The Words of the Winds are Now all Clear

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  1. amar212

    Croatia Croatia

    There are many winds blowing in the air right now, and every one of them is telling its own tale.

    First wind whispers that final reunion will happen thirty nights before twelve months pass and that all winds from the whole world will reunite in the same moment for the first time.

    #1 Gran Turismo 5 will be released simultanusly worldwide in November 2010. November is the "30 days before twelve months pass".

    Second wind says there will be more than half of dozen hundreds birds flying in the beginning of the reunion on almost eight dozen of skypaths, and some of the birds will come from the past reunion just resembling the looks of the newborn birds.

    #2 More than 1000 cars, with many of cars being transferred from GT4. 20 tracks with 60 layouts

    Third tale says that for the first time ever skypaths will not be just solid and already known but that new skypaths will be built by birdtamers from the parts of existing skypaths.

    #3 Course Maker will allow creation of new tracks from the scratch, based on predefined track-settings.

    Fourth wind is talking that birdtamers will reunite in numbers greater than ever and will be granted with ability to talk to each other, make guilds and alliances with undisputed freedom.

    #4 Online lobbies with Text/Voice chat options and Private Rooms

    Fifth wind says that reunion will happen in two forms, one greater than other and birdtamers will have freedom to decide which reunion they will attend. Greater reunion will ask for great sacrifice to be made in order to get all present and future treasures without new sacrifices needed, while smaller reunion will come in form already known, asking for more sacrifices if future treasures catches the eyes of the birdtamers.

    #5 Signature and Collectiors Editions are revealed, with Signature Edition being more than 3 times more expensive than usual one. Also, Signature Edition comes with all bonus cars from the start.

    Sixth wind is telling the tale about different reunion but almost the same as known one, smaller only for the eyes of those who do not want to see it in its whole glory. That different reunion will not happen in the realm same as the known one, but in the different realm which still has not been uncovered to the birdtamers. That realm will resemble realm already known but it will be divine new and made in the image of it.

    #6 Gran Turismo Mobile for the new PSP Go have become Gran Turismo PSP and it will be released on October 1st

    All those birds, skypaths and birdtamers from all realms will unite for the Feast. And as it is already known, it will be the Feast of the Gods.
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  2. Hyper-Dan

    United Kingdom Norfolk

    Far too cryptic for me. :dunce: But thanks all the same. :tup:
  3. Peterram430

    Belfast, Northern Ireland

    :)I'll be dreaming of birds and wind now!
  4. Patrik


    Nothing else but confusing, but thanks... or something...
  5. dzidza


    Damn Ama212, you're good cipher, and please don't try to tell me :-)

    btw. when are we going to race!?

    First one is easy: the game will ship world wide on Christmas
    Fourth one: Club racing, private lobby and chat, and more then 16 cars racing online, with possibility to change online setting for private lobbies
    Sexist one: PS2,PS3 or PC, or Xbox360 racing online together.

    I might be wrong :-)
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  6. JohnnyGundam

    Berlin, Germany

    haha great news cant wait until the e3
    i think i need to save some money . . . . . . . .
    i think there will more dann just one gt comming to us ...

    Netherlands John's Creek, GA

    GT5 will be released on december 1, 2009. Release will be global for all regions.

    600+ cars, 95 tracks, some of which will be remodelled GT4 tracks/cars.

    Ability to create new tracks from existing ones.

    Extensive clan/team features.

    There will be two versions of GT5. One with all the features in it, costing the most (initially). Small version will be GT5P+, but it will cost you to get all the upgrades to the big version.

    Possible PSP/PC release?

    At least, that's my interpretation of it. ;)
  8. Timppaq

    Finland Helsinki

    Thanks Amar :lol: :lol: :lol:

    the most important parts:

    +600 cars
    +80 tracks



    too late.. :)
  9. Famine

    United Kingdom Rule 12

    So you got that heroin I mailed you then?
  10. paskowitz

    United States New York

    I get, I get! But I am not going to Still somethings to work on but I get! Ha, this is great. Amar you made my day go from absolute suck (like so far the worst day I have had all year) to meh/decent day. THANK YOU!
  11. Scaff

    United Kingdom Behind you

    Late November/ Early December 2009 release, and it will be a global release.

    600 cars and just under 96 tracks

    Birds = Cars
    Skypaths = Tracks

    Track editor using parts of existing tracks

    Birdtanners (do you mean bird tamers?) = Drivers
    More than 16 cars on track?

