“German Touring Car Championship” Seasonal Event Now Available in GT5

February 13th, 2013 by Terronium-12

The latest round of Seasonal Events are now available in Gran Turismo 5, featuring revered European racing cars. Cars are limited to a maximum of 590PP and Racing/Hard tires or less. The challenges are as follows:

  • 590PP German Touring Car Championship: Madrid City Reverse / 5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/02/14 03:00 -
    1st: Cr.305,200  2nd: Cr.167,860  3rd: Cr.122,080
  • 590PP German Touring Car Championship: Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca / 5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/02/14 03:00 -
    1st: Cr.318,000  2nd: Cr.174,900  3rd: Cr.127,200
  • 590PP German Touring Car Championship: Nürburgring GP/F / 5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/02/14 03:00 -
    1st: Cr.412,900  2nd: Cr.227,095  3rd: Cr.165,160
  • 590PP German Touring Car Championship: Cape Ring / 3 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/02/14 03:00 -
    1st: Cr.364,900  2nd: Cr.200,695  3rd: Cr.145,960
  • 590PP German Touring Car Championship: Eifel (Circuit) 106A / 5 Laps
    Period of Availability: 2013/02/14 03:00 -
    1st: Cr.337,900  2nd: Cr.185,845  3rd: Cr.135,160

Note the “Performance Difference Bonus” applies, so more credits will be awarded for using a slower car below the maximum allowed PP value.

The game’s Online Car Dealership has also been updated with new inventory. As always, stop by our GT5 Seasonal Events forum for more analysis and discussion!

GT5 Photomode image by Big Ron.

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  1. DynamikGT

    Smashed it :) my Alfa 155 dominated the event.

  2. Loved it. Merc 190 was the weapon of choice.

  3. greggyb

    I got mclaren f1 :-)

  4. ameer67

    Just finished the Championship. It was VERY easy.

  5. SRT On = Races 4 Idiots

  6. warpkez

    Where is my prize car? Did this, got two Level 17 tickets and there is nothing waiting for me in the pick up?

    What the hell has happened here?

  7. Since the old girl nuked herself 3 weeks ago I have been busy restocking my garage on GT5. I have had to go for the BMW 320i as all the rest are too expensive and I only had half a million from a few nights ago :(, oh well. Lets see how I do.

    • It seems although this is a German car and a Touring Car at that, it isn’t allowed to race. So until I get 1.5 million credits I’m stuffed! Oh well!

    • A_Higher_Place

      I think that 320i used to compete in WTCC or BTCC… maybe, could be wrong. Buts it’s def. not a DTM!

    • Pit Crew

      Head to the Marketplace Hentis. im sure youll be able to get a few level 17s and I think level 18 tickets there that if your lucky will popout the Audis or the MB, DTM cars you could use for event. If I wasnt doing Cudas this Month I could gift ya one today. A friend may share one of the cars for you too, as you know so hang tough :)

  8. Spannermonkey33

    Nice event, shame its too easy to win with a low pp car. Come on pd, listen to your fans and give us a decent, intelligent AI! Or is that gonna be GT6…..

  9. The moaners are in again zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Must have been a seasonal update again …..

    Oh next they’ll be moaning as there is no DLC in the latest SERVER update…… So glad I enjoy GT5…. :)

    • lol

    • Quakebass

      I would enjoy GT5…

      But my system YLOD’d a good 3-4 months ago…

      Haven’t had time to crack it open and re-flow the board…

    • Hey quakebass, my phat ol girl nuked herself around the end of January and now I have a super slim anorexic model. She’s good but I miss the phat one a tad, anyhow I digress, Ive managed to start again and am enjoying it just as much this time round as well for some strange reason :)

  10. Jaycue58

    Powersliding creates time and you dont win races by making your lap time longer if i remember correctly all racers aviod sliding their cars at all costs unless your a drifter so please guys give it a rest

  11. infamousphil

    For those who find PD’s SRF rules utterly dispicable, I’m sure you could find a room that will satisfy your need for DTM speed. If you’re an as real as it can get fan of GT and drive like you care, HighPerformanceStreet is now hosting era specific DTM racing.

