How many cars in car delivery

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  1. GT55YW


    I'm at 189 I believe, but I haven't been active in a while. Lately I am not playing my account, rather playing with my friends when they come over.

    (With a couple of my friends, we each started new accounts, and are 'racing' to finish, and we make up weird challenges and stuff.)

    It's not that I don't want to unload them, or anything, but I have every premium in dealership order, and I was approaching 700 cars before the truck. I haven't found anything in there worth unloading, other than the 2010 Jag, which I don't want to take out/use until I have fewer purchases to make.

    Realistically, there's nothing worth getting out of it. People send me cars in trade for what I send them, but it's not worth unloading them. And the cars they give out are no longer worth it at a certain point. The first couple of series they were worth loading, and using, but since seriously playing, nothing is needed from it. No reason to clutter my garage.
  2. tw1sted

    Portugal Coimbra

    NONE of course!
  3. Bushby_23

    Australia Brisbane, QLD

    The X2010 Vettel I got because Vettel won the champion ship. Already have one from getting lvl 35 B-Spec (which my B-Spec drivers use, when needed), and I drive the X2011 Prototype.
  4. Dragon_Dude

    United States Pittsburgh/PA/USA

    +200 over 3 accounts lol.
  5. ironworker172

    gastonia nc usa

    Lol? What's so funny??
  6. Dragon_Dude

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    200 something cars is funny to me. What's really funny is your name and it's kinda my profession lol.
  7. RoadRocket77

    United States California

    At one point I had all the $hitbrick DLC cars stored in the truck. ie. the go-carts, the prius TC, the leaf, and a few other crappy and otherwise pointless cars. I eventually cleaned it out and deleted those BS cars from my garage. Those would include the prius, all but the 125 go-cart, the R32 33 and 34 skylines, the mini coopers, the leaf, and all of the toiletodas I've picked up from DLC purchases and special events.
    I currently have 0 cars in the truck, but I do have to go through my garage and clean it out every once in a while.
  8. F40LM

    United Kingdom Hertfordshire

    How can anyone not understand having all tickets in your Car Delivery truck and having them not opened, this means you will mean you can open any ticket you want infinite times or trade them and still have them?

    This could also be the answer to getting all the cars in the game or at least most of them

    How can that be hard to understand?

    I am currently doing this myself


    I have 54 at the moment :)
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  9. Carbonox

    Finland Intercourse, PA

    0 because I always grab everything as soon as I unlock them.
  10. Timminz

    Halifax, NS, Canada

    I'm clearing the 30 in my main account right now. I also have 17 unique ones being held in my alt account.