    Car clubs and voice chat will be included.

    Two different releases.

    One which will include everything and be more expensive and a cheaper version that will then allow you to download the additional cars and tracks you want.

    Buggered if I know on this one, but it could be that GT Mobile is closer than we think (certainly not PC - no way would Sony want to impact the number of PS3's this will shift).

    Or Sony will finally admit to a PSP2 and GT Mobile will be a release title (don't hold your breath on either if these).

    Lots more info and confirmation of this at at E3.

    That is all.

  12. JohnnyGundam

    Berlin, Germany

    i hear somthing about a new psp without umd`s . . .
    maybe we will get bundles; new psp + gt5( the smaller vesion ^^ )
  13. quite the cryptic critter you are Amar:tup:. That could hold a candle to one of mums cryptic crossword puzzles
  14. Hyper-Dan

    United Kingdom Norfolk


    Nice post Lars and Scaff. :tup:
  15. amar212

    Croatia Croatia

    Yes. Has been corrected, thanx mate :)
  16. Peterram430

    Belfast, Northern Ireland

    My interpretation

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  17. NLxAROSA

    Netherlands John's Creek, GA

    Yes, I got some mailed to me too, so the post made perfect sense to me. :lol:
  18. supra_luva209

    New Zealand

    A different realm that has not been uncovered?
  19. Hyper-Dan

    United Kingdom Norfolk

    :) Silly. :tup:
  20. Studentdriver

    Columbia, SC
    PSN:carolina2001 & GTP_carolina2001

    Seems pretty simple to me actually. The only issue is whether "winds" means rumors or facts.

    1. Sounds like a Thanksgiving-ish release. Confused by this, because I've heard no such rumors and that seems like an odd time. It could also mean March 2010, which wouldn't be too odd since the US release of GT4 was sometime in February I think.

    2. About 600 cars on about 96 tracks; some tracks are old but redesigned. Similar to rumors.

    3. Track editor. Rumored by deemed to be unlikely by most. Could also mean DLC tracks.

    4. Refers to online play. All pretty obvious stuff.

    5. Difficult, this one. Could refer to two different main modes of play (such as suggested by Tenacious D) or it could refer to separate games, or just the two different physics modes, or even a full disc compared to a DL'ed version of the game that is unlocked gradually. Too many choices to figure if based on rumor or fact.

    6. Seems to me to be referring to a GT on the elusive PSP2. Sounds like a downscaled GT5. This has been rumored, and everyone knows a PSP2 is coming in the next few years, but it's still just in our imaginations as of now.

    Conclusion: IT'S GONNA BE AWESOME!
  21. Flerbizky

    Whateversville, Denmark

    I say we all go visit Amar - Apparently, he has some time off to do drugs - so it's not like he has anything better to do..

    If I bring the beer, who'll bring the popcorn ?...

    Ohh - And thanks, as always, Amar !.. :tup:
  22. TheCracker

    South Korea North Korea
    PSN:GTP_TC / gtp_dan

    1) World wide release date of March 17th 2010

    2) More than 600 cars and almost 100 tracks, including some previous tracks updated for GT5

    3) Customizable or user created (to an extent) tracks?

    4) Custom rooms etc

    5) Full game + pared down version with the option to pick and choose further downloadable (at a cost) content.

    6) ??????

    Thanks Amar :tup: :tup:
  23. daan

    Scotland Scotland

    My interpretation.

    We are going to ride on the backs of Giant Eagles, and prove that we can simply fly into Mordor.
  24. Flerbizky

    Whateversville, Denmark

    You got some of that Heroin as well ?....
  25. Context


    Thanks for this post.

    Thank god we can finally fly birds, I almost thought this game was going to flop for a second.
  26. NLxAROSA

    Netherlands John's Creek, GA

    We all did, it was the only thing keeping us from going over the edge with all the lack of info about GT5. :)
  27. Flerbizky

    Whateversville, Denmark

    Now I feel left out.... :-|
  28. of course he did...its in the WIND :sly::)
  29. Sureboss

    United Kingdom UK

    Interesting interpretations of the release dates, here. I have to say, my thought is to go with what Dan/Cracker said.

    Track editor is an interesting one. Very interesting.
  30. Timppaq

    Finland Helsinki

    I can already imagine mixing the parts of the nurb :D
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