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  1. karelpipa

    Czech Republic Prague

    How many do you have ? or how many in whole game are?
    I have
    Gold Lancer IV GSR with gold discs and red circle around
    Gold (R)Concept Car with gold discs
    Gold Soarer 2.5 GT-T with gold discs and red circle around

    Lancer and Soarer has slightly less horsepower (-7 hp and - 6hp respectively), but same weight as a standard models
    Also noticed that you can have different RM colour for Lancer (Purple or Green), normal has i think WRC White and yellow

    Do you have any clue if it is some rule to win another golden cars or this is all?
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  2. Parnelli Bone

    United States Columbia, MD.

    I don't think I ever owned any gold cars in GT, though I've got a few in GT5. Can you post any pics?
  3. karelpipa

    Czech Republic Prague

    sure but i dont think its necesarry, i was just amazed that i got 3 golden prize cars in a row, lucky, but nothing strange...just 3 different cars with same color.
    Sorry for that thread. but if you insist to make photos i will do.
  4. SportWagon

    Punkeydoodles Corners, Ontario, Canada. (aka GT2t

    There is a prize Miata which is definitely metallic gold, and not yellow.

    The only other cars I have recorded as colour gold are the TVR Griffith 4.0 and TVR Cerbera.

    No used cars.

    The [R]Concept Car is definitely yellow to me.

    Isn't the Lancer billed as "Dandelion Yellow"? Hmm. Not as a prize. The EvoIII is "Dandelion Yellow".

    There are several prize cars which come in yellow.

    Eunos Roadster (Miata)
    Lancer EvoIV GSR
    Nismo 400R
    R32 Skyline '91 GT-R
    S13 Silvia Q's 1800cc
    Impreza Sedan WRX-STi ver.III
    Celica SS-II
    Soarer 2.5GT-T VVT-i

    To answer your question, the yellow (or single instance of gold in the Miata) really just seems to be another prize colour. There are no proven techniques for determining the model or colour of a prize you win.
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  5. Parnelli Bone

    United States Columbia, MD.

    I'm not insisting you make them. It would be kinda cool, that's all.
  6. ChaosweaveR

    United States Long Island, NY

    Ditto on yellow over gold. I know the prize cars had different liveries than regular purchasable cars (paint and wheels, sometimes bumped up stock HP, and even different race liveries)

    I <3 my yellow Soarer.