Koenigsegg Agera R

Discussion in 'Auto News' started by LP670-4 SV, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. BobbyBRAKEaNek

    United States Carrollton, GA

    Hahaa, funny. Where in the hell are you going to enjoy it at.:tdown:
  2. Eric.

    United States

    How every every moment you're in the driver's seat?
  3. tlowr4

    Australia Australia

    Remember the days when the Supra could hit 300? Yeah, them were the days.

    Oh wait, this isn't the GT4 Forum.

    Seriously though, I think a lot of more common manufactures are going to have to work super hard to match anything Bugetti can pump out. I don't see it happening any time soon.
  4. Eric.

    United States

    You say that like there's a high demand for 250mph cars.
  5. tlowr4

    Australia Australia

    ^^ Umm....nnoo??

    I'm confused, but no, not in that aspect. I meant performance manufacturers, and the way I see it is essentially with each new model is aimed to be more, and bigger, and better. Working their way to the top. The only demand for 250MPH cars, is by the manufactures themselves. However, to reach the milestone that the Veyron had, in a single car, would take monstrous effort on their parts.
  6. AudiPro

    United States San Diego/Calif

    I really hope Koenigsegg pulls it off and de-thrones Bugatti, and honestly I thought Koenigsegg would've have beaten the record for fastest production car quite a while ago. The CCX was a monster that was pretty damn fast but alas it didn't, and then the announcement of the CCXR got me hoping again...
  7. 1241Penguin

    Canada Canada

    No, I'm simply asking you why you are acting disappointed with it, hence the "Great, another hypercar.........." thing.
  8. SuperShouden


    The Sweeds vs. the Germans...interesting. Yes, I know Bugatti is technically French, but Lamborghini is also technically Italian, but there's a reason a lot of people think Lamborghini is German....because....besides the body new bodies....they are. It's an Italian shell on and German car. Bugatti, though, like Bentley, it pretty much just German anymore. The Engine's a VW/Audi W16, and the Veyron itself came about when VW wanted to make a 300mph car. They didn't succeed in that goal...although, without the speed limiter, I'm sure the fat lady can hit 300 easily.
  9. Crushed

    United States NC

    Then why would they use a speed limiter?
  10. daan

    Scotland Scotland

    I believe the Veyron has a speed limiter in order to protect the tyres.

    No they didn't. The whole aim of the Veyron was to make a car that had 1000bhp, that was capable of 400kmh (~250mph) and that was as easy to drive and reliable as a Golf.

    If you don't know, don't just make stuff up.
  11. Classic

    Scotland Port Glasgow

    Yeah, That's what I believe too.
  12. Harvey51

    England Lancaster


    The roads here in England are that quiet that 250mph could be a daily event, too and from work.
  13. Exorcet


    250 mph cars are ancient. We had them in the 1930's. The hardest part would be making a 250+ mph car that was as comfortable and that has as much appeal. Reaching the speed itself is probably something most manufacturers could do.
  14. TheCracker

    South Korea North Korea
    PSN:GTP_TC / gtp_dan

    Anyone can make a car that could potentially reach over 250mph, all you need is a powerful enough engine and a slippery shape. Making one that is useable every day is another matter. Tyres are the limiting factor at the moment.

    It's all irrelevant willy-wagging anyway. If the only places on earth where these 250mph+ speeds can be reached are a handful of privately owned test tracks, then no owner is ever going to clock those speeds anyway. You could potentially reach 200mph on the autobahn on a daily basis, although i imagine the window for doing so is getting smaller every day. But it does at least make a 200mph capable car a realistic target. Maxing an F40 > Driving a Veyron/Agera/Whatever at 4/5ths it's potential.
  15. Exorcet


    I pretty much agree. I have almost no interest in a car's ability to reach these speeds.

