Gran Turismo 6 Pushes PS3 “As Far as It Can Go”

June 26th, 2013 by Jordan

Many Kazunori Yamauchi interviews emerged from E3 2013 earlier this month, most of which covered or re-iterated points and announcements made during the Gran Turismo 6 reveal at Silverstone back in May.

Most interviewers also repeatedly asked Kazunori about the PlayStation 4, but few got as interesting or detailed responses from him as VentureBeat.

When asked about how developing across the evolving PlayStation hardware over the years, Kazunori explained some fascinating details about what could be called the very first iteration of Gran Turismo:

“Back in the days of the PlayStation, the development device was about the size of a refrigerator. I created the first demo on that machine. I did the modeling by myself. I made a demo where an F1 car would drive around an oval track with flat shading — no textures.

“But the result was really kind of stunning. I never thought that I’d see the day when we could make games with 3D graphics. Of course, back then, I used to tinker with PCs and make games there as well, but I never thought there would come a day when these 3D models could run at 30 frames per second. That was a major surprise for me, when the first PlayStation came out.”

He went on to discuss the power of the PlayStation 2, and how it was able to outperform, in some ways, the PS3:

“When the [PlayStation 2] came out, one unique characteristic of that system was that the screen fill rate was very fast. Even looking back now, it’s very fast. In some cases, it’s faster than the PS3. There, we were able to use a lot of textures. It was able to do that read-modify-write, where it reads the screen, you take the screenshot, and you modify it and send it back. It could do that very quickly.

“I don’t know if anybody remembers, but when the PS2 first came out, the first thing I did on that was a demo for the announcement. I showed a demo of GT3 that showed the Seattle course at sunset with the heat rising off the ground and shimmering. You can’t re-create that heat haze effect on the PS3 because the read-modify-write just isn’t as fast as when we were using the PS2. There are things like that. Another reason is because of the transition to full HD.”

Finally, he describes the PS4 as a much more “well balanced” machine than the PS3, reenforcing Sony’s comments that the simplified hardware architecture enables faster and more efficient software development.

“The PS3 was a combination of a poor GPU with an SPU that’s really fast if you use it right. It’s not a very well-balanced machine. It’s hard to use the hardware properly. That’s one reason why it took us five years to develop GT5. Using the SPU properly, though, that in itself is really interesting. On the PS3, in the demo, we showed the adaptive tessellation. That’s the kind of technology that you normally wouldn’t be able to do unless you were on the PS4-generation of machines. When you optimize the use of the SPU properly, you can do that even on the PS3.

“That leads into how we work on the PS4. The PS4 isn’t as off-balance as the PS3 was. If you look at the market right now, Gran Turismo is one of the only games on the PS3 that does 1080p at 60 frames per second. It was really difficult to achieve that. On the PS4, the lowest common denominator is going to be boosted. Most games will be able to do 1080p at 60 frames per second. That’s the real good part about the PS4.

“Once everyone has played out GT6 on the PS3, we are thinking about a PS4 game. When that comes out, we’ll be testing the limits of the PS4, just like in this version we’re releasing now. We’ve really pushed the limits of the PS3 as far as it can go.”

Kazunori goes on to discuss driving physics, online racing features and how they fit into the overall game, and much more. Read his full two-page interview with VentureBeat here.

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  1. aluminiumfoil

    I’ve been replaying gran turismo 3 and 4 again to see these “heat haze” effects. The effects seem to look better on GT3 than GT4 I think. The heat haze doesn’t appear as often in GT4. It looks like polyphony was able to create some form of real time gaussian blur to create the heat haze effect during replays to me. That’s pretty impressive on the ps2 at 60fps.

    What I don’t understand is why polyphony never used mip-mapping on the ps2.

  2. Most would disagree on that point – but okay, in the interest of semantics, it’s a game that is a simulator. Rant all you want about needing gameplay info, you’ll only get it when PD are ready, which will probably be Gamescon in August.

    It is GT though, so you should already have some idea what to expect…

    • Damn, that was meant to be a reply to Kobooi…could have sworn that I clicked the reply link.

    • TokoTurismo

      +10 MeanElf. :)

  3. japlkofk69

    Improvements improvements and more improvements…great, really great man….now the important question: ARE WE GETTING A PREMIUM SUPRA? LoL

    • sangdude82

      Premium Supra is a must and can Bugatti Veyron (preferably Super Sport) & Subaru 22B STI become Premium as well? lol


      speaking of a premium Supra, we need a serious boost in Premium Toyota’s with 1JZ and 2JZ motors if you know what I’m getting at. The Chaser and the Mark II all years and iterations of those 2 models. I’d go nuts if they did this.

