Post your Top Speed !! - Wheelie Trick

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 4' started by JMURDER367, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. Peter3759

    Melbourne, Australia


    561.97 kmh!
  2. GeeTeeR


    Try out the Fiat 500R,i easily get over 220.xx km/h with it fully modded with laughing gas :D
  3. Giygas

    Behind you

    231MPH in Mazda Mx5 1800 RS.:lol:

    It can also beat the Cadillac from 0-200mph.
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  4. GeeTeeR


  5. Heres mine: :)
    Pagani Zonda C12S 7.3 301 mph (no cheats)
    TVR Cerbera speed 12 296 mph (no cheats)
    Suzuki Escudo 2863 mph (what do you think...:D)
    Mercedes-benz E55 AMG 36,000 mph (...:D...)
  6. Toyota88C-V

    QLD, Australia

    I've managed 366mph in the Toyota Minolta :)
  7. j()$#

    Gold Coast, AUS

    I managed 534 in the BMW V12 LMR
    man i was suprised :D
  8. With a EG6

    United Kingdom Cotswolds

    343MPH in the Playstation Pescarlo 04 , Limited downforce , maximum Gearing , NOS , Turbo stage 4 , and the "cote d azur" Glitch so theres noting to turn into or crash on :tup:
  9. LoneWanderer

    Ohio, United States

    I've had a similar speed with the R92CP, about 320mph.
  10. barrelroll

    Indonesia indonesia

    i think i got 495 kmh in sarthe 2,with my fully tuned pescarolo
  11. Skython

    New Zealand New Zealand

    About 450 or 460 KM/H in my 1030 something horsepower Viper SRT-10. At Test Course. :D
  12. epicsasuke651

    United States Mn

    Got around 283-284 with nos, on my Toyota GT-ONE
  13. ohyeahthatdude

    United States United States

    289+ MPH on the Cadillac Concept!
  14. fbccars924

    United States Alton, Illinois

    man i wish i had my system and save still. I managed 314mph with a 98(?) 3kgt. If only i still had the proof.
  15. Andy GT

    United States Sacramento, CA

    I found my GT4 disc, loaded my 100% save, admired my all-black FGT for a while, but now, seriously, what's the wheelie trick again? I kinda forgot, so much time without playing...
  16. Bopop4

    Canada Guelph, Ontario

    Searching would be best.
    But, if you have an LMP and soften the springs and take away front aero while increasing the rear downforce, it will wheelie and the speed will go impossibly high.
  17. Andy GT

    United States Sacramento, CA

    Got 330mph in the Pescarolo. It simply doesn't have the power to go faster.

    So I tried my R92CP and broke 350mph (351.47mph to be exact) and I think I can still squeeze a few more MPH with some final drive tuning.
  18. scottyr2

    Australia Brisbane

    I got 632km/h in an Audi R8 LM. Longest gear range possible, most powerful nitrous and about 1500 Bhp :crazy:
  19. Got 581km/h in my Toyota gt-one using the wheelie trick
  20. Koffey Walter

    United States Burien

    My brother "Fred" got a Chaparral 2D up to 270 mph with the stage 3 turbo at the test course. I got the 2J up to 265 mph at the same track (With stage 3 turbo).
  21. Petrolhead1

    United Kingdom Merseyside, UK

    I managed 349 mph in a R92CP with the wheelie trick
  22. wejhvabewjty

    Spain Spain

    I think the Mercedes CLR took off using the wheelie trick :p
  23. Duke_of_hazard

    Australia Cobargo NSW

    I got my 1123 hp pescarolo judd race car up to 345.99 mph(553.58 kph) with nos (the car was fully moded)
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  24. Duke_of_hazard

    Australia Cobargo NSW

    i got my maxed out MINOLTA Toyota 88C-V Race Car (1989) up to 563.78km/h!!!! (352.36 mp/h) with nos;):D:sly::eek:
  25. MichaelJW5

    United States Atlanta, Ga

    I've reached 258 mph in my fully tuned TVR Cerebra Speed 12 at Sarthe II :p. Man that was exiting! :dopey:
  26. Duke_of_hazard

    Australia Cobargo NSW

    MichaelJW5, have you tried the TVR on the test track?
    It is smoother and you can reach a higher top speed
  27. EddieHimself

    United Kingdom Yorkshire UK

    I think my top speed was 422 km/h with the turboed R89C, without nitros.
  28. Duke_of_hazard

    Australia Cobargo NSW

    It's a shame that the suzuki dirt trial car doesn't have 1886 HP in GT4 like it does in GT3:guilty::tdown:
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