Kazunori Yamauchi tweets!

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by alba, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. peter_vod69

    Australia Newcastle, NSW, Australia

    Of the manufacturers you've listed, more than half of them are represented in the game.

    PS why don't you do it yourself?
  2. CorvetteConquer

    United States Under your bed.
    PSN:Ask me, man.

    I don't want to make an account on Twitter. Simple as that, really.

    As far as the manufacturers go. Yea, some of them are in the game, but what I am stressing is that they have premium versions of their cars....and cars that are current. Not concepts from 2002 (aka Cadillac). RUF, too. What a shame...
  3. nitrorocks

    United States Phoenix, AZ

    Sadly he just ignores all of it. He does listen to Japanese twitter users a lot. He usually Retweets their Tweets.
  4. McClarenDesign

    United States Norman, OK

    If you had thousands of tweets daily, I'm sure you'd be sick of it as well.

    Can't you guys give this poor man some rest? It's just a game.
  5. nitrorocks

    United States Phoenix, AZ

    Yeah he just gets more complaints and requests All day. It would annoy the :censored: out of me if I were him. He's aware of what brands people want.
  6. TokoTurismo

    Canada Canada

    I agree. :sly::tup:
  7. R1600Turbo

    United States Arizona

  8. MONSTAR-1


    Poor man? Kidding right?
  9. 1241Penguin

    Canada Canada

    Poor man as in "tired out, fatigued" man, not as in not-rich man.

    That said, I do remember KY saying that he actually liked work.
  10. tribolik


    And people that have a twitter account dont want to post manufacturer logos on KY's page. Simple as that, really.

    Im pretty sure he knows what car manufacturers are out there...
  11. NjLowrider

    central jersey

    Ive tweeted him about a bug in the game. He responded... And got.a few followers out of it!
  12. Mac K

    Canada Ontario,Canada

    Am I the only one surprised Kaz hasn't really mentioned anything about the supposed March update as of lately?
  13. NeuroticVows

    United States Oregon

    Am I the only one surprised that this thread came up with new posts even though Kaz hasn't tweeted? Way to get my hopes up
  14. analog

    Netherlands The Netherlands

    Kaz not mentioning something which (or when) you'd expect him to doesn't really surprise me anymore, so no.
  15. steve30x

    Ireland Ireland

    Yes you are. Most of this thread is off topic.
  16. another_jakhole

    Windiest City

    It's not like it's a big deal.

    and I agree. Not the surprised part, but that manys thread get off-topic too frequently.
  17. NeuroticVows

    United States Oregon

    I wasn't surprised. I was being sarcastic and basically reworking the previous person's post to hint at the off topic.

    He hasn't tweeted anything in a while so I am guessing he is hard at work
  18. J-KiLLA24

    Canada Montreal

    Let's hope so. Hopefully we'll get to hear something within the next couple of days or week.
  19. mcfizzle

    United States Wisconsin

    I agree with Neurotic, if KY hasn't tweeted for a while then there shouldn't be anything to discuss. Let's try to keep this thread to the relevant topic so people know when something is tweeted.:tup:
  20. 20B_4ME

    Melbourne AU

    I had hope that PD would release the next update and DLC at the same time as the March DLC on Forza 4, but so far no news from PD or KY... the lack of news and silence from PD and KY is a bit scary...
  21. steve30x

    Ireland Ireland

    It scares me too. I hope my TV and PS3 doesnt blow up.
  22. GTP_CargoRatt

    United States Adrian, Mich.

    Seriously, lets keep this thread to tweets or relevant posts only. Your comment here is completely pointless.
  23. GTPorsche

    United States Williamsburg,Va

  24. R1600Turbo

    United States Arizona

    Posted in other threads I think.

    I assume he's talking about that they are preparing the online side of things for the time trials. (getting them ready to be posted)
  25. Furinkazen

    United Kingdom Lancashire

    ~Awaits flood of Bathurst questions on Kaz's Twitter~
  26. Moontallico

    Portugal Lusitânia

    I know this may not be much but as a response to the latest Kaz tweet saying they are preparing to the GT Academy 2012, there's a japanese guy's response saying:

    Google translator meaning:
    "But I want you to increase the number of auto sticker and neon on the GT GT5!"

    And since Kaz doesn't usually accept a tweet response, I though this might be a sign of something to come...
  27. gtuned

    United States New York

    Maybe more RM or Kits ? Or even Rims ?
    I unno, we need Shirakawa asap!
  28. J-KiLLA24

    Canada Montreal

    Calling all japenese translators!
  29. Raggadish


    This could be interesting.
  30. DCP

    South Africa

    Auto Sticker is probably more of those GT auto tickets for wash, engine rebuild and body restore. Neon might be more paints, who knows at this stage. I just want some sort of feedback as to when exactly can we expect the March DLC / patch. Don't even care that much as to what the DLC contains exactly at this point.
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