New gt4 scans *56K*

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 4' started by cobragt, Aug 23, 2004.

  1. pimp racer

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    reading it thanks a lot never seen these.
    *EDIT* Screw reading it i will do it tommorow. nice pictures though and nice article also BTW whats up with Hitler?
  2. Ronnn

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    can't see anything!
  3. pimp racer

    30° 4' N 85° 35' W

    Ronnn copy and paste the links.
  4. BAR-ZoNdA


    ok the pics arent working, it comes up with image hosted by anglefire boo, unless its my stoopid crappy skool internet
  5. pimp racer

    30° 4' N 85° 35' W

    Umm PLEASE READ THE POST JUST ABOVE YOURS. I got the same thing then i copy and pasted the link in a new window! Try it it actually works! or your money back in 10 days!
  6. hitler was in power when the green hell was built. notice the pics of the skyline round the nurburgring in the background.
  7. Nemo

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    thats all im getting :yuck:
  8. BAR-ZoNdA


    oh yeh, it didnt really click lol
    the pics are sweet, havent read all the articles yet
  9. DiabolicalMask


    I ended reading that article with a stupid grin on my face. My expectations are now really high (maybe a bit too much) about GT4's car handling/feedback/physics.

    Thanks for sharing that.


    copy & paist the links into your browser.
  11. Ronnn

    Hong Kong

    ok it works this time
    but it really wasn't working few mins ago
  12. TriplePlay


    nobody has noticed this:
    CAREER MODE!!!!!!@!!!!!
    Wow PD KICKS ASS!!!!!

    And I'm only on page 2 :lol: :dopey:
  13. I didn't see that. wow
  14. TriplePlay


    and le mans is in...w00t!!! I can't freakin wait. Great article. :tup:
  15. usernamed

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    Nice find cobra :tup: great article too...
  16. Solid Fro

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    "Your car is gay" :lol:

    What's with the angle of the article with the actual page? You Brits read weird.
  17. Nizar1980


    Nothin' really new , but seeing the drought of GT news and pics , it's a good post anyway.
  18. :idea: No, you gotta do more than just click on the link using the left click button. Right-click on it, then select 'Copy Shortcut'. Then left-click on the link again. You should get the image this time around.
  19. I wont believe it has LeMans until I get something more official then 'it looks like it was going to have LeMans'
  20. Nizar1980


    Who's talked about LeMans ?


    please read all replys ;)
  22. Nemo

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    "Your Car is Gay"
  23. Solid Lifters

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    Nothing new in the article at all, but it was a nice read. I wonder how PD feel about Hitler making an appearance in an article about their video game?
  24. :lol: your car is Ghey! online will come with a spell checker! whoo... hoo... I'll be able to understand the people from the drift forum... :rolleyes: oh yeah I have dial up... darn.


    whats the obsession with HITLER ?
  26. Flerbizky

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  27. Exstak

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    Congrats Cobragt!! Nice job! Thanks! :cheers: :tup:
  28. Pak


    Wow, thanks cobra :tup:
  29. amar212

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    I don't know what will PD think about the Hitler pic, but if I was them, I wouldn't give a sheet - reasons are purely historic.

    I also hope that PD will be so accurate to include all the original insignia on history cars from that period - if those cars will be in the game allright - as all the Auto Union and Mercedes-Benz racing cars of late 30-ties had some intresting insignia.

    I'm a little bit dissapointed with the stance and knowledge of the author of the article - he's mentioning a true story form Nurb, when in 1938. superb young English driver Richard "Dick" Seaman (who has a stupid name allright, but back then there was no porn-star-lookalike-names-to-joke-with) took a German Grand Prix in face of 300.000 viewers who all came to watch Mercedes-Benz's driver Von Brausewitz win (as history recalls, before the race Seaman was told that he can race, but he can't win because of Von Brausewitz - it was a prioriy that most popular German driver win on German circuit, as whole Germany was seeing that race).

    Unfortunately, after the trouble in pits, Von Brautshewitz had to stay in box, while young Seman (he was only 25 then), who was racing at second for the whole race, took his opportunity and made a victory there. Brits were very dissapointed with Seaman at time, as he was driving for Mercedes-Benz (remeber, in 1938, WWII was about the happen in no time), but the Seman itself didn't care about the politics - he was the only Brit ever allowed to race in - for that time - superb Mercedes W125 race cars, and the Hitler itself allowed him to race. As many don't know, Hitler was a great fan of racing, and he personally signed Seaman's licence for Mercedes.

    Story of Richard Seaman is one of the greatest stories ever in racing history - he quited the college to race, his mother was financing his passion, but when he decided to race for Mercedes-benz, she was not happy. He didn't much care for that, as he moved to Germany and raced against all the biggest drives of that time: Von Brausewitz, Caracciola, Nuvolari and so on. In 1938. he met a beautiful daughter of BMW owner, Erica Popp, and they have fall in love - she was only 18, but as she was very rich, her face was very famous - she and Richard were the first mega-popular "tabloid" couple ever, but the romance didn't last long. In 1939. Richard died after the horrible crash on Spa, in race that was full of surprises - but he manage to put down records that will never be forgotten. Hitler even send a great flower-boquet on his funeral in England, and the WWII started only 3 month after the Seman died. He was 26 years old. He'll also stay remebered as only driver who ever died in Mercedes-Benz race car.

    Brits, I guess, will never forgive him for racing for Germans in that very disturbing years for the whole world, especially not for cheering the crowd after he won the Nurb in '38 with the Nazi cheer, but he will remain as one of the greatest drivers of that period.

    So sad that author of the article, apparently Englishman, is having that kind of negative attitude towards one of the greatest (English) drivers of all times.
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