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    Mexico Tijuana, B.C.

    Hi! I will be posting my progress in the race every 100 laps, until the race finished (i.e if I do 423 laps, last report will be the last
    123 laps, but mathemathically I will do 370 - 380 laps), I played now 101 laps, also my first report will not be so much detailed :dunce:
    Car: BMW V12 LMR '99 (Stage 2 turbo, Top speed 370km/h, everything else stock)​

    I tought that a good strategy could be 6 lap stints with Racing Hards, on the 6th lap after the indianapolis straight, I almost spun out of every corner, loosing my 24 sec advantage and dropping to 6th place. :grumpy:
    I choosed a 4 lap stint with Racing mediums, to overtake the cars in front of me as fast as possible, made it just before pitting again on lap 10.

    1 hour, 55 minutes (lap 32): started to rain when I was passing one Oreca Viper when suddenly I noticed the rain at the back of that car :drool:

    Lap 41 (Didn't wrote the time): Finally the rain begins to affect the track :crazy:

    3 hours, 50 minutes, Forty-something seconds (Lap 62): Track reaches 100% wet condition, when finally I was about to lap 2nd place, but I'm a very bad player in 100% conditions, so I pitted just for being careful, still with wet tires, yet I'm going to 5 lap stints, I don't like to drive in wet conditions so much time without changing tires :nervous:

    4 hours, 2 minutes (lap 62): lapped 2nd place (Audi R8 '01)

    5 hours, 5 minutes: Absolute night and rain :scared:

    A normal lap in 100% conditions were between 4:00 and 4:40 (after pit lap)
    But in lap 97 and 98 I got these times
    Lap 97: 3:40.344 :confused:
    Lap 98: 3:44.930 :confused:

    , just an abnormal grip level increase, I don't know what exactly happened but I got 4:01.438 in lap 99

    100 laps : 6 hours, 25 minutes, 23 seconds 1 and a half lap advantage from 2nd place :sly: