Race Pro: Where's the love?

Discussion in 'Console & PC Gaming' started by Vincent Viceroy, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. Ryosuke_Gumna

    Montreal, Canada

    The physics feel very poor. The graphics aren't that great either. For me, Forza 3 still ranks the best racing game on the Xbox 360.

    United States Michigan

    I gave up on this game and traded it in yesterday. I have tried at least 10 times to get into it, and its just a terrible game. I always end up going back to Forza 3.
  3. Bigbazz

    Wales Wales

    Surprised by all the negative comments on this game, i've not played it but Simbin make great racing games usually. GTR2 is a classic with top of the line physics, are they going backwards?
  4. How are the physics compared to Forza3. is it more sim and closer to Forza2 or is it really arcady like forza3 where you have magical grip everywhere so you don't really have to be strict with the racing line

    United States Michigan

    Forza 2 more sim than Forza 3?? Forza 3 arcady?? *facepalm*
  6. I'm not sure how you would even think Forza3 was a sim because if you drove like Forza3 in real life you'd better be prepared to crash and burn. In Forza2 you were atleast required to use delicate throttle control from what I remembered.

    United States Michigan

    I have been road track racing in real life for quite a few years (hundreds of videos and pics for proof). Forza 3 is the only sim game that even comes close to representing the real thing especially if you use the inside view set to 82-85 degrees. Forza 2 wasnt even close to the real thing. If you think Forza 3 is an arcade racer then you will think Race Pro is Mario Cart. I am a huge fan of Atari but Race Pro is just plain terrible. You dont hear any positive replies or any love for Race Pro because, its terrible.
  8. I never played it but the gfx are really bad but if it is anything like PC then it is more sim than Forza

    lol I am sure you not the only one. Although Forza2 had a tendency of more oversteer.
  9. Perhaps driving your real car around the race track feels easy like the fake physics of Forza3 because you are getting all the feedback of a real car therefore you think it feels the same.

  10. zork123


    wow i totally forgot about this. i think i played the demo a while back and the graphics were awful if i remember right. forza 2 and 3 were much better imo. i do remember that tha handling was pretty good tho.
  11. bevo


    I was really, really excited about race pro, then I got it. It was unplayable at first, then the updates came, and it was still unplayable. I got the fanatec wheel and thought it would help, and it only got worse. The game was so bad I actually lost it. I went to play it again a few months ago and couldn't find it. I was actually releived that it was lost.
  12. I know I'm resurrecting the dead but I just picked this up a few weeks ago and I really think this is a very good game. Especially when you think it wasn't a full price game to begin with, from what I know. A ton of tuning options and the cars drive very good. Graphics aren't going to blow anyone away, that's for sure, but they are serviceable. The flack this game is getting is really uncalled for. The one gripe with the game is the control settings seem way outta wack for steering wheels by default. You definitely have to find some settings to get that sorted out but when you do there's some great racing to be had.

    Someone complained earlier about the track selection. Are you kidding me? This game has WTCC in mind clearly and when you look at the track selection in the game and what the WTCC is doing in real life it's pretty much dead on. F1 2010 is probably the only other console racer that is more true to life with track selection.

    This game is actually gonna REPLACE GT5 in our group's race series selection. Everything you need to replicate a real life series is there. I'm still not a fan of having to go through a huge rigmarole to get cars to race online. Forza does that the best in my opinion. You can race any car in the game , even if you don't own it, online. You just can't do any customization to it if you don't own it.
  13. AMCNUT

    Canada ON, Canada

    Yeah I got RACE Pro a couple of weeks ago and my biggest gripe is that the online community seemingly only consists of me and the two friends I convinced to buy it as well! It'd be fun if there were more people on...

    I think the physics engine for the cars is second only to GT5 out of all the (many) racing games I've played, it's fun as :censored:, and the graphics are better than most people give them credit for. I'm quite happy I got it, especially considiering I got it at 70% off!:tup: I'm moving along quite nicely in career - my only wish would be to make it more fluid... the whole one contract after another get slightly repetitive, but it affords a great opportunity to slide behind the wheel of all the different cars.

    Anyone else here still play it?
  14. I really enjoyed GRID, Codemasters need to get GRID 2 out.
  15. Bogie 19th

    United States Wisconsin

    Been plugging away at the career this week some more. Dang, I really hope the next versions of GT and Forza pay attention to these stellar physics. Best on console. I am amazed every time I start my next feature.

    I also LOVE the fact that AI drivers are getting warnings and even disqualifications. Please please pay attention!
  16. doblocruiser

    France Nantes

    Picked this up yesterday for 10 Euros. Absolutely loving it thus far. Sound and gameplaywise remembers me of TOCA2 from codies.

    Question though, should I put the AI on Very Hard or does Hard improve after the first few races? So far I beated the Hard AI with ease...

    Settings I use
    * Cockpitview
    * Professional settings
    * No assists
    * AI Hard

    Any help is welcome.