Praiano's Tunes: Waiting for GT6 & FERRARI ENZO FXX.

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  1. jtqmopar

    United States Clinton, CT

    ^Great choice, I think I'm going to start out with the Mustang GT500. I think I'm going to take the day GT6 comes out and the day after off of work so I get time to play it!
  2. macmark

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  3. praiano63

    Brazil Paracuru / Cear

    :tup: i don't know yet how i'll begin my game but i don't like the idea of having a lot of cars or money since the beginning buying a special GT6 game.
    I like to begin from 20.000 credits, like i always did.:)

    Corrected now , thanks.
  4. jtqmopar

    United States Clinton, CT

    I'll end up playing on 2 accounts. One for collecting and serious play, and the other to have everything when I start
  5. praiano63

    Brazil Paracuru / Cear

    HONDA S2000 TYPE V '03 // 450PP // SPORT HARD TIRES


    Tuner's Notes:
    Top 450PP in this configuration at the ring.
    Very good sensations at the wheel, soft , easy to place inducing a light oversteer easy to control. The best way to be fast.

    Tuned with all aids off except ABS on 1.

    Tuning sheet model : Lion's Den Performance

    Power: 272 HP at 9100 RPM
    Torque: 181 ft-lb at 7800 RPM

    Weight:1180 KG
    Ballast: 12 KG
    Position: 50
    Weight distribution front/rear: 49% - 51%

    Parts to Purchase:

    GT Auto:
    Buy Used Car Dealership
    Oil Change
    Restore Body Rigidity (Where applicable)
    Engine Overhaul (Where applicable)

    Tuning Shop:
    Weight reduction 1
    Caralytic converter sport
    Titanium racing exhaust
    Fully Customisable Transmission
    Clutch Twin Plate
    Flywheeel Semi Racing
    Adjustable LSD
    Carbon drive shaft
    Fully Customisable Suspension Kit
    Sport Hard Tires


    General Purpose Dry Weather Setup

    Downforce :
    Front / rear = 00 / 00

    Power Limiter: 91.6 %

    Set Final gear to 4.200
    Set top speed to 180 KMH = 112 MPH
    1st: 5.000
    2nd: 3.688
    3rd: 2.850
    4th: 2.289
    5th: 1.907
    6th: 1.643
    Then Final gear again at : 2.595
    Max Speed: 280 km/hr = 174 MPH UP RIGHT

    This final gear is for the Nordschleife.
    Change the top speed adjusting final gear only to fit any track.

    Drivetrain: (front/rear)
    Initial Torque: 0/8
    Acceleration: 0/18
    Deceleration: 0/12

    Suspension: (front/rear)
    Ride Height: -10/-10
    Spring Rates (kgf/mm): 10.0/10.0
    Dampers Extension: 7/7
    Dampers Compression: 5/6
    Anti-Roll Bars: 3/3
    Camber: 2.5/2.0
    Toe: -0.04/ 0.06

    Brake Balance (front/rear): 6/4

    Enjoy your drive.

  6. Thomasss95

    Netherlands The Netherlands

    Could you maybe make a 450PP tune for the Honda S2000 '06?
    I would really appreciate that! :)
  7. praiano63

    Brazil Paracuru / Cear

    I have a tune not published for the premium 450PP. It have the same grip in corners, good balance, a bit smoother than the S2000 V'03 .
    The main problem is the accel out corner and the inferior top speed. I don't understand why, i've tested this with same power ,torque and weight. Also the same gears of course.
    It's still a good option for who use cockpit view that is very good.

    Here is it for who want to try.
    S2000 '06 premium:

    Weight reduction 1
    Carbon hood
    Racing air filter
    Titanium semi racing exhaust
    Fully custom trans
    Clutch twin plate
    Flywheel semi racing
    Susp fully custom
    RH Tires

    weight 50%-50%
    Ballast 00kg pos 00
    Power limiter 95.8%

    RH -10/-10
    Springs 12.5/11.8
    Ext 8/8
    Comp 7/7
    ARB 2/3
    Camber 2.5/2.0
    TOE 0.00/0.00

    LSD 8/12/24

    BB 7/4

    Set FG to 4.200
    Top speed mini 180 kmh

    Then FG to 2.595 (Nordschleife)

    Enjoy your drive.

  8. JacksonSilva

    Brazil Curitiba,Brazil


    Yesterday I ran the 4Hr Nurburgring endurance race with the Lexus IS F Race Concept with your tune.
    The feeling of the car is amazing, the tire wear is very good (so good that I tried to do one more lap with the same tires and ended up without fuel for half a lap)

    Anyway... It was a amazing race with your incredible tune!

    Also, I have a doubt with you tune for the "PESCAROLO SPORT COURAGE C60 PEUGEOT RACE CAR '03 // 700PP // RACING TIRES" I understood what you said about the top speed and the RPM, but even drafting I seem to be unable to reach the top speeds at La Sarthe. At what RPM should I shift with this configuration? And, would it be a problem if I reduce the top speed a little?

    Thanks for your work, Praiano!
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  9. praiano63

    Brazil Paracuru / Cear

    Hello, good to know the Lexus help you for a race. It's a wonderfull car , thanks.
    For the pesacrolo, you can low the Final Gear yes if you want, but you'll not have any gain of top speed or acceleration. The huge torque allow the very long first gear. I like it because the car stay very safe out low speed corners, no oversteer, just full gas.
    Test it on ROUTE X with the ghost and you'll see this, no change at all.
    For the shift RPM, don't need to go above 7000RPM. The retake will be 6000RPM and the max pozer begin at 5800 RPM so there is a margin there. Going till the red zone is not a problem, still full power there.
    Anyway, i like to drive it with only 5 gears most of the time. 776 ft-lb torque :drool: is enormous.
    This is the only reason i've build this car like this.
    For the draft ,it depend how the room you're racing is setted. Draft ON , you can go very high, close to the speed of the light :sly::nervous:

    Have a good day amigo. Ate a proxima.
  10. JacksonSilva

    Brazil Curitiba,Brazil

    Thanks again for your help!

    Yesterday was my first try with this car, I guess I should get some more runs before I adapt to it.

    Abraço. Até!
  11. praiano63

    Brazil Paracuru / Cear

    Playing with the 905 PEUGEOT '92 right now. I have a good feeling with it, at 900 KG ballast on the rear, it's as fast as the Mazda on the ring and on Suzuka. Just at the same path of my faster car.:):tup: Perhaps i'll publish it tomorrow.
    Have um bom dia.:tup:
  12. praiano63

    Brazil Paracuru / Cear

    Tune updated ><(((((°>°°°°°
  13. Jbaffoh

    United States So Cal

    Is the Mazda 787 tune published here your latest version? I find that the front end pushes too much.

    I'll try your Peugeot 905 tune, but I'm afraid to use chassis reinforcement. Fortunately, I have two cars to work with.
  14. praiano63

    Brazil Paracuru / Cear

    Yes , the Mazda is the last fresh tune. No problem for the chassis on the peugeot, my car had one, tell me if there is a big diff without it.
  15. Jbaffoh

    United States So Cal

    When I went to add chassis reinforcement, I forgot to change cars from my Sauber Mercedes C9 and I didn't discover it until the end of the A-Spec Extreme Dream Car series! Never drink and race!!

    So, I'll compare the Peugeots tomorrow.

    Meanwhile, do you have a fresh tune for the Sauber Mercedes C9? It's probably my favorite car--even though I mistakenly added chassis reinforcement. I'm using your old tune and the rear shocks are always bottomed out on fast straights.

    Thanks again for all your great tunes!
  16. Lambob

    Canada Montreal, Canada

    Hello Praiano, long time no play, but coming back soon to warm up for GT6,

    question please, forgive if asked already:

    Where are your Ferrari F1 2007 / 2010 Nurburgring 24hr track tunes ? :)

    such a great car the 2007 on the track, even with 0 ABS, (doesn't need ABS when piloted / knowledge of track), I was wondering if you have a magical setting that can make it even better.

    I think sub 5:00 is possible with it (just the ring track)

    cheers, looking forward to supporting you in GT6 & GT7, long live your dedication.
  17. praiano63

    Brazil Paracuru / Cear

    Hello ,long time yes... It's possible to do a tune yes, but i'll need a lot of practice, i don't drive them so much. I'll see this.

    Thanks for the support, GT7 ???? you're late my friend, i'm already tuning THIS for GT10......:):tup:.
  18. MAXXI

    Italy Rome-

    WOW !!! It seems a car of TRON.....

    Bye my friend :)
  19. Jaywalker

    None Cape Town

  20. praiano63

    Brazil Paracuru / Cear

    Hello MAXXI, happy to see you back.:tup::)

    I"m going to publish 3 tunes in a row. 3 generations of a fantastic car, the TOYOTA MR2 .

    -Toyota MR2 1600 G-Limited Super Charger ’86
    -Toyota MR2 G-Limited ’97
    -Toyota MR-S V Edition (6MT) ’02

    The medium PP will be around 450PP , they will be tuned with SPORT HARD but OK for any softer sport tires too.

    I want to make possible for some friends to race all the 3 in the same online room . For this i'll increase or decrease some PP to the cars.