    I don’t hesitate to kick stupidity and idiocracies ;)



    Stop whining about SRF like Pokemon fans whine about generation 5, It’s annoying.

    You don’t see real life drivers powersliding to overtake others by power sliding.

    • Logoncal21

      i don’t like the srf. it makes me feel bad
      i finished in 1st with a 507pp CLK Touring Car ’00 and i tought “This is not your grip, why do i have to use srf?”


      It is ok not to like it but whining about it is annoying.

    • Pit Crew

      I just want it to be optional.

  13. sparkytooth

    P.D. please…..there is a menu before you start a race that allows you to turn SRF on or off,even 5 year olds might find it out,please stop forcing SRF on.SRF=No Powerslide=no hooning=no fun=boredom nuff said :(

  14. SRF on or off, should be transparent to enthusiast drivers who pilot their cars the way cars should be driven, within respectful limitation of driver’s ability for said car. I could be wrong, but I don’t think SRF would improve laptimes for ringers, example, nor would SRF make newbie drivers anywhere nearly as fast as experienced ringers. SRF can be locked on or off, it really shouldn’t matter much, to any of us. just my opinion

  15. luvtadrive

    SRF-: making life in the fast lane too easy?-ABS To “0″- All will be well again

    • Morgoth_666

      No, it won’t. If you set ABS to “0,” SRF will still be set to “On.” Problem not solved, all not well. And it’s not about it being easy, it’s about it being unpleasant. Whether people are bothered by it feeling “wrong” or just by it being unrealistic, it’s still going to bother them.

      To the people complaining about the complaining… if you drive with aids, how much would you love to have them disabled for no reason? Not talking about TT’s where they could skew the times attainable or people’s lobbys where it’s the host’s right to set rules, but imagine if you couldn’t use the driving line or ABS in a seasonal race that had no impact on anyone else playing the game. Might not seem like such a non-issue then.

    • ncrthree

      Agreed. SRF’s effect is pervasive. You cannot escape it’s effects on any car’s handling. Not just an out of control situation. Doubt that-well try for yourself. I did enough SRF on and off comparisons to see just what it does.

      ABS 0 will make it more challenging and fun but it won’t take away SRF physics.

  16. omg stop moaning about the SRF! It doesn’t make that much difference. All it does is stop you powersliding. that is all. it’s not as if it causes major problems is it? IT COULD BE WORSE, YOU COULD HAVE BEEN ONE OF THE UNLUCKY ONES WHO LOST THEIR WHOLE GAME SAVE AS I DID!!

    • hobanator24

      No powersliding=major problem. If I can’t drift my M3 GTR past everyone, where is the fun?

    • ncrthree

      That’s not complety true. Yes it will curtail powersliding but it also gives a car much more overall grip in “normal” driving-almost as much as a full tire upgrade. It does make a difference. I’ve done some testing with and without. SRF feels like a physics enhancer. With the same tires a car brakes harder, corners faster and is more stable. PD even deems it a beginner aid yet calls these Expert Events. There’s no correlating real life aid like TC or ABS – it’s a physics enhancer.

      Yes, people will continue to moan so get used to it yourself. If you don’t mind SRF that’s great but a lot of us prefer the choice-that’s the issue.

    • Pit Crew

      Steebz I lost my save game data twice and had to start from 0…twice. SRF is for noobs all day every day 24 hours a day. You enjoy the SRF thats on you but me…im gonna complain whether you approve or not, further more preventing Torque steer, unwanted torque steer requires technique. I dont need help doing that.

    • i’m not a fan of SRF. i don’t use it. ever.The point i’m making is GT has had a lot of bad bugs recently and the forced SRF is not a big deal IMO. Sorry if that upsets you all

    • GTHEAD87

      Its good havibg the option to turn it on and off. I have all off apart from abs, i have that at one because i dont have extended triggers and cant find the balance.

