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Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by elric718, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. elric718


    I have been thinking for awhile of starting from scratch, but I have been trying to decide what rules to make for myself.

    I think I have a good one: no driving any used cars. So first of all what is the best car from the NCD to begin with?

    I will buy cars from the OCD, as they have 0 miles. And I may buy some from the UCD, but only ones that I need for my main account and will send them right over.

    Any other suggestions that you have found fun when beginning again? Like maybe no upgrading tires on a car, only the other parts.

    Also, good suggestions for what to put as my birth year? (Already using 67 and 69 on my account and my wife's account, so it will be something else.)
  2. marcus_war

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    '63? You could get a Corvette Z06 Race Car... or something really, really awful.

    '66 you can't really go wrong on any car there

    '71 same deal

    and my best bet for a stater car is a Suzuki Cappucino (EA21R) due to the fact that you can do some domination if you tune the handling right, and it is RM-able. but that's just my opinion.
  3. nitrorocks

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    Premium Honda Civic. :sly:
  4. Ronald6

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    Toyota GT '12. Rocks as a starter car.

    Optional "rules" for restarting:
    1: opponents tyres -1. If they're on sports soft, you get sports mediums.

    2: sports tune only, except for tranny and suspension.

    3: only buy one car per day / upgrade one car per day.

    4: opponents max PP -?. Pick a car that is 20 or more PP less than the opposition.

    5: 10 car garage. Or 12, or 20. Whatever you think is the right number.

    6: only purchase cars with less than 7000 miles. I did this on my first acct. It took me a long time to complete my garage.
  5. Duke999R

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    I don't do any of the non-removable upgrades, mainly because I enjoy "Tuning Prohibited" races online. The exceptions are race cars and RMs. Even so I rarely upgrade over sports level. More realistic IMO.

    If I ever start again I'll do the same, only with cars bought with zero miles.