The game is not real life stop acting like tunes are so special

Discussion in 'GT5 Tuning Forum' started by Cpizzythegod, Jan 23, 2012.

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  1. Cpizzythegod

    United States CA

    Its funny how gamers get so involved with a game that they forget its a game. The Gran Turismo series has come a long way but has so far to go. Being able to accurately nail the physics of real life driving anytime soon is impossible. These digital replica of cars do not act like there real life counterparts. Some cars in lower drag brackets can actually defeat many cars in higher brackets in real life. I have seen a 89 four door honda civic defeat a dodge viper in the quarter mile. Why? Well its called engine swaps. A turbo or supercharged DC5 motor will make a EK move like a porsche because of the added power and lightened body. In the game racing a EK against a Viper is ridiculous. I've seen a R33 defeat a Bugatti in a quarter mile in real life but in the game the R33 doesn't stand a chance. Why doesn't PD design a drag mode? Because their cars and tuning options aren't designed for it. In order to implement that into the game, each cars physics and specs would have to be reworked from the ground up. I'm tired of all these cults, and clubs calling people noobs because they haven't spent 5 minutes googling how to flip or trick a tranny and boom turn a car into a quick shifting beast. Extend the first gear and bam you got yourself a drag car. Thats not real physics sorry guys. I like SSR7 myself just a bunch of people who love the game that just wanna show off there paint and cruise the highway. On Indy you got a bunch of people acting like they have pioneered and mastered some kind of intricate tuning system when in fact they haven't done anything the actual game developers haven't done already. I understand the superiority you feel when you win a sketchy unsanctioned Indy drag race, but it's time to step back and relax, its just a game that has a lot of missing key elements into building a race car, and there is no need to act like you really own that new Lambo or that GTR. Stop acting like you invented moving a slider left or right to the right number. Half of the people playing the game wouldn't know the first thing to do if someone gave them a GTR and said "here tune it". What you gonna do? Get a oil change?

    Games are meant to relieve stress not add to it.
  2. BRADZZZ11

    United Kingdom Essex

    Gonna sign in just to reply to this, and I'll keep it brief. Hopefully.
    GT5 only has a certain longevity too it. It's not like COD, or Battlefield where you can do the same thing over and over again - that's not what this game is like. Having the ability to tune your cars, and potentially spend hours tuning them adds longevity to the game. You can vastly improve how a car handles, or how quick it runs a 1/4 mile. At the end of the day, it's a game. Not real life - if people want to buy a Lamborghini or GT-R and tune it to the nuts for drag racing, or they Google tunes for a certain car, then so be it. It's a game, it's not supposed to be realistic to the point where you can engine swap your Mazda to push out 700bhp - it makes the game unbalanced.

    Just because someone wants to spend a few hours tuning their Skyline or Veyron perfectly, doesn't mean they've forgotten it's a game. If they enjoy it, let them enjoy it and do what they please. It doesn't affect you, you have your way of playing this game; other people have theirs.

    tl;dr - This isn't real life. It's a game. People like doing different things - you do yours, let them do theirs.
  3. Rotary Junkie

    United States Canton, MI

    Quite sure I still realize GT5 is a game...


    It's a lot closer than anything else though.


    That's cool.

    It is in real life too. Does the Civic occasionally win? Sure, considering stock Vipers aren't all that fast.

    Hmm, I wonder...

    Could that have anything to do with the limitations imposed upon the output available from the R33's engine?

    Oh, right. It would.

    See, engine tuning in GT5 is basically limited by what could feasibly be run for extended periods without issue on a road course. This means the massive turbos, giant cams, and so on used in a drag motor are out. In their place is something a bit less aggressive, producing a bit less power.

    If you'd like to see what a drag motor does, take a look at the Option Stream Z. It doesn't work on a road course, and it doesn't work with GT5's clutch implementation.

    More like because implementing it properly would be an absolutely massive headache.

    Please. Tell me how you'd manage to set up a full-on drag mode without completely overhauling the entire online lobby system.

    Erm... Not so much. We need a proper drag slick tire model, and that's about it.

    Well, if you're trying to go drag racing and you don't know how to set up a gearbox properly (which is the same as it was in GT1 FFS), you are a noob.

    Actually, it is. :lol: You know what happens when you've got too short of a launch ratio? Oh, right... You get wheelspin. Wheelspin is bad, though a necessary evil in the world of GT5 drag racing due to the tires we're stuck with.

    Heh, different SSR7 rooms for different types of people. You find an SSR7 "Pro drag" room and it's very different. Just a bunch of people who want to see who's got the fastest car.

    lol wat

    Okay, who pissed in your Cheerios? I realize there are a lot of complete assholes in drag rooms but most of them don't come to GTP. Those that do have mostly been banned.

    No, you think?

    Also, if it's so easy as moving sliders left and right to the "right number" (it is, in effect)...

    Beat me.
  4. JackWilson

    United Kingdom Jersey, UK

    Your the one that sounds stressed to me.

    I dont think this game is real life or close to it, but its the best driving/racing game on the PS3 in my opinion, and the fact that you can improve the handling and performance of cars has made me play it for so much longer than any other game. It cost me £40 and that was over a year ago, I definately got my money's worth.
  5. VTiRoj

    United Kingdom Barrow in Furness

    It sounds like the Indy guys had their way with you and you're raging at the entire tuning community to make yourself feel better. Perhaps you should move this thread to the drag section where you'll get the replies you're looking for?
  6. MTLclllutch


    i bet you cant tune your cars to perform how you want them to.
  7. Scaff

    United Kingdom Behind you

    This will not end well.


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