YEAAAAAAAA!Just picked up a 2J!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by anson7900, May 5, 2012.

  1. nascar49

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    I know this is a dumb question, but where do I grind for a 70 ticket, in Aspec?
  2. thelvynau

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    Make a separate account with a birthday of 1970 recieve it and gift to your main account use the ticket if its not what you want quit quickly and retry.
  3. another_jakhole

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    Damn people are hypocrites. I know at least one person in this thread that sees it.
  4. thelvynau

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    Huh? What do you mean?
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  5. trk29


    I already have one. Evidently you missed my point.

    The used car lot cycle has no place in this game. One of the worst decisions of the game. We should be able to buy any car we want as long as we have the credits and the XP. People that don't have any car that they want this far from release says a lot about what is wrong.

    A car shouldn't be put in the used car rotation just because it is a standard. There are plenty of other cars in the game that are older than new but they are not in the rotation because they are not standard.
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  6. another_jakhole

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    This thread is COMPLETELY pointless and in the "Questions & Answers" section there have been too many times when people have been completely crappy to the OP even though they were new to GTP,... or not.

    Not only that, but..
    THAT has been happening all along when questioning/complaining about Kaz's and GT5's "incompetence" and flaws. Over 18 months and people don't understand that it's not usual for a game developer to support any game this long. It's normal for a gamer to not "remember" a game after this long of a time, especially if you're a FPS/online gamer.
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  7. thelvynau

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    Agreed your second point but im just wondering what is hypcritical?
  8. another_jakhole

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    Even though it's obvious that this thread shouldn't be open still, a few people cared to sort of attack KB18FAN for pointing it out. He didn't attack the OP, yet a few/couple people somehow saw it differently.


    I haven't seen the R390 Road Car in over a year. :(

    I won't need to make a thread about it when I get to buy it.
  9. thelvynau

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    Ah ok after reading back I see what you mean.
  10. andrewyhy

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    Ditto, and there was a half price sale for cars in the OCD before some game updates kicks in. :dopey:

    You may find this site useful. It's created by GTP members. :tup:
    All you need to do is to type the first 8 cars you saw in the UCD into it, and it'd display the car you desired. :)
    Link: GT5
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  11. nitrorocks

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    I need both Chapparals.. :(


    Exactly, other than rarity and a standard cockpit, not too much to be proud of.
  13. PureHeavyMetal

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    Just got my 2J today :D :D :D
  14. MOTORTRENDmitch

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  15. NinjaMike808

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    The 2j is awesome, I just wish it had a better tranny. Those 3 gears can be killer, I probably should've added a low or midranged turbo. It takes corners pretty well but sometimes I understeer, especially when I'm up against some really powerful race cars. I usually feel like the underdog in it, though, against cars way more powerful than me. Makes it fun, I guess. The 2d is pretty sick, too. I love how it looks, but on one track I remember, it just sounds like you're farting.
  16. HippieGiraffe

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    Ditto, as with others I'm in the midst of that 2000 day cycle.
  17. Crisp

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    I thought he meant a 2JZ GTE engine to swap. Bummer.
  18. PureHeavyMetal

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  19. tpark103

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    Welcome to the club. Your n the big leagues now! :-) in all seriousness congrats and happy racing! Now you can go and burn some gas!
  20. Jaywalker

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    MOTORTRENDmitch Automotive Enthusiast.
    "Congrats man!

    Was there really a need for a thread?

    Serious, I think. :) Congrats & enjoy...