Is your REAL car in Gran Turismo 5?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Johnny.Ly, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. Toyinster

    United Kingdom London

    Yeah, was pleased to see GT5 had my Audi S3. I have it in the game but not in the same colour.
  2. SSSafari480

    United States Indiana

    No sadly the 87 SS Safari van isn't in the game :(
  3. FRR35H


    Nice gen 1 bro!
    Are you on 3si?
    It's a shame they dont have any Gen 1's on GT anymore. It was the 92 model that got me into the GTO's in the first place, and the reason I bought my 96 MR :).

    Thankfully my particular model is in GT5 :)
    Add me on PSN: FRR35H101, and we'll have a GTO trackday sometime.
  4. Timminz

    Halifax, NS, Canada

    I don't think any of the three cars I've owned are in GT5. I think mostly because I've had base model stuff so far.

    '94 Mazda 323 auto (Not sure what the closest thing to this is in-game)
    '01 Civic DX 4-door manual (There's plenty of that generation of Civics in-game, but no base model crap)
    '00 Acura 3.2TL ('01 CL-S is the closest thing in-game)
  5. Gotbeefboy564

    United States Grandville Mi

    the taurus sho mine was a murcury sable version but its the same year
  6. BLUES40T5

    Sweden Bålsta

  7. MadmuppGT


    It would be a good idea to blank your plate as it could be used by cloners, last think you need is a lot of speeding tickets or worst being traced to your car and you!
  8. kennylmao

    Malaysia KL

    Here is a car I see around my neighborhood.



    And my version of it in GT5. :D The color isn't quite right though. :grumpy:


    And my mum's car which I'll probably inherit. It ain't much but its better than nothing. Its a Perodua Kancil which is basically a rebadged Daihatsu Mira.


    And the in game, badass version! :D


  9. Donald Rumsfeld

    United States Colorado

    I have recently acquired another car that is not in the game: 1996 Jaguar XJ6 4.0. I expect it to be added once Polyphony implement a scheme to simulate random electrical fires due to chafed wiring.

    I was tempted to get a 1989 Nissan 300ZX with close to 80 million miles on the clock -- in large part because it actually is in GT5. It is quite likely that I will use the GT5 car list to choose my next purchase (which will probably not be an Aventador).
  10. ZohsixGT5

    United States Atlanta

    I hear great things about the Aventador. If you have the extra cash, I say go for it.
  11. Emman1984

    United States Missouri

    Yea I'm not into buying extra content but the Aventador and test track was an exception

    That is the main thing that kept me coming to all the GT for years is the test course
  12. ZohsixGT5

    United States Atlanta

    LOL I was talking about in real life, joking of course. :)
  13. CarNut11

    England Top of Podium

    My beautiful Subaru Legacy 3.0R Spec B - Yes, it's on GT5. And yes, I have edited the reg plate.


    But sadly, right now, I can't be a*$£d to get a picture from GT5 up. But you know what it looks like.
  14. nascar49

    United States Phoenix AZ

    So you live in Toronto, but have Alberta plates?

    United States NC



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  16. 19988pasha

    United States Ny

    Also the bushes. LOL
  17. TuomaZ

    Finland North Karelia

    Wow, you lucky, is that 2012 or 2013 model? Such a great car tho, I want one too :)
  18. NikoBellic

    United States Under Your Bed

    All I need to say is yes it is.
  19. demon of speed

    East London

    . Haven't seen my Audi A4 1.9 d :-(
  20. SakuraHaruno


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  21. Gotbeefboy564

    United States Grandville Mi

    Sry forgot that I posted in this thread.
  22. photonrider

    Canada Canada

    Wish they did. No Lincoln Continental, no Olds Intrigue. Obscure cars I guess. :(
  23. Killermiller24

    Switzerland Bern

    Actually my car, on sale now



    with KW2 and Bastuck-Exhaust

    After sale, i look for a C63 AMG or M5
  24. Vend1go

    Lithuania Lithuania

    Very nice car , how much do u want for that beauty?
  25. Killermiller24

    Switzerland Bern

    25' Swiss Francs
  26. Mrtrent1024

    Canada New Brunswick

    all 3 of my cars are in the game.

    2005 Toyota Echo (vitz, yaris)
    2006 Scion xB
    1986 Toyota MR2 1600 G

  27. GTvsForza

    United States The Gem State

    A '98 Escort RC is in the game, close enough for my '91 Escort LX
  28. Racers_Edge


    Yes it actually is :)

    (Except it is a -87 GL anniversary edition but the trim and inerior is the same as a GLT)

    This is my car :)

  29. Hachiroku66

    Japan kyoto


    i don't know if i posted it right.
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  30. jimipitbull

    Australia Brisbane

    no car I have owned is in GT5, closest one would be my first car - 1981 VC Commodore


    Might as well post the rest of them anyway, because they should have been included.

    1974 FJ40 Landcruiser

    1984 CJ10 Jeep

    1984 HJ45 Landcruiser Troop Carrier

    1968 HK Holden

    I miss the above cars, they all had character :(

    1984 WB Holden one tonner
    Still got this one, bit of a restore/rebuild project

    Currently driving 2005 Holden Rodeo
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