Mad FinnTuners Co.™ - Finished 301010 with GT-Rdammerung - BIG THANKS everyone!

Discussion in 'Car Tuning' started by Greycap, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. viperpilot


    nice new choice Greycap..........looks beautiful :tup:

  2. Parnelli Bone

    United States Columbia, MD.

    Yeah, i know. I've known this since GT1, actually. If you try and drive a car around Trail Mountain lowered all the way, for instance, you'll actually lose alot of speed as the bumps here will cause your wheels to travel up into the wheelwells. In later GT games, you don't lose as much speed (i've noticed), but i've been in the habit of keeping ground clearance high when appropriate, anyways. :)

    but i've been to a few FAQ/walkthrough type websites, and have seen advice from laymen and whenever they talk about tuning, it's often: LOWER YOUR CAR ALL THE WAY WITH 20/20 SPRINGS SO YOU GO FASTER :lol:
  3. Rotary Junkie

    United States Canton, MI

    Yep, its that way with all racing games.
  4. Leonidae

    between chair and G25


    798 bhp, 786 Nm, 1245 kg

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Clickable for full size

    Parts to buy:
    Racing Exhaust
    Racing Brakes
    Brake Balance Controller
    Turbo Kit Stage 4
    Racing Intercooler
    Port Polishing
    Engine Balancing
    Displacement Increase
    Racing Chip
    FC Transmission
    Triple-plate Clutch
    Racing Flywheel
    Carbon Driveshaft
    FC Suspension
    R3 / R5 tyres
    Weight Reduction Stage 3
    Oil Change
    Rear Wing
    New Wheels (optional)

    Spring Rate: 9.0 / 6.5
    Ride Height: 111 / 120
    Bound: 3 / 6
    Rebound: 3 / 8
    Camber: 3.0 / 1.5
    Toe: 1 / -2
    Stabilizers: 2 / 3

    Brake Controller
    Brakes: 5 / 6


    NOTE: First adjust autoset, then final and last gear ratios.

    Gear Ratios
    1st: 2.558
    2nd: 1.657
    3rd: 1.180
    4th: 0.919
    5th: 0.768
    6th: 0.656
    Final Gear: 4.500

    Autoset 25

    Amount: 30 / 32

    Driving Aids
    ASM Oversteer: 0
    ASM Understeer: 0
    TCS: 0

    Balance weight: 0
    Location: +50

    You thought that it had been killed? You were wrong. It survived, waiting for revival in the darkness, while it's more gentle offspring conquered the world, preparing the throne for the King Of The Monsters.
    Gone was the comfortable, luxurious interior, replaced by cold, shiny race-bred look. Engine had been totally rebuilt. It didn't produce "mere" 509bhp anymore, but 798bhp. Turbochargers are bigger, delivering serious, neck-bending punch after 4000RPMs. Suspension settings are different from the old one, providing more willing cornering ability. Rims are still lightweight racing items, helping the car to claw its way through hairpins at mind-boggling speed. In the older specifications, this car barely got under 1'50 at GVS. now, with proper rubber it easily tears under 1'40.

    Now, all you need to do is sign your last will where your property will be donated to us in case that you get killed during test drive or totally destroy the car.

    Umm.. Did I say that out loud..?
  5. Rotary Junkie

    United States Canton, MI

    Haha, awesome.

    I'll get around to it eventually.
  6. dimplz

    nsw, australia

    I was right about you chosing the Godzilla
  7. Leonidae

    between chair and G25

    Indeed you were. This car delivered 1' at GVS with R5's and Nitrous. After driving these more powerful cars of ours, you have to rethink your braking points for slower cars, which actually helps when you're after new lap records. A word of warning: on R3's, this car tends to kick it's tail out in tighter bends.. Yup, drifting 4wd..
  8. Rotary Junkie

    United States Canton, MI

    GTR's are like that. :lol:

    So long as it doesn't spiderbite you (Under, hard over, hard under, repeat).
  9. Vince247

    The Netherlands

    I'm glad you guys liked my review.
  10. Leonidae

    between chair and G25

    Oh yes, please, more of those! :tup:
  11. Greycap

    Finland Finland

    The latest news:

    Tomorrow will see the release of our fastest car ever, make sure you have enough money to take it for a spin. Not to be missed. Shortly in its trail will arrive another superbly fast car, built to show the capabilities of a certain car usually thought to be only an overrated piece of junk.

