Gt5 bathurst leaked?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by dodge2217, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Nismo34

    Australia Bathurst

    Flooding has stopped and its sunny as nothing else here, hopefully the rain predicted for the whole of next week holds off for you :tup:

    Wait, the limits 60km/h now? :sly: :lol:
  2. captaincrunch24

    Canada Montreal

    Well, Spa was one of the GT5: Prologue backdrop, location/screensaver thingies so I think it was...sort of "planned", it just didn't get finished in time. And us pleading and ranting for it constantly was the reason, I think anyway, that it was picked as the first DLC track.
  3. J-KiLLA24

    Canada Montreal

    That's complete nonsense. Just because Spa wasn't in the game from the beginning doesn't mean Kaz didn't really want it in the game to begin with. The simple fact could've been they didn't have enough time. Are you suggesting that Kaz didn't want the Remote Racing or the update that introduced the Seasonal Events to be in GT5 considering they weren't in the game from the beginning?
  4. CorvetteConquer

    United States Under your bed.
    PSN:Ask me, man.

    I really look forward to Bathurst in GT5 or GT6.

    I've never raced on it in a game. Glad Australia gets some love.

    Victoria, Australia

  6. TokoTurismo

    Canada Canada

    That maybe a good thing. :) I really hope Bathurst really does come in GT5 or in GT6, but mostly in GT5 and have events for it. ;) I wonder what the next update maybe as well.
  7. Nismo34

    Australia Bathurst

    Gahh, If only I had a way out to the track I could head out there and confirm your story...

    EDIT: I have a mate who is headed up there now to see if they are still there... Hold tight...
  8. interpolfan11

    United States

    He knew that the fanbase would have went apesh*t if Spa wasn't added to GT5 at some point. If Kaz really wanted Spa in GT5, he wouldn't have waited to add it so late.

    PD worked on 27 different tracks prior to the release of Spa. Most people on this forum would have gladly waited for many of those tracks to be DLC if they could get Spa immediately on-disc. This number shows that Kaz clearly didn't have Spa high on his list of priorities. It was #28 on his list of tracks to render.
  9. VEHoldenSS

    South Australia

    I thought it was 50. :lol:
  10. Froudeybrand

    Australia Dubbo

    Still 60km or 80km if ya don't get caught lol
  11. Froudeybrand

    Australia Dubbo

    I have family in Bathurst but they work in orange so couldn't get them to confirm also. I assume it would take at least a good day if not two days to scan a track but Bathurst autofest is in this weekend so I doubt that they would of started a two day scan knowing that a car event will take place on the mount ( sorta like power cruise some what)
  12. Nismo34

    Australia Bathurst

    My mate just got back to me. 5 guys, walking the mount, Hi-Visibility Vests and DSLR cameras with ":censored: huge lenses" Thoughts?
  13. Hayden

    Australia South Australia

    Oh :censored: yeah!

    Vettel, please get on your motorbike, take a photo and come back to us. Plllleeeeaaassseee ;)
  14. captaincrunch24

    Canada Montreal

    :drool::dopey::crazy: I love tracks like these; mountain passes and public roads seem to make for much more interesting racing conditions.
  15. Nismo34

    Australia Bathurst

    I wish I had my motorbike... Grr stupid paperwork :tdown:... I would go up there and do it...
  16. Hayden

    Australia South Australia

    Damn :(...

    Is there any other Bathurst residents on here???
  17. VEHoldenSS

    South Australia

    In SA that would be about a $600 fine for 30 over or $300 for 10 over.

    My uncle lives in Sydney and is a motor racing fan so he's been there quite a bit. I'll be sure to get him onto it if he happens to go there soon.
  18. ed24

    Australia Sydney

    It's about a 3 hour drive, so I'm tempted to go and have a look, but it's hard for me to fit it in at the moment as I have a lot to do before I head to the F1 next weekend, and also there's no guarantee they'll be there when I get there.

    I'm going to send the track an e-mail and see if they can shed any extra light on this.
  19. killer tiller

    Australia Sydney

    About bloody time too, I want Bathurst so I can run my SS on it lol

    Or 300km if you cover the speed camera with a plastic bag lol

    $710 for 30-45km over in NSW

    $1915 for 45 and over
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2012
  20. Froudeybrand

    Australia Dubbo

    Ok, I am not sure if it actually was pd crew as sisterinlaw was at the mount panorama hotel for majority of the day and she didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. Could of been Marshall's or some sort for next weekends autofest.

    But you never know. Cause if they are infact pd personal and are taking photos etc (not sure how they do there scanning just heard what was seen previously) surely it would take longer then 12 plus hours in one day to correctly measure etc etc the track really the top would be a lengthy process.
  21. jjh101

    Australia Bathurst

  22. jjh101

    Australia Bathurst

    They have been there since Monday and we were wondering what they were doing, but found out yesterday who they were and what they were doing because track manage ment told us as their helicopter was going to be landing next to us during the day, Im assuming they will be there for a few more days.
  23. Froudeybrand

    Australia Dubbo

    Interesting. Should go up there tomorrow and ask them video of them of course ask what they are doing? ;)
  24. jjh101

    Australia Bathurst

    I'll see what I can do but the are all Asian do I don't know if they speek english, but I'll see what I can do.
  25. VspyVspy


    OMFG - Bathurst and GT, I got so excited wee came out! ;)
  26. Raggadish


  27. Hayden

    Australia South Australia

    Well I guess that seals it, Bathurst is coming :)

    I wonder if it'll be GT5 DLC or GT6... I believe the two years per track everyone talks about refers to Nurburgring, which is about four times the size of the Mount Panorama circuit. So the course may be ready in 6 months time... Heres hoping :tup:
  28. FahrerGott


    Someone get out there with an slr and post some proof!
  29. BayneHamlin1121

    United States Los Angeles, CA

    It may be a pretty long time until we get to race on Mount Panorama, but the evidence is very clear.....unless they're working for another studio. :sly: But that's not the case according to some users here. ^^
  30. Samus

    United Kingdom UK

    No, the two years per track is referring to single man hours, not real time. Just like the figure of 6 months to build a car does. So two people could build a track in one year, four in 6 months, 8 in 3 months. You get the idea.

    With that being said, I still wouldn't expect this as GT5 DLC. It's too late in the game to put out a huge track like this. The only way they would do it is if much more content came with it, like relevant cars AND A-Spec events. The track on it's own would be a foolish waste in 3 months time.
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