Garage glitch?

Discussion in 'GT5 General Questions' started by Nick350z, May 5, 2012.

  1. Nick350z


    When I look at my cars in the garage, some don't even show up (the thumbnail is just blank). Is this a common problem? I am disappoint.
  2. gthead01

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    I believe there is a function to create (recreate) a thumbnail in the garage. Not at the PS3 now, but IIRC, it is the triangle button when selecting a car.
  3. avgtuner

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    yeah, go on to of the vehicles while looking at the list and press triangle. go to create thumbnail if you need just one created. or go to create thumbnail for all cars and this will create an updated thumbnail of all the vehicles you have in your list. meaning if you have the list sorted to standard car and merceds-benz, only those vehicles that you have showing in your list will get a thumbnail created and/or updated.
  4. rizlaman56

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    It's common in cars you have traded to loose there photo. But follow the instructions from the above posts & you will get them back.