Some hidden/reserved GT5 tickets

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  1. Some tickets has been made in GT5 but never shown in wild.

    These tickets include:

    39 Car Manufacturer tickets (not all manufacturers have ticket)
    Concept Car
    Rally (not the one of those 3 known already)
    Introductory Gift Car Ticket (should be the same as level 0)
    Le Mans 24h

    Interesting, GT5 has FPV (Ford Performance Vehicles) manufacturer ticket, but gives nothing from it. Probably they just renamed it to Ford(AU), but forgot about ticket.
    Also there is Level 40 ticket, but it also gives nothing.

    Probably, there are many other secrets buried in GT5 files.

    P.S.: I'm not going to give/send these discoverer cars and tickets. I'm not a developer of GT5 and cannot decide what to do with this. I just hope PD will start to give it to us either for free or through DLC.

    Here is most important quotes of what i've discovered: (Thanks to SimonK)
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  2. JK83

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    Can you please explain how you know that those tickets are in GT5 :)

    Thank you :)

    Edit: Now I see you are deep in GT5 :sly:
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  3. Furinkazen

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  4. GTP_CargoRatt

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    Yea, I'm lost too. Maybe he loaded the game data onto his comp. and went digging thru the files and found what he posted above.
  5. christara321

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    This is fun. :lol:
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  6. Ryk

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    Shhh, Don't talk about Level 40 tickets on the interweb, they'll all be pestering you for them.
  7. Shoe67

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    1) how did you find this out?
    2) how do you know that nothing comes from certain tickets? I've never heard of any of this.
  8. i've decrypted some files. Found out structure and understood some basics.

    i've created such tickets and opened them in game.

    if you don't know what i'm talking about then just pass by. If you have so many posts in this forum and still have no idea what i'm talking about then it's something wrong with you.
    If i would like to stir thing up (as u've said) then i would write something more attractive, like "GT5 has C7 prototype without cover!". Nope, there is no C7 without cover in GT5 yet.
    What i've posted is not so attractive actually. It won't give you any new cars in game.
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  9. Interesting, although the discussion will be pretty limited given how cheat device implementation for the game is closely related to firmware 'tampering'. As opposed to say for the older games and Action Replay/GS.

    It would be pretty convenient if PD released them through seasonals.
  10. frenzal

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    The techo side of it is over my head, but is what you're talking about similar to the glitches which were around where drivers were able to 'force' their way through track boundaries and then drive 'under' the tracks to circumvent those boundaries?
  11. Well, it's shares the same concept on stuff left on the code but not accessible to the end user without 'extraordinary' means, but in this case there is no 'glitch' to exploit. It's more of unlocking 'dummied out' stuff through the use of a cheat device.

    Such as GT3's Diablo Lambo. You had to GS/Action Replay it, but the files are on disc.

    I guess in this case, for some of the tickets, if PD really wanted to they could just make it a prize ticket in a seasonal, for example.
  12. frenzal

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    That was my thought, it may be sitting in the file system for later use.
  13. Xenn

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    Anyone can just waltz onto a forum and say that, but they need to provide proof that they've really done such a thing.

    How about showing us a screenshot of these hidden tickets? That way your information is more credible.
  14. sporkface69

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    Agree'd. Pics or it didn't happen.
  15. only one not published car i've found so far is "Red Bull X2010 JP Flag Color"
    Origanally i've thought it's the one X2010 used in Japanese competition, but it's not. This one looks like identical to normal X2010, but with different livery, while the one in competition has some changes in construction.

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  16. Shoe67

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    ^^^ so according to the description that was supposed to be part of the earthquake that happened...interesting. Also, looks like the Audi r8/10 coloring :dopey:
  17. sporkface69

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    That actually looks really good in white. How did you find this?
  18. Chrunch Houston

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    If I am understanding this thread and the op correctly, isn't this kind of big news? I don't collect red bull cars, so I am not sure if that is really rare.

    Can you drive that car online?
  19. JK83

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    Yes that would look great on news section "GTP member hacked GT5 and found hidden Tickets and cars" :lol:
  20. Chrunch Houston

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    LOL maybe you're right.
  21. Very nice! Do you mind sharing your hacking methodology or is it something you'd rather not share?
  22. CostasDrifter

    Greece Greece

    Some questions....

    Is it possible to all of us to find the way of "How-To" ? Are you able to show us the way ? If you don't, what's the reason of show to us this car ?

    Thanks :tup:
  23. Samus

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    He has a hacked PS3 and is hacking/exploring the game. Nothing he is doing will be possible to anyone that doesn't have a hacked PS3.
  24. Drevenger

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    I've always thought manufacturers tickets could logically be given for completing seasonal races.
    Although, I have a feeling that even if its coded in the game, PD might overlook it for unknown reasons.

    I wonder if OP can figure out wich premium cars can get stock painted wheels in the game via his alleged jedy tricks. I only know about 9 of them I think, if its not too much to ask, that would be cool to know :tup:
  25. shepzki

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    1 picture proves nothing, easily doctored in photoshop. I would be more interested in a video, not saying you are lying. I do believe it's possible but would like to see it anyway.
  26. Samus

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    Easily doctored? Hardly, I don't see why it's so hard to believe. Most previous GT games have had stuff hidden on the disc, no reason GT5 would be different.
  27. shepzki

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    I didn't say it was hard to believe, just that it could be a manipulated image, which it can.
  28. Samus

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    You would struggle to make a photoshop look that good.
  29. Furinkazen

    United Kingdom Lancashire

    OP, what other cars are there hidden in there?
  30. diegorborges

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    Whoa, nice one!

    Really interested about what other secrets GT5 have. :)

    keep it up!
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