    When we get those ones out of the door we'll change style and continue by demonstrating the effectivity of low power, low weight and handling second to none. :tup:
  12. ChampCarFan


    Which skyline is this?
  13. Rotary Junkie

    United States Canton, MI

    89 or 91 gts-t.

    Which year/model is Godzilla, guys?
  14. CraftyLandShark

    Winston-Salem, NC, USA

    Hello all - first post here. I've been lurking around for a good while and decided that now was as good a time as any to jump into the frey.

    After the many positive reviews of all the vehicles you guys produce, I decided to give the FD-R a run. I must say I was very impressed! My initial runs thus far have only been on Tsukuba and GVS, but overall the car seems extremely composed. She's mildly tail-happy in the best of ways... who among us hasn't been saved from too-late braking by a bit of judiciously applied torque steer? :sly: I've noticed a trend towards very soft springrates among GTP tuners, and was skeptical at first, but the theory seems to bear fruit. I will say I prefer the settings a bit stiffer, and slightly improved my lap times when I tightened her up a bit and dropped her by about ten millimeters, but this is likely just a difference in driving styles. I'm curious about the inverted compression and damping values front-to-rear, though; what's the theory there? I haven't had time yet to isolate just those settings to figure that out.

    Most notably, HUGE thanks on dialing out the very slight mid corner understeer that all my previous FD's have suffered. As with the compression and damping, I need to go back and isolate some of your variables to figure out just what the solution is there.

    I only have two slight complaints - the differential settings and the brakes. I've never run a car with such a high initial torque value relative to such a low acceleration value. Compared to my usual FD chassis diff settings, I seemed to get more wheelspin exiting corners with the MFT setup. As for the brakes, again it probably comes down to driving style. I guess I'm just used to threshold braking on stronger settings (I usually run somewhere in the vicinity of a 6/3 F/R split), rather than nailing the brakes with a gentler setting, but my overall corner entry improved dramatically with a bit of extra brake force.

    Overall though, an EXCELLENT car! :tup::tup: Compliant, balanced through corners, and of course brutally asphalt-melting fast. I'll definitely be applying your tuning to a brand new Spirit R for enduro purposes... though I'll hang onto my old settings for time attacks :sly:
  15. Leonidae

    between chair and G25

    Gekko Jr. is '91 GTS-t, and Godzilla is '94 V-Spec II, 6.2 mile one at that.
  16. GT40 MKII

    in a house

    greycap, leonidae im gonna test a few of your creations, you are inspiring me to start up my own deal like this
    first on the list is the fd-r
  17. viperpilot


    i'm curious about your fastest car yet.........and also about the other car!

  18. Leonidae

    between chair and G25

    Welcome to GTP, and you did wisely when you chose MFT for first place to try out!:tup:

    Mmhmm, this car was actually an axe murderer before I managed to sort out the random twitchyness.

    Overly stiff suspension causes severe understeer especially with cars that have light front end, such as FD RX-7. If you think about the forces behind weight shifting and how they can be used as your advantage, you'll see the point of this kind of suspension settings.

    You're welcome. During the process of making this setup, the car went from severe, stubborn understeer to severe, nervous oversteer phases, until I found the most neutral area, that allows slightly tail happy action, that obviously pleases you.

    This could be because both I and Greycap use Logitech G25 as our main controller. With DS2 or similar controller these settings might give out different kind of results.. or then it's just about the driving style and preferences, as you said.

    Thank you again for testing this ride, CLS! Now, as our rules say, you're allowed to ask for one custom setup for a car you choose. Mind you, preferably no racecars or drifting setups, since they both differ too much about our tuning style quite radically, even though some of our cars might be as fast or faster than racecars, while being extremely tailhappy. :sly:
    Just PM me the specifications of the car ( make, model, weight reductions, power level, tyres, wing, no wing etc..) and I'll get on it ASAP.
  19. Rotary Junkie

    United States Canton, MI

    As am I.


