Tune for Chapparal 2D

Discussion in 'GT5 Tuning Forum' started by PureHeavyMetal, May 5, 2012.

  1. PureHeavyMetal

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    I need a tune for my Chapparal 2D for the historic racing car cup in B-spec. I've already maxed the downforce, set the gearing to 160 max for acceleration and added a stage 3 turbo. If there's any setting for the LSD or suspension that would help, please let me know :tup:
  2. trackripper123

    China London

    Try the one in the link in my signature :)
    But keep the gearing much closer for Cote D'Azur obviously.
  3. PureHeavyMetal

    United States Emerald City

    Thanks! :D

    EDIT: Dude, you're awesome. Beat Cote D'azur in B-spec by like 20 seconds with the tune you gave me.
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