  4. joetruckv8


  5. Emman1984

    I might get GT6 on PS3 than :-)

  6. research

    “Most interviewers also repeatedly asked Kazunori about the PlayStation 4″

    Very understated, Jordan. Why are you being so kind to these idiots? LOL! Seriously though, sometimes these gaming “journalists” are really doing more harm than good. Especially, it seems, when speaking with someone from a more respect-oriented culture such as Kazunori. I know I give him a hard time around here but at least my points are relevant! PS4 is a non-issue now. Everybody would be doing themselves a lot of good if they would figure this out and accept it. Anyone who thinks GT’s biggest problems are graphical is a lost cause, anyway..

  7. I hope no more terrible shadows on the cars.

    • gtrx251

      I agree that the game was running at 720p but without the terrible shadow.

  8. ferhound

    Last time they said so.

  9. StiggyGT

    Massive respect to ya’ Kaz. No other bunch of game developers seem to have such dedication for their games.

  10. It’s the first thing Kaz has said in a very long time that I don’t do a facepalm when hearing.

  11. Heat haze! I remember that on PS2 (GT3, GT4?)…And we don’t have it on GT5, do we?

    • Sort of. I’ve seen it on Grand valley on the rooves and bonnets of cars, but only a slight shimmer that can’t be captured in photomode, at least not back when I tried last.

  12. Sickwithit

    Man this is good stuf!

  13. dadadoo2

    Great responses from Kaz, not his usual mystique…

    • kekke2000

      Only a few days until we get the GT6 engine into our homes!!! :D Maybe he is hyped aswell.

  14. PD are the masters of optimization! Now this is the kind of stuff we need to hear more about. Great interview.

  15. kollosson

    They possibly realised late into GT5 development how they could get more out the PS3, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a team set up to explore that even before GT5 was released, in any case what they have done with GT6 is pure genius, I mean adaptive tessellation is just incredible on this current gen and the realistic physics, GT6 is going to blow every console racer off the planet, I’ve already pre ordered my copy : )

  16. SaintSaiya

    So he says the ps2 was superior in some ways,I guess hes right, I mean gt3 and 4 were awesome and my copy of gt5 mehhh havent even played it,I need more than 4 gb worth of updates

    • BarronGeddon

      You’re completely missing the point of what he said. And then some.

    • kekke2000

      You really missed out on GT5. It’s an awesome game that would be worth ALL of the PS3 memory if it was necessary.

    • Yamauchi is probably referring to the 4MB of eDRAM used by the PS2′s graphics chip. It was amazingly fast (48 GB/s bandwidth) and had a very generous bus width (512-bit for simultaneous read/write, or 1024-bit read only or 1024-bit write only). Even if you really tax the PS2′s graphics chip, it was still capable of rendering 300 million pixels per second.

      The PS2 was released at time when 480i was the norm so the ‘read-modify-write’ operation was very easy to achieve because of the eDRAM specs mentioned above.

  17. TokoTurismo

    Well of course the PS3 is hard to make games on, even Kaz himself is saying it as well. It’s just that some people didn’t understood that and instead blamed them anyway. And Dan took a shot a PD saying he wouldn’t want to take five years just to add features into his game, that wasn’t even funny because he’s not the one making a game on the PS3 now is he? “I’m just saying” he saids…

    Anyway. I’m glad Kaz had spoken the reason why GT5 had to delay and stuff, but why did he wait so long? See now Kaz and PD are suited to the PS3 which is good, and with the PS4 it’ll be even better for them cause is much more easier to make games on from what I heard. Kaz, you’re a very kind man, and I respect you but don’t act like you did from the GT5 days. lol

    Thumbs up for you man. :)

  18. Crooooooow

    Yamauchi is an intelligent man, an inspiration. He delivers great facts straight and with no hesitation. Him and his team highly deserve at least a week long vacation, and so do I.

  19. Kratos_Q8

    the last of us pushed every thing the ps3 have

    • MeanElf

      So did Uncharted 3 apparently, but that was back then – so believe it when a dev says they have found a way to improve on what they thought was the best.

  20. It’s true. Gran Turismo has always pushed the PS hardware. I wonder if it was possible to sell the engine, ie split engine and game development at PD and sell the engine to other vendors (ie like Crytek does). It would be a win win scenario for gamers, as for PD not sure.