    • I’ll only do each seasonal event once because they are ridiculously boring anyway so forced SRF isn’t an issue for me but i do respect the fact that people don’t like it. It’s in the game so we just have to deal with it unfortunately

    • Pit Crew

      ^ You seem to be the one thats upset about players complaining about forced on SRF… Read your OP.

    • i’m not upset i’ve just won another Falken GT-R :D

      Seriously though i’m only trying to make the point that it’s not the worst bug GT5 has, for whatever reason Kaz has put it in the game and i don’t think it’s ever gonna be removed. Chill ppl

    • Pit Crew

      Its not a “Bug” its an aid. The point is it should be optional. Like it had been up to this point, not mandatory.

    • Pit Crew

      ^^ What does winning the Falken GT-R have to do with it. I have 4, and Forced SRF still bites.

    • er ok then you clearly like to have the last word so knock yourself out pal

    • Pit Crew

      Touched a nerve have I ? lol Poor boo boo

    • Lol. Oh yeah. I really let people like you get to me. Not. Go cry to mommy because gt isn’t EXACTLY perfect.

    • Pit Crew

      Point is, you started your OP, telling people don’t complain about SRF being Forced on and now you act as though you didnt put yourself “out there” for anyone to come back at you about it. LOL W A C.

    • trolololol

    • brianwong

      I really do not see what is the problem. Seasonals for me are just money-grinding events. If you want to legitimately race then go online or do time trials.

  17. fordskydog

    PLEASE give me the option to turn off the SRF!

  18. Maxyenko

    Fun, but it is ridiculously easy. I used the Merc 190 Evo, and with 514PP won every event without breaking a sweat.

    • Logoncal21

      CLK Touring Car ’00 with 507pp
      it’s that easy .
      also the AI is another reason why SE are easy. i hope that in GT6 the AI will be tough, like in GT2

    • AcenSpades

      I used the same car Merc 190, but with 499pp. I had to drive near flawless just to get to the top. In the end, it got me a McLaren F1 for all the trouble.

  19. GeovanneHF

    What’s the gift car for this seasonal?

    • Both Barrels

      Leve 17 ticket. I got a FALKEN GT-R.

    • I got the HPA Motorsports TT Audi

    • hobanator24

      I got the Amuse Carbon R….again

    • Bigsword1955

      Backup game save to a flash driver before opening the ticket. So if you didn’t get a car you liked back out of the game and reload GT5 game save from the flash drive back to the PS3 and retry…:)

    • hansbeens

      Audi tt gt car bleu one

    • I got Gt40 ’69 :)))

    • AcenSpades

      That lvl 17 ticket gave me the McLaren F1 OH YEAH!!!!

    • Fire Yoshi

      I got a Mobil 1 NSX

  20. munsonface


  21. patriotzero

    Eifel Circuit looks like Bathurst Circuit!

  22. Well this will be too easy with the r8 le mans quattro…..

  23. leton75

    This German touring car seasonal is way to easy…….

    • as easy as driving a German made touring car? you don’t say! ;p

    • Bigsword1955

      Lower the PP to 540pp then, Million plus per race…lol

    • Logoncal21

      lower to 500pp YOU’RE RICH IN HALF A HOUR

  24. mcalva98

    Remember people it is just a game

  25. Sick Cylinder

    I enjoyed that seasonal – used a Lexus IS F Race Concept 08 (strange DTM car!) because it was the only premium car allowed from my garage. I wish PD would convert the DTM cars to premium.

    Also why force SRF on – why not have a choice?

    • Monatsende

      Hahaha, yeah, really a strange DTM car. Got to try this one as well when I´m back home.

    • infamousphil

      The High Performance G37 is a perfect pwr/wgt/pp match for the Lexus IS-F touring car. Another failure by PD and Kaz to class GT5′s cars appropriately.