    It's 105 miles to Chicago, we've got a half pack of cigarettes, a full tank of gas, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses.

    Hit it.
  20. Leonidae

    between chair and G25

    Patience, young padawan. You can't run before you know how to walk.
  21. Greycap

    Finland Finland

    If you really respect our work, please also respect the wishes of the men behind it. For your own good, don't make your own tuning thread. It has very high chances of failing miserably - just look around and you'll see what I mean. You have a successful garage in the Tuner Garages thread, and I think I have a few words to say right here.

    *Rant mode ON*

    I've held this inside me for quite a while but it has to get out. There hadn't been a special tuning thread for almost a year before we made one. Everyone had happily settled for the Tuner Garages thread and it was working very well. Actually, it still is. Then Mad FinnTuners Co. entered the arena. And look, tuner garages began popping up like mushrooms after a rainy day. A common thing to them all was that the thread makers had been active readers of our thread. Some were so clear copies that I almost couldn't believe my eyes. The others had been just more or less heavily influenced. I know that we don't have any exclusive rights to running a tuning thread, and that's not the point. The point is explained in the following chapter.

    Think about it, people. For your own good. The Tuner Garages is a perfectly good way of showing off your setups and getting feedback on them. Just because two guys from up north wanted to make something different doesn't mean that every other member has to copy their idea. We knew exactly what we were doing, we still do. This would never have worked in the Tuner Garages. And the truth is, we will keep going long after the others have been abandoned and forgotten. The Tuner Garages is a good place for everyone. Making an own thread is for the ones with passion and patience.

    *Rant mode OFF*
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  22. Frozen

    Gothenburg, Sweden

    It feels like it was a while since I last posted in this thread.

    I want to take one of your cars out for a spin but I don't know which one :p

    Any suggestions?

    Btw, I hope you like my reviews.
  23. Leonidae

    between chair and G25

    Cerbera CS has been neglected by most. 3000GT-R has also been left alone in the dark.

    and yes, your reviews have indeed been top class, keep it up.
  24. Frozen

    Gothenburg, Sweden

    Okey... One of those will be my next prey.

    Review is coming soon!


    Does the 3000 Gt settings work on the '96-98 year models?
  25. Greycap

    Finland Finland

    I'm sure the suspension, brake, differential and downforce settings will work but nothing can be promised about the exact gearing ratios.

    Oh, and about people asking about the car model years. Even though some cars lack the model year in the tuning post, every banner sports that year. Always check the banner too if in doubt.
  26. Vince247

    The Netherlands

    Thanks Finntuners for the Zonda settings.:)

    Mind me writing a review about that one too?
  27. Greycap

    Finland Finland

    You're welcome! And why not, if you feel like it! I think I'll use those settings as a base for a faster MFT model in the future. :tup:
  28. Brock5000

    sydney, au

    Hello, I've been loitering around your workshop for the past week or so, I've tried a few of your cars and they sure are sweet! Great work guys :sly::tup:

    I have to say Blackbird is devastating :crazy: I've really been enjoying it quite a bit and intend to spend more time on it later. I love fast BTRs and this one quickly became a favourite. However the last few days I've spent a lot of time in your GTHO, so let me start with a review of it.


    This car often plays second fiddle next to its turbo six brother; In stock form the V8 is too heavy and unexciting to hold ones interest for long. It is competent but hardly impresses. Fortunately MFT have got their busy hands on this car and turned it into what it should have been all along - an incredibly quick 4-door sedan that is worthy of the revered GTHO badge it now wears. Let's put it through its paces across a selection of our favourite tracks.

    Driver: Brock5000
    Controller: Dual Shock2
    A-spec Test distance: 1,245.5km
    Oil Changes: 4 - Rigidity refresh: 2
    Locations: Nurburgring*, Tokyo Route 246, Seattle Circuit, Grand Valley Speedway, Trial Mountain, El Capitan, Infineon Raceway, Motegi, Suzuka, Citta di Aria (R).
    * Testing on Nurburgring carried out with a final gear ratio of 2.950

    Flat out through Schwedenkreuz, the GTHO holds steady.
    Substantial suspension modifications ensure a perfect ride.

