Whats your PGR 2 stats?

Discussion in 'Console & PC Gaming' started by Viper_Maniac, Jan 1, 2004.

  1. kinigitt

    Montreal, Canada

    I don't understand why they made the carrera GT so slow in that game. it's actually on par with the enzo performance-wise.
  2. LaBounti


    True but since it was slower it was easier to control for the Cone challenge races races. It was a nice car to use aginst noobs using faster cars.
  3. OK mine....

    Well... I'm what a lot of people call a “Kudos Whore”.... But I don't care.

    I play to PGR2 online since February 2004

    I'm play only online :
    I'm rank 55 with 30.821.056 kudos...
    I'll be rank 56 at 32.000.000 kudos.

    My favorites cars ? I've got one or two by class
    Porsche 911 GT1 - Mercedes CLK-GTR
    Ferrari F50
    Dodge Viper GTS - Delfino Feroce
    AC 427 MKIII
    Toyota Supra
    Ferrari 250 TR
    Corvette Stingray
    Renault Clio V6
    Audi S4
    Porsche Boxter

    I'm going to stop to play PGR2 on xboxlive when Forza will be here...
    I'm waiting also the 9 march for GT4 !!!!

    My gamertag : Nova Solo
  4. Shadow

    Riverside, CA.

    Wow, people still play PGR 2?

    I thought everybody had moved on to Halo 2...
  5. SantaBear

    Litchfield, Michigan

    Total Miles Driven: 1351.1 Miles

    Total Time Playing: 49h36m58s

    Most Used Car: Enzo Ferrari (Prefer Koenigsegg CC V8S)

    Average Kudos Per event: 3,015

    Time Online: None

    Time in Showroom: 01h35m03s