    • Both Barrels

      I found that as well when I was testing them for the 9hr Tsukuba race. Remarkably similar.

  26. toospiciecc

    I just wish that PD would finally get the licence from DTM to get some new DTM’s

  27. Bigsword1955

    We should consider ourselves lucky that PD still works on GT5 to try and make it more enjoyable after 2 YEARS. What other game has continued to serve there “FANS” after they release their game, most move on to create sequels (like Need For Speed Series)… Live with it or SELL the game. Better yet hang the GT5 disk onto your Car Mirror that’ll look COOL LOL… All in all it’s still a great game till GT6 comes out, then you’ll start whining about problems with that game…GROW UP…
    Now it would be nice to get DLC’s made for GT1…GT2…GT3…GT4… that would be awesome, that’ll show you how far PD and Kaz have come with a great Racing Game of which I play GT5 on 3 Profiles at least 3 hours every day. l’m 57 and semi-retired and l love to game it.
    Tired of GT5 yet, try playing Elder Scrolls Skyrim, l have passed 500+ hours in the game. But I still enjoy GT5, especially online with great friends, where else can you talk to friends WORLD WIDE and race with them…8)

    • GTAnonymous

      Your 57 years old and have friends around the same age as you playing GT5?! wow what retired community do you live in? Or are you 57 years old and play online with 15 year olds?

    • MuoNiuLa

      Mario Kart Wii.

      A 4+ year old game that is still updated with two online events every month.

      There’s your other game.

    • Drag Labs 101

      @ GTAnonymous… I’m not quite sure what you are getting at here. I’m 34 next month, have played GT5 2yrs now. Have 25 in game friends whom 90% are over the age of 25. I have come across several ppl older then myself in lobbies from time to time… 40-50- even 60yr olds. My point… Gt5 isn’t full of just children. What was your point again?

    • CJSpencer77

      @GTAnnymous , what are you going on about????? im 36 and i do everything possible to stay away with the idiot kiddies on this game, and who says you cant enjoy gaming if you not 15 ?? i have a guy in the league i run who is in his 50′s, most of the guys are 25 +, only a few teenagers in the whole league and they are mature teenagers anyway.
      I take it when you reach puberty you will simpy stop gaming

    • Racingworld68

      @ GTAnonymous, my dear friend, you’re reaction immidiatly points out who is the ‘kid’ here. I am 44 years old, playing every day GT5, and hey now what?, in the WRS i am for sure not the oldest one…..
      And like Mr Bigsword says, we should be happy that a game is still supported online afther being more then 2 years old…. strangly enough you do not find the older players complaining and b****tching. To be honest, if GT6 would take another 2 years, i would have no problem with that either, as GT5 still provides a lot of fun to a group of mature man who know what the word racing stands for….it are the ‘kids’ here who only get excited by a 3000bhp civic :) as they do not see what is still outthere or never expierenced the game like they should have….

    • Bigsword1955

      Thanks for the support People. My only beef with GT5 is the Muesum Cards, after 2 years l have all of them 3 or 4 times over and more, the highest I spotted was 12 of the same picture “D A M N”…!!! 9 or 10 every day. You can send out 5 but who wants them, they can’t be deleted. Sure they’re nice but it’s eatting up space in the game. l’m sure you all agree with the fact that we don’t want anymore sent out. And with the Seasonal Events I can rack loads of $$$ no glitching now lol bring back the ability to trade + Million dollar Cars..

    • huhobanut

      I’m 43 and I love it .. Been playing since day 1 (GT1) some 15 years ago !! …. With age comes experience !! Ha ha …

    • infamousphil

      50+ here… Playing since GT’s original “Jello” intro. Those group groping immediate gratification gen’ers obviously don’t get what Kaz’s universe is about.

      Nobody and nothing is perfect… I spend lots of time gifting, sharing and deleting content for lots of reasons. Don’t mind it a but.

