metlife place, jump out, spawn the FIB Dodge Charger and drive off it... Once i hit the ground so hard i went though the window lol
  19. Spacegoat

    Australia Upside Down

    That never gets old. :lol:

    I have spent hours and hours in subway, knocking people in front of trains, pushing them down the stairs, getting two Hobo's into a fist fight. So much fun to had down there.
  20. kennylmao

    Malaysia KL

    Get an Annihilator.

    Find the longest straight street. Easily found around Times Square.

    Then fly along the street like 10 feet above street level at a bajillion miles per hour.

    Jump out and watch yourself bounce on the streets and cars and stuff. And if you're lucky, the blades of the falling Annihilator will chop you. :sly:
  21. Only thing I tried on my friend's GTA4 was the guns soo I gotta say ........ Bloowing a Ferrari F430 with a RPG :dopey:
  22. Sttrobe

    Malta Amman

    GTA 4 get's pretty boring after you beat the game :(.
  23. E28

    United Kingdom England

    Go to Mr Fuk's Rice Box in Alderney. Go round the back and climb up onto the roof. Give yourself a 6 star wanted level, ready your weapons cheats and camp above the ladder. The shoot endless hordes of NOOSE off the rooftop! :lol:

    Or go to Northwood, get a car and drive down the subway. Wait for a train to stop at a station, and park in front of it so that half of your car is across the other side of the tracks. If you've done it correctly, another train should come and your car will be crushed and mutilated. Then try with other cars or try and drive yourwrecked car. One time I did this in an ice cream van and it somehow got wedged partially under the platform whith the top half of the windscreen and above poking out.
  24. Cowboys965

    United States Connecticut

    We need a public game free roam for all of us GTPers to do these things.

    Add Cowboys965 and I'll make one! :D :tup:
  25. AstonMartinDBR9

    United Kingdom London

    So you complete it again, Simples.

    I have completed the game eight times, with 2 half done.
  26. Sttrobe

    Malta Amman

    LOL for some reason I burst out laughing after I read this.
  27. wrapture

    United States Louisiana

    Sky Diving Competition

    Step 1: Go online with a friend
    Step 2: Get two helicopters
    Step 3: Fly the helicopters as high as they can go
    Step 4: try to jump out of the helicopter and land as close to the beach as possible but still be in the water. If you land in the water you live.
  28. Santos i7

    Germany United States

    Big bump :sly:
    But yesterday I took a Sanchez in the subway tunnels under Algonquin. I was exploring down there for a good couple of hours. I actually got lost for awhile. :lol: It's so complex and and there's so many different paths it's unreal. Just wish people still played this online. :ouch:
  29. Slash

    United States Indian Falls, NY

    There are plenty of people online for PS3.
  30. Santos i7

    Germany United States

    Yeah but all they do is sit at the airport and shoot each other. I mean people who actually go out on the town and do stuff.
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