    • danardif1

      But then the others would know how PD do it… and I don’t think they necessarily want to reveal that.

      There’s a reason there aren’t many other driving games that can hold a candle to GT, and PD know they need to hold onto that.

    • biftizmo

      Yes i had this theory when i so Drive club…another developer around the GT engine….would be good for all of us because all driving games would be interchangeable with content…could be great…should we let everyone know how its done??? well as far as i know data visualization technology is a first…and could have great potential for the real racing industry to…as they invented it they would also own the technology…so this is a winner also for PD..DVT is the real link between virtual and reality, its an important advancement in technology…if PD carry on in this direction it could be as good invention for real racing as x-Ray is to the NHS….

      in there words..”They Diced with death and got the data”…. from what kaz said he’s excited by this concept also…

  21. airborn007

    I though GT5 did push PS3 to its max. All I want is consistant 60 fps Kaz.

    • GT5 did in a sorta unoptimized way. Not to say it wasn’t optimized, but GT6 is supposed to utilize the PS3 much more efficiently than 5.

    • I just wish the replays were in 60fps!

    • Jashmid

      Sort of like Apple: “This is our best product yet”. Well, duh!

  22. RaceReady

    I think what he said is a true show of just how much he cares about making the best sim on a console. If some of you would “read” whats written and try and comprehend it then you would understand things better. Yes GT5 took a while to release BUT Kaz-San was trying to make this game the best he could for US. He was doing all that he could to make the best for us with a new system. He deserves your respect and admiration, not your ignorant Borza criticisim

    • In every interview I read how he pushes the hardware limits. I couldn’t care less. He should push the limits of A-spec, AI, UI, DLC, sounds. He should be talking about gameplay, not about SPUs and GPUs.

    • hairystig

      Oh really, do other racing sim devs worry about GAMEplay?

    • Oh enough with the simulator. Pong is also a tennis simulator then.
      GT is a driving or racing game – a bit of both actually, so not excelling in one or the other. But a game nevertheless.
      I would love for it to be a driving sim. Just pick a car and drive it on Google maps -or even better- streetview. Wouldn’t need anything else, no prizes, no money, no assists, no opponents, no A-spec, no B-spec, no precreated tracks, no leaderboards.
      A racing sim would need teams, season campaigns, qualifications, crashes, damage, flags, penalties, prizes. Obviously GT is not that.

    • MeanElf

      That’s why it’s called a driving simulator. In truth a full open world driv ing game isn’t going to happen, not from PD. We are only now in the beta stage of Outerra, an engine that has recreated the whole world and suses procedural generation to show on screen where you are. That’s with no roads, cities or anything and it’s taken them a few years to get that far.

      To drive anywhere in the world, GT style at least, all of those cities/towns/roads and environments would need to be created – do you relaise how much work that would be?

      If you want a Google maps driving thing, go download a game that does that (there is one) and good luck with the highly pixellated city blocks.

    • That’s not the point. GT is a game. I expect from the guy in charge to talk about gameplay. Not this recurring “we really pushed the limits of the hw this time” marketing crap.

    • hairystig

      NFS is pretty gameplay centric. I think you’d enjoy that game.

    • What does NFS have to do with this? I enjoy playing with my wife in the bedroom, but that’s just as irrelevant here.

    • MeanElf

      Kobooi, your post said: “Just pick a car and drive it on Google maps -or even better- streetview. Wouldn’t need anything else, no prizes, no money, no assists, no opponents, no A-spec, no B-spec, no precreated tracks, no leaderboards.” So I replied – how is that not the point.

      Gameplay infor classically comes later, that is closer to the release date. All stuff up until now has been teasers. Be thankful that there is an interview out there which isn’t the same as every other one. This actually reveals interesting stuff about the game serie’s gestalt and it has brought us a lot of understanding.

      The rest will follow.

    • GT is not a sim, its a game. So gameplay is important. Kaz hasn’t been teasing me with anything yet.

    • MeanElf

      Most would disagree on that point – but okay, in the interest of semantics, it’s a game that is a simulator. Rant all you want about needing gameplay info, you’ll only get it when PD are ready, which will probably be Gamescon in August.

      It is GT though, so you should already have some idea what to expect…

      (Reposted in the correct place)

  23. RaceReady

    I think what he said is a true show of just how much he cares about making the best sim on a console. If some of you would “read” whats written and try and comprehend it then you would understand things better. Yes GT5 took a while to release BUT Kaz-San was trying to make this game the best he could for US. He was doing all that he could to make the best for us with a new system. He deserves your respect and admiration.

