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  1. acascianelli

    United States Macomb, MI

    For those lucky enough to be able to purchase the new downloadable content, how does the new X2011 compare to the X2010? I was looking through youtube expecting to see a drag race between the two already, but it seems nobody has uploaded one yet. I'm just curious to see how the aerodynamic improvements have helped the already ridiculous X2010 be even faster.
  2. TeggD


    Its madness
  3. noisiaturismo

    Netherlands Netherland
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    Less downforce, more speed, 2 pp more
  4. Stephen220378

    Scotland Scotland

    It's pretty much the same, in fact at Monza where I test my cars I've lapped almost 2 seconds slower than I have with the X2010, taking into account a braking miscalculation by myself at the first chicane where I braked far too early I'd say that there'll be nothing between them when I put in a clean lap.
  5. TankAss95

    Scotland United Kingdom

    Could one state the maximum velocity of such vehicle?
  6. eran0004

    Sweden Regno di Svezia

    I did an online Red Bull race on Daytona earlier today, it seems like the X2011 is a bit faster than the X2010, but the difference is very small.

    Maximum speed 510+ km/h with slipstream. About 480+ km/h without slipstream.
  7. Machate-man

    United States San Francisco,

    SO it's no faster than the original? Perhaps it accelerates faster?
    The original goes 480 w/o draft:dunce:
  8. Stephen220378

    Scotland Scotland

    Tested at Indianapolis, original settings untouched, it bounces off the limiter at 299mph. Max speed according to the gear ratio setting page is 311mph.
  9. sporkafife


    Maybe because it as more aerodynamic features, it will actually have a slightly lower top speed but be slightly better in high speed corners? (something the X2010 was pretty amazing at anyway) Just a theory, I'm at Uni now so I have no time to sit and play on my beloved GT5 :(
  10. Zenith

    United States Bay Area, CA

    The driver's skill and the design of the tracks are still the biggest limitation for the X cars. One cannot simply take a 350mph feather with infinite downforce and expect it to go around a track made for modern-day race cars.
  11. leepangfu

    The Netherlands

    It's a lot faster. Mine now has 1634 hp. Compared The top speed of the X2010 and X2011 without drafting on SSR7 with similar setups(low downforce, no camber and toe). The X2011 beat it by more than 20 km/h

    X2011: 513 km/h
    X2010: 492 km/h
  12. Rods

    United States ME


    It's very easy to overturn into corners or brake way too early.

    When I'm driving the X I always remember the Top Gear ep in which Jeremy drives a Lotus 125 and states that the hardest thing about it was having to convince your brain that a curve is actually do-able at such a high speed. With the RBX it's the same thing. Even when you're handling it well it's hard to convince yourself to brake so late or to turn so far in to reach the apex perfectly...
  13. It seems like at low speeds the X2011 has a vicious snap oversteer. I did a practice lap at Fuji and at the end of the long straight as I was braking to make the sharp right turn, as soon as i started to turn the wheel, the car snapped right actually jumping over the little strip of land and landed facing in the right direction. It was basically a snap 180 degree turn. I never had the x2010 do that. And at high speeds it has a very light understeer.
  14. TankAss95

    Scotland United Kingdom

    I remember him saying "I've driven a car before with lots of power, I've driven a car before with very little weight, I've driven a car before with a lot if downforce, but I've never driven a car until now with all of the 3 combined." (Quote not taken word by word, it was something like that)
    The X2010 + X2011 are both made with extreme performance figures of the 3 variables of performance. Very few people, if anyone at all, can drive the two cars at their peak range of potential (>90%) consistently. That's why I find humour in finding requests of tunes with these machines. What is the point?
  15. WHO_DAT_62


    It's much more stable. Feels more like a fast f10.
  16. Slash

    United States Indian Falls, NY

    More stable, downforce, more power and higher top speed. The X1 used to fight to hit 285 and the X2 lays down power until 301 then keeps slowly climbing.
  17. Paul2448

    United States US

    I found it faster.

    Testing at Deep Forrest, the X2011 is .4 seconds faster then the X2010 with a 35.4XX lap, but at the Daytona Road Course it ran a 57.4XX on my third lap, compared to my X2010's best lap of 59.6XX over several dozen tries (Both on RS with a tuned transmition)

    It feels a lot better in corners and underbraking, overall, and has a higher topspeed.
  18. Machate-man

    United States San Francisco,

    The X2010 seems more suited to cornering and braking, given a comparison between the two when both have full downforce.

    However, the X2011 is undeniably faster in a straight line and 50/50 downforce (lowest), going 500+km/h and having ~100 hp more than the X2010.
  19. CNSpots1

    United States In a pontiac!

    well. for example, i hit a maximum speed of 305MPH in the X2010, and i hit 321MPH in the X2011. that alone is a huge difference.

  20. Exorcet


    Every track I've driven the X11 on, it's been faster than the original. I'd say it is better in every way, including corners.
  21. Harley45


    X2011 Testing

    Set all the Gears as far over to the left to lengthen them an heres what I got .

    1st Gear 6.223
    2nd Gear 3.988
    3rd Gear 2.810
    4th Gear 2.073
    5th Gear 1.599
    6th Gear 1.291
    7th Gear 0.936
    Final Gear 2.000

    Max Speed Gearing @16.000rpm = 620mph
    Max Power @ 250 Miles = 1635bhp
    Aerodynamics FR 50 R 50
    Performance Points 969

    314mph in 5th No Slipstream

    354mph with Slipstream in 6th.....!!!! - needs a longer road an a quicker car in front

    SSR7 used to test it on
  22. Exorcet


    Out of curiosity, why set gears to max? It's hurting top speed.
  23. C Ronaldo 7

    United Kingdom London

    For top speed on X2011, I leave all the gears as they are. I adjust the final gear to the left to increase the speed in the slipstream. I have managed 356 mph on SSR7 but I was out of revs, so definitely more speed can be found. :)
  24. Neocodex


    I consider myself decent at GT5, but I cannot drive the X cars worth ****.
  25. Inferno251

    Australia Sydney

    Could someone put a clip on Youtube?
  26. Jar31Lar


  27. xSNAKEx

    Australia Sydney

    The x2011 feels a lot less stable and fidgity to me
    The x2010 seems to have slightly less grunt but feels a LOT more stable and consistent. Id say unless you can drive thr x2011 very well the x2010 is faster in most cases
  28. MustangCobra95

    United States Houston, TX

    The stock suspension on the X2011 is absolute garbage. With the right setup it handles better than the X2010, and is a lot faster as well, making it the better X1 of the 2.
  29. xSNAKEx

    Australia Sydney

    Well send me what you consider a good setup v then
  30. blah blah blah

    Australia Look Behind You

    X2010 is Better In cornering, However X2011 Has a Higher top speed. You have to decide which one to use on certain tracks For example Stuff like Daytona and Indy are good with X2011 but Tracks with lots of corners Require the X2010.
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