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    didn't show much, but I thought I heard about this awhile ago.

    anyway it could either be badass or dumb, I believe there is a fine line with this. either way I'm looking forward to hearing more.
  3. F1 fan

    Scotland Yokohama

    Not sure how I feel about this. The Elder Scrolls (along with Fallout) is my favourite game series. If this takes off, how likely are we to get a proper Elder Scrolls 6?
  4. ParkourVeyron

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    Defiantly looks interesting. I don't own Skyrim or any ES game for that matter, but I have rented Skyrim and loved it. That being said, I hope this doesn't turn out to be a run-of-the-mill MMORPG.
  5. CMvan46

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    Different studios.

    They started up a second sub studio that is handling the MMO almost exclusively. They brought in guys that specifically work on MMOs to work on it and has been in development for two years at this point.
  6. Froudeybrand

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    I have played dc universe online and the novelty wears off.
  7. F1 fan

    Scotland Yokohama

    True. Must have been suffering from brain fade when I posted that. Still, as tempted as I am to dip my toes into the MMORPG world, I'm not sure I want another time draining hobby.
  8. CMvan46

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    That's also not exactly a well reviewed MMO. Depends on the person I guess. I like them but have a problem with paying $15 a month and therefore don't at the moment. I'll be moving to pc gaming only next year and if one tempts me enough I may start playing them.
  9. Luminis

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    I like MMORPGS quite a bit, myself, and played a few in the past. I've got to agree, though, the novelty wears off after a while and it highly depends on the cummunity and your lifestyle, as to whether you can enjoy it or not. I, for one, can't be bothered to play a game where I havr to sit down for a few hours, just to get somewhere. Not anymore, at least.

    But I'll definitely keep an eye ond ES:O, just because I always thought that Elder Scrolls was basically a perfect fit for an MMO spin off.
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    That trailer reveals nothing unfortunately. Will we still have the first person view that is TES or will it be more WOW/TOR style 3rd person? Will it stick with TES's formula for charecter development and combat or will we have another WOW number crunch? I have a lot of questions and apart from it being announced that it's happening not much else is revealed. I'm finding it hard to get excited when I'm worried that we might just end up with another WOW clone. looking at DPS and etc simply does not excite me. I'm struggling to play TOR at present as well due to the game formula, but I'm hanging in their just cause its Star Wars and the story is well written. I honestly hope it doesn't head down the same path.

    Edit: just read that Kotaku article in the above post. Disappointed. It is a WOW clone. I'm probably going to give this a miss, which is a shame as I've played and own ever other TES title.
  11. CMvan46

    Canada Vancouver, BC

    Well apparently a ton of information coming this month leading up to E3 in June where a big reveal will happen. I don't remember where I read that though.
  12. Golfman2

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    Well said there. If people like it they may prefer to play online Elder Scrolls rather than the traditional adventure we all know and love.
    My perdonal opinion? NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!
  13. Dragonistic

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    Same feelings here, at first I thought this could be something really special if we basically did get Skyrim online on all systems, join a world based on difficulty level and go questing with people (not sure about PvP in that sort of environment, frankly it doesn't much need it). Totally disappointed.
  14. 9-min Introduction
  15. Luminis

    Germany Germany

    The newest trailer seems to suggest that there is, indeed, a very TES-esque combat system. If they manage to actually give us an actual TES game that allows me to just play with other folks, I'm going to spend a lot of time playing it.

    I'm also amazed by how good it looks. Guess I'll have to get a new computer to run it properly, though, but I'm planning to do so anyways within the next few monts :lol:
  16. Bram Turismo

    Belgium Belgium

    As a previous WoW player I really got the feeling this game is WoW with next-gen graphics.

    Exploring the map, gathering quests to level up. Mass PvP and guild raids, it really sounds like WoW.

    I think what will be crucial for the game is what they will keep in Skyrim online from previous games. Even though it is an online game, I still feel there should be some individual quest lines for you to follow. Or merely helping out townsfolk, or buying your own property to making your own potions or armor.

    I just hope it doesn't turn too much into a WoW copy because I will already say I don't like the looks of the mass-PvP play bit in the video.
  17. [​IMG]
    Alliances At War developer video
  18. Luminis

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    They talk about the gameplay advantages of having three factions. The biggest advantage has been left unmentioned, though, an advantage that made itelf appearent as early as in dark Age of Camelot: Three factions balance each other out if one gets too strong in PvP.

    Talking about balance, I'd say that the alliances received a good mix of races. I usually pick a favourite very easily, but this time around, all factions seem to have a race I'd like to play as. Seems like a good way to experience all sides of the game :tup:
  19. NLxAROSA

    Netherlands John's Creek, GA

    If this game is going to be as awesome as I think it will be, this will be my only game for quite a long time. :D
  20. Luminis

    Germany Germany

    What I'm hoping for: 50% vanilla WoW, 50% Skyrim (it won't be as complex as the older TES games) - with decent PvP. What I'm expecting: Another MMORPG that fails miserably in its crusade against the reigning behemoth, much like Warhammer: Age of Reckoning (which looked oh so good before its launch).

    still, I'm holding onto my hopes. As faint as they may be.
  21. NLxAROSA

    Netherlands John's Creek, GA

    What I'm hoping for is epic PvP, so you can play huge battles like Stormcloaks vs Imperial in Skyrim.
  22. NLxAROSA

    Netherlands John's Creek, GA

  23. Alliance Cinematic Trailer
  24. Luminis

    Germany Germany

    Loved the trailer. Especially how they incorporated the logo at the end. Kinda makes sense now.

    But, something that kinda left an impression on me was that it seemed to hint at a combination of PvE. The Ebonheart Pact, Daggerfall Covenant and the Aldmeri Dominion all strive to take the Cyrodil and the Empire for themselves, but clash while doing so. Now, for me, that did hint at exactly that: Competing with other players for PvE goals, or rather, in PvE events. I gotta say, I like that, if it's true. Not strictly deviding PvE and PvP is nice if done well.

    Gotta sign up for the beta soon, too.
  25. Signed up for beta; "above average" chance of making it in (like that means anything).
  26. The first 20 min. of gameplay footage leaked to youtube, but Zenimax swooped in & took it down.


    Here's the dl in 1080p for those interested.


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  27. Luminis

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    Thanks for sharing the video, Ddrizle :tup: I think the game does have a good Elder Scrolls vibe to it and the gameplay looked pretty good. I'm looking forward to it.
  28. You're very welcome! :tup:

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