GT6 Nascar tuning Motegi and Daytona

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  1. Derek4Real

    United States AL

    I don't have the best setup for Motegi,but i am running 32.9s.After endless practice and tuning and some help from my friends here's what i came up with.


    RH 75-95 BB 3-3 Aero 470-485
    SR 14.00-18.00
    DC 5-4
    DE 5-4
    ARB 5-3
    Cam 0-0
    Toe -.20 front and back

    AS 60
    BS 5

    The transmission is garbage so i deleted it
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  2. Derek4Real

    United States AL

    Daytona is much easier BB 3-3 Aero 200-400
    SR 19.00-21.00 Drivetrain 60-60-5
    DC 6-5
    DE 6-5
    ARB 5-5
    Cam 0.0-0.0
    Toe -.25 front and back
    Transmission if you used the tranny that was posted before 1-29-14 it had a error in it here's is the correct one i was going to post
    The gearbox setup is more complex than just moving the top speed. you want a 3 speed you only use the 4th gear in draft or not at all.
    First set your final gear to 2.800 next move the top speed to 186 then set your final gear to 2.000 now you will need to adjust the 1st 2nd 3rd gear all the way left and your 4th all the way right.the gears should read as followed
    1st 3.068
    2nd 2.166
    3rd 1.656
    4th 1.581

    if you think your tune is faster why are you reading this? just race your car it doesnt get much faster.
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  3. WhoosierGirl

    United States USS_Nautical

    You can make your transmission settings easier by starting with a final gear of 2.980 and then moving you Top a Speed to 186, 1rst,2nd, 3rd all pretty much end up to the left and 4rth full right. Finish with moving the final gear.
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  4. $20 Says she has already tested tune.
  5. Derek4Real

    United States AL

    oh well
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  6. WhoosierGirl

    United States USS_Nautical

    Just to be clear that is not my transmission, I just posted an easier way to get to the numbers you use on yours.
  7. Troggy

    United States Columbus, OH

    Is this Motegi tune up to date? The tranny doesn't seem to have the top end speed to run 32.XXX laps
  8. Derek4Real

    United States AL

    make some adjustment to make it faster this set up is a base setup for people who dont know where to start i work on my cars everyday to make them better my cars are faster than they where when i posted this all i can say is practice and make it better
  9. Troggy

    United States Columbus, OH

    The handling tune is great, though I added just a hair more toe. The only thing keeping me from good laps I think is my transmission. What are you topping out at typically on a good lap?
  10. Doodle

    United States Potomac, MD

    I am a noob at NASCAR. I tried out the Motegi tune and ran a 33.2. Then I took out the camber and ran a 32.9, but then I remembered I never did an oil change on the car. So when I came back, I ran a 32.634 after a few laps.

    Now I have no idea if that kind of time is any good, but I just wanted to say thanks! :cheers:
  11. Mercury1

    Australia Sydney

    Good t
    Good times. The key is turn 3. :)
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  12. Nomad67


    What stand alone times are you getting with this tune?
  13. MrNooboody


    485 -
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  14. Wow Nooboody what a setup! Its too loose for me though, I suck.
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  15. MrNooboody


    sure thing serious