Nissan R390 street car....

Discussion in 'GT5 Marketplace' started by carbonfiberal, May 5, 2012.

  1. carbonfiberal

    United States Texas

    I have many cars R92 race car Toyota GT-1 race car... Have 2 of each will trade or other if I have thank you.
  2. carbonfiberal

    United States Texas

    You mean you cant gift it to someone??? Wow if this is true.
  3. NikoBellic

    United States Under Your Bed

    Just get a 1998 ticket.
  4. calico

    United Kingdom ZEGOLFMAN

    Read the stickies or check-out that will tell you all the untradeable cars. Basically any car worth more than 950,000 credits is untradeable so the ucd or get from cycling a birthday ticket is your only way of getting them.
  5. 19988pasha

    United States Ny

    Get a lvl 12 tiket
  6. DeadEnd

    Netherlands Netherlands

    This has been the case for more than a year now.. :tup: