R.I.P Realistic Online Physics (actually, it's not a bad thing)

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by VBR, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. Skuh

    Manchester, UK

    He says in the video. It cannot drift.
  2. RedPartyhat

    United States NJ

    I asked because I was hoping that it wasn't possible to flip...
  3. Ridox2JZGTE

    Under your skin

    I am not referring to the drift part, but turn in response and oversteer just by throttle play and steering as Tsuchiya-san has demonstrated on several corners at Tsukuba, he did slide for a few moment right under the Dunlop corner. My question is can it be done on 2.09, throttle and steering induced oversteer on a car like Nissan GTR, stock of course and on road tires.
  4. LVracerGT

    United States Iowa, USA

    RIP physics :grumpy:
  5. RedPartyhat

    United States NJ

    Am curious to see how this effects oval racing as it the outside line is more favorable in offline physics then it was in the previous online physics
  6. Spagetti69

    Wales uk

    Why are you hoping that?
    Actually if you can't flip online but you can flip offline guess what? The physics are different.
    Saying there the same online and off but under certain conditions the invisible hand comes into play doesn't count as same physics.
  7. FordMKIVJ5

    England Suffolk, England

    I've always thought that the offline physics were better. Online there was an unrealistic amount of oversteer. :odd:

    If you took a rear wheel drive car out in the rain online and then offline, in offline you have to be cautious but can still drive at a reasonable pace. Online the car will snap at high speed way too often you have to be overly cautious. :tup:
  8. Cote Dazur

    Canada Ottawa

    Having less of a difference between Offline and Online physics is great news, :tup: if they are the same even better news. :tup::tup:

    It always has been a pain to have to adapt from Offline, where testing is easier, to Online, where the racing take place.:)

    As for witch physic anyone prefered, it is not so important as it does not matter anymore.:sly:

    For the record, I always prefered the Offline to the Online.:mischievous:

    Netherlands John's Creek, GA

    Yes, because an invisible hand magically preventing a flip is the pinnacle of realism...oh wait. :idea:
  10. MOTORTRENDmitch

    Canada London, Ontario

    Less oversteer = Horrible news
    Less understeer = not horrible news.
    The ones that complain about the game's physics not being good enough are the same people that worry about their cars no longer flipping.. Ridiculous.
  11. dsgerbc


    Did a quick test in a car/track I drove last before the update.
    The difference is probably there, but it wasn't dramatic. More like a subtle change.
  12. fifomaniak

    Poland Wroclaw

    He's still braking after turning the wheel to provoke the oversteer. Yet he can't maintain.

    VBR, in the second video on airfield he is using scandinavian flick to make it oversteer and surface is wet. You can have power oversteer in GT5 in 22B if you change the torque to give 90% of it to the rear.
  13. Spagetti69

    Wales uk

    I thought they never did flip.
    Or am I reading this wrong and offline no longer flips also? That would make sense.
  14. amar212

    Croatia Croatia

    After testing the 2.09 physics in my usual GTPElitist™ environment (proper wheel, pedals, no assists, no ABS, track properties set to Real, usage of low-grade tyre compounds, full stock vehicles, etc..), I have to conclude how this update is nothing less then great.

    The complete sensation of driving in online is now more believable. Ice Effect™ is almost no more, you can clearly feel the grip-thereshold on the wheel, you can partially recover from high-speed skidding by proper modulation of acceleration/straight-line-braking and my favorite part - braking distances are finally moved towards Realm of Reality™, where you need to start braking very, very, very early on Comfort tyres in order to actually manage to slow down prior to apex.

    But my favorite part is this: finally you can drive super-sports cars on Comfort tyres without nasty Ice Effect™ (it was possible before, but not without serious wheelspins and such, which was challenging, but not very realistic). I tested F40, MC4-12C, Enzo and Yellowbird (all cars full stock) on Comfort Soft compound and each and every one of them drives like a charm. Of course, you have to take into account elevations of the corners, track elevations, bumps, kerbs and speed of approach while braking, but feel of driving those beasts on proper compound - without ned to go into semi-slick territory - is great.

    I love the new property of more pronounced loss the FFB effect if you lose the grip (red tyres). There is no retain of control, car just goes straight until grip is back. Great.

    To conclude, I really appreciate what they've done with this update. Main control now lays in your accelerator pedal where gentle modulations of pressure affects the mechanical grip much more then before. New properties of tyres (where grip levels have definitely been balanced towards more realistic) allows for normal driving of high-powered cars on compound that should be usual if driving them in stock conditions (Comfort). Grip of tyres is more realistic, they absorb lateral and longitudinal movements of the chassis more naturally, resulting with more believable sensation of driving.

    I also welcome the new addition of more "loose" model of barycenter which finally allowed the suspension to lift-off the wheels from the ground.

    Od course, there are many things that should be improved further (low speed physics would dramatically improve if effects of torque-rev in 1st and 2nd gears would be made less dramatic and more realistic - which would also result with actual standing start getting variable grip more dependable of acceleration modulation, influencing development of grip-property for tyres while cold), but when I look back to times of Prologue and GT5 V1.0 - this is one of the greatest physics update for this game so far IMO.
  15. Ridox2JZGTE

    Under your skin

    Wow, thanks Amar for the detailed report of your findings, I could not get online at the moment, so I am happy to hear about the changes online. Now I can enjoy more comfort tires when online :D May I also suggest you to try McLaren F1, stock, comfort medium, no ABS, grip real at Suzuka ( online and offline ), I have a video made from 2.08 offline :

    McLaren F1 '94 at Suzuka, 2:28.438

    The car is very slippery at the rear compared to other 500+pp cars I have driven with CM tires, I have some other videos - link on my sig. If you look at my video, you'll see getting full throttle out of a corner is almost impossible, and cornering speed is not very high, it almost felt like online driving ( icy ):dunce:

    Hopefully 2.09 will bring something different with cars of more than 500pp and CM tire combo:dopey:
  16. Tornado

    Lyons, New York


    So if I'm reading these responses right, they basically made it so online phsyics are the same/similar as offline ones except you can't rollover?
  17. Spagetti69

    Wales uk

    I'm confused too. Mitch said people a moaning because they can NO LONGER roll over.

    Which leads me to believe offline is a non roll over.
  18. amar212

    Croatia Croatia

    Toronado, exactly :D :lol: :lol: :tup:
  19. NCRthree

    United States Virginia

    No roll overs! That's it I'm done. This crappy game ain't any more real than Mario's kART. Now that game's got the goods. The ICe driving's so more advanced physics wise than this mess. From my days Ice Racing in Florida I know for a Fact, it's spot on.
  20. MOTORTRENDmitch

    Canada London, Ontario

    I've been on the game for the last hour, and I'm actually really liking these physics!
  21. diegorborges

    Brazil São Paulo / Bra


    Cmon. Rolling over can be important (I would like if it happened in a realistic way) but you talk like you want The Real Rollover Simulator.

    (But maybe you are just being sarcastic and my sarcasm filter missed this one. If that's the case, sorry.)
  22. Master Weasel

    United States Georgia

    So PD really removed a feature that was new to the GT series (rollover) from GT5, after it's been in the game for two years?

    Just...wow...someone please tell me I'm wrong or else all my hope for GT6 to be a comeback for the GT series will disappear. They're still actively modifying the game to decide what should stay and what should go and we're the beta testers. Can PD not make up their mind on what they want their racing game to be like?
  23. NCRthree

    United States Virginia

    Heh, I'm just kidding around. I've read one too many contentious posts today I guess! I'm really psyched to try out the physics, ready to leave work and get on the console.
  24. analog

    Netherlands The Netherlands

    No rollovers anymore then? Which means the Spec 2 intro is now also obsolete I guess since it still features them (I think?), so a new Spec 3 intro anyone? :D

    Seriously though, I don't rollover frequently (apart from some ill-constructed course maker tracks) but it's a shame if it isn't possible anymore, it should be considered a normal realistic consequence and should still be included but as I said I might not even notice it much (apart from those ill-constructed tracks suddenly becoming driveable...).
  25. aronh17

    United States USA

    I actually like the new physics... Cars were too planted before and never reacted to bumps like they do now. Before it was easier to slide but harder to lose it thrasing a car into bump strips, etc.
  26. aronh17

    United States USA

    No, offline still has rollover. I hopped in the Weider and hit the hill on Trial Mountain, flipped no problem.
  27. JEMcG

    Scotland Glasgow

    "The Real Driving Simulator" was always just part of a name for a game.
  28. Amar can you do a review without using the GTPElitist™ environment? There are very few of us out there (that play the game the way it should be played) so you should also consider the newbie settings as well: abs on, srf on, third person camera, rs tires...on pad.
  29. Ridox2JZGTE

    Under your skin

    ^Forgot auto, TCS, ASM, active steering, driving line, grip low lol.
  30. Spagetti69

    Wales uk

    Well colour me confused.

    There's no roll over, there is roll over, physics are the same. Online is the same as offline etc.

    I think there's a lot more testing needed.

    First I've heard of ice physics though. Unless that's Scaff's tire model argument.

    I'm just glad the tuning folk are catered for.

    Enjoy it lads.
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