OGR "Off Season Racing" Series

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  1. Godangit


    I think I am truly snakebit at Suzuka. I have either been disconnected or have spun out on this track every time we had a race there. It has definitely gotten in my head now. Looked like the guys up front were having a good race though. Good job Rash.
  2. NCRthree

    United States Virginia

    Good race RoadRash. Suzuka is a tough one, always ready for a victim. Felt lucky to have survived a couple close calls. Good call on the Amuse. That's an awesome car, never driven it before. Love it.
  3. xR0ADRASHx

    United States Jersey Shore

    Thanks guys!!

    NCR, I'm going to use your suggestion of Tuners for the next OGR series. I will start preliminary testing and car selection in the up coming weeks. The S2000 was a blast to drive, easy to tune and honestly was great right out of the box with the stock tune.
  4. E46Envy

    United States PA

    Yes. P3 to P8 were within .500 of each other.
  5. awr117

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    Good race guys. Even though i kicked the back-end out way to many times. That car is a joy to race :tup:
  6. Godangit


    I have to get this off my chest. It's been eating at me for a while especially since last night. When someone shows up week after week, calling the car selection "garbage" it gets old really quick. If you don't like the car, DON'T RACE. Plain and simple. That's all.
  7. AllinWitJT


    Please view your invite and vent in the appropriate thread. Dank yu, comb agaain.
  8. AllinWitJT


    What was your time at Spa?

    Edit: Never mind. I was shown the light. Your tune was good. I'm right behind you and mike after the 3rd try. Thanks.
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