    • Both Barrels

      Gonna be 38 soon, and I play this game every day. I’ve simply been addicted to it since its inception. Who ever outgrows their love of cars and driving? Obviously no one here! Cheers drivers :o)

    • 34 years old and still playing GT5 with my DFGT in the middle of the living room :D

    • Pit Crew

      GTAnonymous should have kept that Biased immature opinion anonymous. 37 Here.

    • esio trot

      50+ here too… been playing since the first edition! Didn’t realise there was a rule saying that you had to be below the legal age for real driving before you were allowed on the virtual track.

      Now where are my pipe and slippers… can’t find em cos my eyesight’s so bad… pardon? what did you say?

    • Logoncal21

      Atleast they are not talking about dificulties during cold war XD (LOLJK)

  28. Eh, GT5 really has taken it’s course on me. I’ve played GT5 so much over the last two years that I’ve practically got bored of it. I’ll be skipping these events too just like the last few ones, that is until PD does something to entice me to play the game again.

    • Bigsword1955

      GTAnonymous l’m simply stating the game is still great, l’m sure when problems show up in any new updates, they are spotted and dealt with by GT5 testors at GT5. As for the friends in GT5 they are of all ages and unlike you l prefer women of legal age…:)8-<
      Grow up, What can be fixed will get fixed.

    • infamousphil

      Wrong post Biggs? I used to get bored with GT. That’s why I have XBox’s and Wii’s in my house. Prior to online updates from PD I had to get my driving Jones’s elsewhere… Not anymore, as long as Sony and PD continue to support it anyways… ;)

    • Bigsword1955

      Yeah sorry, wrong repley…lol

  29. Brunskill777

    Are you sure these are the seasonals? I see high pp racing hard DTM cars! Am I imagining this? I expected 60pp comfort soft Nazi VW’s (which would certainly continue GT’s agenda of slow and boring seasonals)! Well I’m certainly doing these seasonals, something I haven’t done recently due to the UTTER CRAPNESS of recent seasonals!

    • Monatsende

      What exactly do you mean by saying “Nazi VW`s”? I really didn`t get that joke. (Maybe because it`s not really funny…)

    • I don’t think he meant it to be funny or offensive. Just referring to the VW’s that were used by Nazis in WWII (the amphibious Beetle-thingy and the other one :D). The actual joke was that usually we get seasonals with really slow cars and now we got one that many people are gonna like. Sorry for being a Sherlock.

    • Monatsende

      Don`t want to appear too thin-skinned. But if that was the OPs intension I`d like still to underline my basic message. The expression “Nazi-VW`s” is inapproriate. And there is no room for maybe upcoming “keep cool” etc. comments.

    • Flaco13

      Sorry Monatsende it is not inappropriate and not offensive IMO. They are both Volkswagen, built during the reign of the Nationalsocialist party referred to as “Nazis” and they obviously aren’t made for a civilian use. So what’s wrong with the expression ‘Nazi VW’ as long as it is referered to the Schwimm- and Kuebelwagen?

    • Brunskill777

      Sorry for any offense caused by that, but indeed I did mean the Kubelwagen and Schwimmwagen, just didn’t want to type all that out. Sorry again :(

  30. OneHandSteer

    Yeah I love DTM too, alongside BTCC and Bathhurst. I would to see PD even do a GT300 class event as well as I feel it is yet another under appreciated form of motorsport included in the game.


    I love DTM, thank you PD.
    I’m happy to see the GP Nurburgring too.

    Seriously, we have people whining on GT5 like the Pokemon fans.

    DTM was the first series I was interested in overseas. Now I get to drive them, in seasonal fashion :P. This must be my valentines gift.

  32. MuoNiuLa

    I wish people would stop defending SRF.

    • Pit Crew

      The ones defending it seem to be new to gtplanet…I dont expect them to understand…heck their probably new to GT5 to atleast newer than you and me.