  24. RaceReady

    I think what he said is a true show of just how much he cares about making the best sim on a console. If some of you would “read” whats written and try and comprehend it then you would understand things better. Yes GT5 took a while to release BUT Kaz-San was trying to make this game the best he could for US. He was doing all that he could to make the best for us with a new system. He deserves your respect and admiration, not your Forza this and Forza that bull.

  25. TomBrady

    I believe him.

    A lot of people forget how far PD pushed the PS2.

    Am I the only person who remembers that you could play GT4 in 1080i?

    GT4 in 1080i was the best looking game on PS2, hands down. It had some crazy competition to beat as well like God of War 2.

    I think it’s possible that GT6 could take the title of best looking 7th generation console game from God of War Ascension/God of War 3/ Uncharted 3. That’s assuming Beyond Two Souls doesn’t blow everything away, which is very possible with it’s simple gameplay, and improvements over heavy rain, which was already one of the best looking games

  26. I’ve never seen such In-Depth and Drawn Out answers from Kazunori Yamauchi, you sure this was an interview with him?? (joking)

  27. BladeRunner4000

    Gran Turismo 6 Pushes PS3 “As Far as It Can Go”

    As GT5 supposedly did?

    • TomBrady

      No they never said that. they said they pushed it as hard as they could at the time but there was a lot of power left in the CPU.

    • MeanElf

      Plus, that was then and this is now.

    • smskeeter23

      Do you know how many times I’ve told my boss “I can’t queeze anything more out of that box, it’s time to upgrade.” He keeps saying the same thing “thats what you said last time.”…

      But everyday I learn new tricks to keep it alive. It’s the same thing for PD trust me.

  28. HoneyBadger

    “I think one of the things I look forward to the most in GT6 (besides new physics) are the reduced loading times. Navigating the menus in GT5 is PAINFULLY SLOW, I can hardly imagine how much faster I could tune my cars!”

    Yeah, the time it takes to navigate through the menu is ridiculous. Perhaps this is at least partially due to the limited amount of RAM in the PS3 …

    • TomBrady

      It’s really not that bad, the only issues is how slow it is when you load a huge garage of cars or paint chips. Other than that it’s really not that bad.

      I did notice in the full article that he called GT5 slow and sluggish and that people should notice in the GT6 demo that everything is seemless with almost no load time at all. I hope he’s right

  29. tpark103

    My PS3 is reserved exclusively for GT so I have plenty of space. The bigger the better bring it on Kaz I want to see if you can push my PS3 to capacity.

  30. all i want from gt6 is to drive pikes peak and be able to see the dust/smoke in my rear view mirror! side mirrors would be massively helpful for online too..

  31. biftizmo

    For me, “as i was born before the mobile phone”….technology was always gong to be about communication,,,yes the ability to share your experiences…i was always a good communicator from my early days and made lots off friends its not surprising i took to it easy on a globule scale…to share and play together in GT5 and i always hoped you could… Is the best thing to come out of the super communication highway invention …but its surprising to me that Kas said its still very much a 1 player situation….as people are still reluctant to play together…maybe its because we are to cynical of other peoples motivations…relax a bit and see theirs a whole world of nice people out there…lets share and play together..GT has endless amounts of possibility’s out there..I’ve seen a few since GT5 started and the internet is a much richer place for me and my friends alike..if there was no GT6
    i think i would still get many more years entertainment out of GT5 as it is… and i don’t think you’ll be able to “Play out GT6″…not even in 24 months

    • biftizmo

      who’s joining me next year for the biftizmo academy 2014 “Racer to Gamer Program”…

    • So, I’m suppose to share my own personal experience with others?

      Why should I have to deal with other people ramming me off of the track and being a total nuisance, just because there is a “super communication highway” that has been invented?

    • biftizmo

      Come Race with me harvee!!!!!!!!!! can you beat me in the academy but you’ll have to try hard to beat me and have more FUN..

    • Stay away from me!!!!!!!!!

    • TokoTurismo

      ^ LOL! XD

    • smskeeter23

      ^^ LMAO +2!!

    • biftizmo

      lol..^^was bound to be…..