    It doesn't take long for the GTHO to impress with its sure-footed grip and rapid acceleration. Sure, it is not quite in the super car league, but considering its origins as a large and very heavy 'family sedan', the transformation is akin to turning a shag pile rug into a flying carpet.
    The full tune gives a reasonable power output of 686hp, but the 841Nm or torque is what gets this car moving. I was surprised to find that despite no wing being fitted, the R3 tyres cope very well with all this grunt and rarely let slip. Indeed, you have to give the wheel a good wrench or turn while flat out over a nasty bump to get the back to step out.

    If there is any criticism of this car it might be that it is too safe and doesn't do enough to really get your heart pounding. But as stated by MFT, the GTHO is not intended to be a full-on track car. It sits happily in the pigeon hole between that and super cruiser and in this regard it excels.
    As said this is a very safe car, it forgives all but the most lavish excesses. If you feel you have come into a corner too hot, simply backing off the accelerator or a gentle tap on the brakes will quickly drop the excitement level down a notch and give you plenty of time to pull it into line. It really is that easy, this is car is almost idiot proof.

    310kph through Angstkurve. The GTHO may not be the
    fastest car around, but it is incredibly stable at high speed.

    Perhaps you may be thinking this car is a little dull, quick perhaps, but not entirely thrilling. Some will drive this car and come away with these sentiments confirmed. But those who push this car to its limits will find this kitten does have a hidden growl.
    Hard is how this car needs to be driven to get the most out of it. It is not until you really push it that you appreciate how much work has gone into the tune. It remains remarkably solid at high speeds, refusing to be unsettled even when you clip a high curb or cut a chicane. This allows you to keep the hammer down through even the most twisty sections of road. As an added bonus, those who explore the red-line and beyond will experience an aural delight as the V8 finally makes itself heard above other distractions. Ahh, bliss!

    The handling is very much in the neutral department. No matter what pace this car is driven at or whatever the conditions, it is always predictable. As mentioned it is very hard to get it out of shape whether you are coming into or out of a corner. Braking is solid and progressive, despite the weight it always feels like there is something in reserve. As long as you are taking a reasonably sensible line, the GTHO will always give you a bit of wriggle room should you go in too deep or wide.

    The 'new' GTHO by MFT has the killer looks, but does it
    have what it takes to compete on the world stage?

    The GTHO's unfaltering stability may be its only downfall, in that it leaves you wanting more. The occasions when the rear tyres lose traction are fun, but you never really feel like the car is out of control or that your life is in danger. I have had the car screaming sideways at almost 90 degrees at speed only for it to meekly fall back into line when the momentum slacks off. It's as if it is saying "Okay, you've had your fun, now let's get back to sensibly going where we were headed before you decided to be childish and keep your right foot planted". Well it may not be that serious, but it is awfully 'safe'.

    However do not think that I am scoffing at this car, for I do really like it. It has exceeded all my expectations and delivered a thoroughly solid drive. I would have thought that fully tuned this would have been a handful, but in the hands of MFT it is as refined as the best European sedans costing far more. Yes, I would like a bit more power - wouldn't we all - but as a package the GTHO does not feel like it is lacking in any respect. It does the "get you from A to B bloody quickly" thing very well. As an added bonus, it seems to get very even tyre wear, so it should not be neglected for mid-level race duties.

    Verdict: An excellent tune out of an otherwise unremarkable car. The GTHO is very quick but also very easy to control at speed.

    :tup: Very stable & predictable.
    :tup: Deceptively fast, rewards hard driving.
    :tup: Great V8 sound at high revs.

    :tdown: Not quite as exciting as it might appear.
    :tdown: Runs out of puff when you get to top gear.
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  29. Frozen

    Gothenburg, Sweden

    Waooow what an amazing review..

    The hat of for you dude..
  30. Dark Elite

    Leicestershire, England

    I am shamed by this review. :eek:

    If only everyone was capable of doing things like that... You deserve shares in MFT for that, my friend. :) Excellent work. :tup: :tup:

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