    If I had a car like this, I'd probably put some massive wings on them and make use of all that power to overcome the drag from a high downforce set up for track days. It would be lucky to reach 200 mph.
  16. squirlybmx


    I'm pretty sure the W12 Nardo project became the Veyron. And the point of this car is to simply do it because you can. Why did we go to the moon? What benefit did it have on the earth besides simply saying "we did it"?
  17. MatskiMonk

    United Kingdom UK

    Well.. Progress.. and for what we learned along the way, and what it taught us about ourselves as a race. In the end not really comparable to building a car, like someone said previously, VW didn't build the Veyron for the consumer, they built it for themselves...

    Also like someone else said, at these speeds it's kind of irrelevant because of the space required to reach the top speed, if straight-line speeds is your bag... 0-200mph times are probably more worth gloating about, and 1/4 times, since it's pretty easy to go to a RWYB at your local strip,.. turning up to Ehra Leissen isn't really as convenient. I'm sure the Veyron does pretty well at these too..
  18. Zenith

    United States Bay Area, CA

    Besides learning about space travel, the origins of our planet and the moon, and inspiring an optimism about technology for an entire generation? Do you have any idea what getting to the moon in back entails?

    There are tribes in jungles that have next to no experience with civilization that know the names of astronauts.
  19. Crushed

    United States NC

    So anyone here like the Koenigsegg Better than the veyron? I hope that rumor is true.
  20. Conza

    Australia Melbourne

    Ditto - take it to Volkswagen's massive track (if they'll let you), and do the test, then talk to us Konegsegggeseshehgesgesgegegssessg
  21. Mr_X

    Australia Brisbane

    I'd like to see it take the title will have to wait and see though.
    What happened to that Venom GT that was supposed to be the fastest?
  22. SuperShouden


    The Hennessy isn't technically a production car and I don't think it has an official top speed.
  23. Exorcet



    But that doesn't mean that it will be faster, and like I said, making it that fast is a waste of time in my opinion.

    But anyway, since this thread is about fastest car, and not the Agera, I think we need to remember that the original Veyron beater is also going to try to outdo Bugatti again.

    More power, lighter, and the last version went about 260 mph confirmed.
  24. A1-242

    England Birmingham, Eng

    That is an ugly car, looks like a ten year old designed it.
  25. Exorcet


    He'd be the greatest 10 year old ever getting a car to nearly 300 mph.

    I think it looks fine, and it's very functional.
  26. A1-242

    England Birmingham, Eng

    I'm sure the technology & the mechanics involed are excellent, it's just an ugly car it looks like a Hotwheels car.
  27. McLaren

    Monaco Dallas, Texas

    It is a production car; they are taking orders for it & Hennessey is recognized as its manufacturer by the US Govt.

    As far as the topic goes, I'm more & more disappointed by Koenigsegg's claims every year. With each new car/model, it can go a little bit faster, yet I don't recall them ever calling up Guinness to verify their claims. Hell, even SSC has done that. As far as we know, these might just be as fast as a McLaren F1 & that's it since an old press clipping about a CCR doing 242Mph in Texas is about the most legit piece of information out there.
  28. Crushed

    United States NC

    Actually I like SSC cars. And i meant for this thread to be about the Agera being the fastest but we will see
  29. Denilson

    Sweden Stockholm
    PSN:chorda / GTP_chorda

    Koenigseggs main target is NOT to be the fastest car in the world.. Why does everyone assume that's the case?

    I'll trow in some data here..

    0-300(kmh)-0 again in 17 seconds..
    Bugatti Veyron: 0-300 in 17 seconds..

    Only video I could find was this one.. It's 0-328-0 (kmh) in the 21's.. :scared:

    Koenigsegg Agera R looks pretty fast initally, and with 1140 bhp and a weight of 1430 kg, it will defenetly reach a pretty decent top speed.
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  30. White & Nerdy

    United States Wasilla, AK

    I certainly hope they do it... but also remember it's not just about the top speed. If I had that kind of money... suffice it to say this beauty would be much higher up my list than the other two.
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