  32. 2012GT325

    15 years ago, the Gran Turismo series came into market and changed racing games forever after. Not only was it (and continues to be) the most realistic sim racer on any console, but it has also helped many people inspire for and become real life racing drivers through the GT Academy. As in anything man-made, Gran Turismo is not perfect and is not for everyone. As Kaz San points out, it was also challenging to design the last release (GT5) for the PS3. But as we move on to the next gen and on to the PS4, things will only get better and better from this point on. GT6 will also be a fantastic game as PD has had many years to fully learn the elements of the PS3. Other games have come along that may do some things better than the GT series. But many people and I will continue to support the legend that’s Gran Turismo because it’s not just a game, but a racing sim that has the potential to achieve so much more (by giving even more people the opportunity to express their passion for cars and giving them the chance to become real race car drivers).

    Here’s to the next 15 years and the next installments of Gran Turismo. Kaz, PD and team, may you all continue your passionate hard work in giving the world the greatest racing sim ever.

    • twofast4u1997


    • Stephanos82

      “most realistic sim racer on any console” -> so if it weren’t for forza it would have to compete to mario kart?

    • Quigz125

      Mario Kart is not a racing sim. It’s a racing game period with crazy fun things added in (puting it mildly lol). GT is a Simulator all the way through and competes with Drive Club, Forza, and other sims mostly between PS and Assbox. Out of those, the physics engine in GT is way out of any other games league. No other game comes close to it and GT6 will be even better. Yes it might be an “add-on” to GT5 like some say but now Kaz’s team has had more experience improving a game much more than what they could before. It’s all about time. Simple logistics: the more time one takes to make something, the better the result is with few (if any) minor errors.

    • Stephanos82

      @Quigz125 – fanboy alert!!
      Have you ever even tried Forza4? Before you dismiss it as way out of Gts league you should actually take it for a spin! The suspension travel, tyres reaction, body roll etc etc are all massively better in f4 than in gt5.. GT doesnt even have tyre pressure for crying out loud! That’s my opinion of course and I love GT but please I could make do without the fanboy comments about Gt5!

    • Quigz125

      Wow because I said GT has the best physics now I’m a fanboy. I bet I can get most people on this site to agree with me that GT has the best simulation FOR DRIVING. It’s not about crashes and flips its about DRIVING, pure Driving! Plus we don’t know yet if tire pressure is an option for 6 yet. We might not know until its release. But GT uses much more with suspension, areodynamics, dampers, temperature of the tires, etc. Sure Forza is more fun with careless racing and wrecking expensive cars for fun but GT is strictly Driving Simulation.

    • Stephanos82

      Omg man, just listen to you talking.. The way you berate Forza is worthy of praise.. So you think the massive community that plays forza does so because they like crashing to each other or flipping their cars? And what you said that forza is more fun for careless racing and wrecking.. LOL !! From what you say, it is apparent that you have no idea what forza is about. It is as much of a sim as Gt is, some would argue more some less! This is my last post to you, my aspirations fir gt6 are high, but when there are such people like you who blindly accept something as the best without even knowing why, then I know that the series doesn’t even meed to evolve! No matter how stale it is it wilk always be the best for fanboys!

  33. tpark103

    Kaz looks like a Gangster on that old picture.

    • smskeeter23

      Kaz is a gangsta. A stone cold code killa lmao…

  34. gt4viper

    I think one of the things I look forward to the most in GT6 (besides new physics) are the reduced loading times. Navigating the menus in GT5 is PAINFULLY SLOW, I can hardly imagine how much faster I could tune my cars!

    • smskeeter23

      I’ve hardly done ANY tuning at all in this game because it takes so damn long. If I could do it from the pits during a test session I’d be a tuning freak.

      Instead I just finds ways to be fast with the stock setup. Done just fine all the way up to level 40 clean against the AI and no track cutting with it. Which I suppose doesn’t really say alot :-\

  35. Title should be :”Prepare your PS3 to be raped” .. GT5 already cost me a PS3, hope GT6 doesn’t :s

    • 2012GT325

      “raped” lol. That’s unlikely to happen as my PS3 is a fat ugly chick. Seriously, though, I have the fat 80 GB PS3 and my friends and I have never had a problem with GT5 overloading the system on any of our PS3s. There must have been something wrong with your hardware before, because I find it hard to believe GT5 broke (“raped”) your system.

    • Both Barrels

      Between myself and my kids, my PS3 runs for up to 8 hours a day on average. Never fails.