    The faster around the ring is the MR2 G-Limited ’97 . Slower 3 seconds come the MR-S V Edition (6MT) ’02 and 5 seconds of the first is the MR2 1600 G-Limited Super Charger ’86..

    I'll try to make them match the lap times on several tracks and like this it will be possible to be competitive one against the other. This is the fun part.

    All 3 cars have a very good handling , for sure pilot cars, but i'm tuning them to be easy to drive.Like all my cars. At least i try to.

    I think they'll be OK tomorrow.

    Good night everybody.

  21. praiano63

    Brazil Paracuru / Cear


    This car have a rear foil ,no like on the picture.

    To race the 3 generations of MR2 set them at this PP level to be competitive against each others , using only the power limiter to bring it down or UP depending of the model.

    -TOYOTA MR2 1600 GLIMITED SUPER CHARGER (450PP)= 462PP = PL 100%
    -TOYOTA MR2 G-LIMITED '97 (450PP) = 440PP= PL 87.3%
    -TOYOTA MR-S V EDITION (6MT) '02 (450PP) = 445PP= PL 86.9%


    Enjoy your drive.


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  22. praiano63

    Brazil Paracuru / Cear

    Have fun racing together the 3 generations of TOYOTA MR2.

    For this just set the PP level of the tunes with the help of power limiter as writen on the sheet.
    Each one is different at the wheel but all are fantastics pilot machines.
    Enjoy your drive

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  23. Rockedu


    44 kg ballast in position 56?? :confused:

    Correct it friend :tup:
  24. praiano63

    Brazil Paracuru / Cear

    Ok, i did a wrong entry on my excel sheet. It's 28KG pos +50 :):tup: Corrected now.

    Thanks !

  25. praiano63

    Brazil Paracuru / Cear

    HONDA 1300 COUPE 9 S '70 // 350PP // COMFORT MEDIUM

    Faster 350PP on the ring in this configuration for the moment. 9:09.066 :):tup:

    Enjoy your drive.


    My fish is OK , but this one is a sole.

  26. praiano63

    Brazil Paracuru / Cear


    I love this car. It's really beautyful and above everything it handle so well. Even stock ,driving it is a real pleasure.
    Strangely, even with 60/40 weight distribution ,it drive perfectly as the best MR of the game.
    This gears are for the Nordschleife but you can make a shorter one for EIGER , the best road to feel the perfect balance in my opinion.
    Great feeling at the wheel, see by yourself.​


    Enjoy your drive.


  27. jtqmopar

    United States Clinton, CT

    Have you tried the Toyota Altezza Touring Car? I have one and tried tuning it, but nothing comes close to the handling it has in stock form (how I've been driving cars recently).

    On a side note, do you ever just drive a car in stock form (no tuning) just because it is so much fun? Or do you enjoy tuning too much?
  28. praiano63

    Brazil Paracuru / Cear

    Hello, i have a tuned Altezza TC yes, i don't drive it so much, i've tested it during the last shootout but i tune a clio at the end.
    FITT Race Car Tuner Challenge

    During this event Xdesperados tuned a very good car that stick to the S2000, an excelent car.

    XDesperado67 - Toyota Altezza Touring Car

    Fastest Lap Average
    1. Johnnypenso - 2:27.558 Honda S2000 LM Race Car
    2. ACSR421 - 2:27.727 Honda S2000 LM Race Car
    3. XDesperado67 - 2:27.909 Toyota Altezza Touring Car

    Driver's Choice Favorite
    1. Johnnypenso Honda S2000 LM Race Car
    2. XDesperado67 Toyota Altezza Touring Car
    3. tie between ACSR421 and CSLACR Honda S2000 LM Race Car-Spoon S2000 Race Car '00

    Total Points Champions
    1. Johnnypenso Honda S2000 LM Race Car
    2. XDesperado67 Toyota Altezza Touring Car
    3. ACSR421 Honda S2000 LM Race Car

    I always drive the cars i tune stock first .Most stay very different after i fix them my way.
    Others few are very good , like the NISSAN COUPE 65. I've just let it better adding parts and more adapted to my driving style of course.

    This car have a perfect stock suspension and LSD. Very rare.

    Even if i don't do a lot, like on this car, i always try to find the exact point where i want it to stay. This is a very small place.

  29. Rockedu


    Do you have a setting for Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Coupe (Type-1) '68?? For 350 or 400PP CS tires

  30. praiano63

    Brazil Paracuru / Cear

    Hello , yes i have one at 350PP , i had to use a front ballast to fix it and it doen't reach 400PP like this.
    It's only 5 seconds slower than the "HONDA 1300 COUPE 9 S '70" (my faster car til now) around the ring. slower yes , a bit, but with a lot of style and a good wheel sensation.
    I'll publish it tomorrow.
    Have a good night.

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