    • Logoncal21

      well i’m new and i hate srf because it makes me feel guilty for having fake
      but i don’t b**** about that like you two
      ignore it. if it’s mandatory, don’t race it an complain t(except if you’re short on cr. like i was)

    • TokoTurismo

      Agreed @MuoNiuLa and @Pit Crew. Why does others want to defend “forced” aids like SRF anyway? O_o

    • Logoncal21

      most people that “defends” srf, doesn’t like to use and they’re not wasting time compaining

  33. discostued

    Stop going on about SRF.
    It is what it is and get on with it!

    If it bothers you that much don’t play!!

  34. geekRAGE

    Holy stop whining about the SRF. Seriously what’s the big deal?? It’s not like you get extra money or exp or lose it for it being on. If gt5 was like forza where turning driving aids on/off actually affected something I would understand.

    • Bigsword1955

      What is SRF…???

    • onewayroll

      It’s not about money or experience, it’s about how the car handles…get real.

  35. Spannermonkey33

    Nice to see the DTM cars, just wish everyone would stop whining about the SRF and get on with it!

  36. TomBrady

    What? SRF is forced on again? I’m not even gonna bother. I guess Kaz doesn’t pay attention to his twitter, I’ve tweeted him multiple times about that crap. I’ll just stick to the older seasonals

  37. TomBrady

    Damnit, Nurburgring GP/F? I hate the GP course. Not because it’s a bad track, but anytime I see nurburgring I think Nordschliefe, and none of the other layouts come close. I really feel like the GP layout is a wart on the best track on earth, it’s like a disgrace. Maybe I’m crazy but to me the ring is sacred and the GP course is blasphemy

    • Whitefalcon63

      I don’t mind it myself apart from the Micky mouse section at the start. I’d love it if the did Road America for GT5.

    • infamousphil

      Wow… A definite surprise to hear that from you Tom. I’m not very fast there as you may not be either. Although I do enjoy showing all who haven’t found the proper inside breaking point for turn one, I am terribly slow through the rest of the course.

      Yeah, they shoulda used one of Nurburg’s larger configurations, but please don’t let it get you’d down.

      Even the SRF… Uh, err… never mind. I just remembered I had decided to let the junior drivers have at it. PD obviously believes the DTM teams of the time were using some version of that driving side?

      At least there’s a pro version of all these junior class seasonals at HighPerformanceStreet.

    • infamousphil

      … obviously believes DTM teams were using a version of that driving aide… spell check correction

  38. Ramanujan

    The phoenix Astra from the refeshed OCD is pretty fast for it’s pp. Give it a try. ;-)

  39. Both Barrels

    It’s easy to see why the ’00 CLK Touring Car dominated the DTM. Seriously.

    • Pit Crew

      Its beastly Both Barrels I love that thing. Even detuned its a Monster.

    • Logoncal21

      i used with 507pp and MY GOD

  40. freshseth83

    DTM cars will be the choice here!

  41. TokoTurismo

    Nice event, although we had this already but good to see it again.

    • Almost all recent events we’ve already seen because they repeat the same order in which they appeared earlier.
      So, I guess that for two weeks comes a new World Circuit Tours (old event World Circuit Tours will be removed). Then following Mini Challenge ,Supercar Nostalgia Cup, Japanese 90′s Challenge etc

      But this, Racing Tires ,SRF forced On, so pathetic

    • TokoTurismo

      Oh I know that already, which is why I like the TTs and DTs a lot better. Ask for SRF being “forced” again, knew it would… LAME!!!

    • TokoTurismo


    • Pit Crew

      Well DTM event is for Racing Cars so Race tires is cool in this case, but I must agree with Toko my canadian bro that SRF Forced on, is Pathetic and Lame. PD made a bad choice on that one…and they continue to do so. DT and TTs keep it real.

    • TokoTurismo

      ^ Totally agree with you bro. :) TTs and DTs for the win!! :D

  42. Fantastic, some TC racing for a change.

  43. Dionisiy

    Happy Valentine`s Day :)

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