    • sind3ntosca

      Yes, my PS3 is still the fat old lady too hoho… only 40GB :p …never had a problem until now, and the GT5 BluRay always in the tray even if the PS3 off. …Bring on the GT6!! Hoho ;p

  36. MisterWhiskers

    This isn’t really news. I do hope to see aspects GT lacks improved like customization, engine sounds, etc. that its competitors have, but they should still concentrate on improving their strengths. This strategy should gain the players who left GT’s respect back.

  37. biftizmo

    I got mega respect for this man..Nobody this side of the world does anything passionately for 20 years..unless they haven’t been caught yet and sent to jail..This man knows the beans..Its not nice when i here things like “they don’t know what there doing”.”thrown together”, “half ass” ..and all that..its disrespectful .lets just give him a round of applause for even caring so long…lets give them a break..they are lovely people really….we were both born when computers were invented and hes done more with them than i could ever achieve for the rest of my life..that is one Brainy Man..
    Here’s to whats next Kazy…dude..

    • RedDragon

      I totally agree. While I may only have started racing on GT4 I have a huge amount of respect for Kaz and what he’s been able to do.

    • Rionmoon

      Dude…two words (and I’m not a fan if it) Forza Motorsport.

      Better graphics, same system.

      Non fanboys don’t like seeking the GT series not living up to the best it can be

    • HuskyGT

      @ Rionmoon

      Are you serious?

    • SZRT Ice

      I can respect your sentiment Bift’. I got a ton of love for Kaz and PD. It may not come through sometimes, but I can most definitely feel where you’re coming from…

    • 2012GT325

      @ biftizmo: Thank you for you awesome comments. When someone such as Kaz San dedicates his entire life in perfecting his vision and passion, you know that he’s not in it just for fame or money, but rather to achieve a greater goal. As he states on this interview, the PS3 was not the easiest system to design for (and this coming from Kaz who’s partners with Sony) and that the PS4 will be a much better system. Kudos to the entire PD team and may they achieve all their dreams of giving the world the greatest racing game ever.

      @ Rionmoon: Here’s some words for you: If you had bothered to use whatever’s between you ears, you’d know that Gran Turismo 5 is on the PS3, and Kaz’s comments here are about how difficult it was to design for that system. Why the hell are you talking about Forza, a game that’s on an entirely different platform? If it wasn’t for Gran Turismo’s success and achievement, there’d be NO Forza. Period. The GT series is not for everyone and is not perfect, but I and many others still prefer it to Forza. Please don’t waste everyone’s time by being a troll. Instead, help someone, learn something or do something more useful.

    • GTHEAD87

      @2012GT325 thank you, you just saved me from typing a reply to rionmoon.

    • +1 very diplomatic and I agree with the above too, well said. I love GT since GT1, nothing can convince me otherwise, iv tried all the console sims and GT is by far my favourite, thanks kaz you da man :)

  38. Rionmoon

    Well ok. “Once everyone has played out GT6 on PS3 we’re thinking about a PS4 game”


    “Coming the winter of 2017…GT7 for PS4″

    Assuming we get GT6 this year AND it takes just 24 months to “play out GT6″. That would be 2015. Then they start developing GT7…

    Hey! Kaz said after its played out. I hope he just has a bad translator.

    So if there are’nt three or for delayed launches we should see a new game in time for you kids to be graduating college, the young’uns here putting their kids into elementary school and the rest of us on social security.

    • HKSBro92

      The fact that he said “thinking”

    • SZRT Ice

      He doesn’t want to reveal secrets. Revealing too much now would loikely steal GT6′s fire and shine. GT6PS4 or GT7 are being worked on to some degree, likely as we speak. Just focus on GT6 for now.

      You guys are focusing on strategy for the last lap and we haven’t even warmed up our tires, or had a practice lap yet.

    • MisterWhiskers

      I would love to see if you could improve GT. Kaz is not perfect, but he put blood and sweat into his work. Don’t get me wrong, Forza gets GT’s weak side sometimes, but Forza cannot compare to the graphics nor physics of GT. GT is the game a real car and game lover would ask for.

    • MuoNiuLa

      ” Forza cannot compare to the graphics nor physics of GT”


    • GTHEAD87

      @rionmoon I dont think you deserve to even own a gt game. You seem like a complete moron. You always have complaints about something. They have probably got a team starting work on a new game for the ps4. Gt6 will be a massive game so they have time to get things right so that people lile you dont go around trolling articles. Honestly, ive seem a lot of your comments and you are so ungrateful for what kaz is doing for car enthusiasts. Ive wrote some whiney comments about “forza sucks “gt rules” “how can it be so hard to make a game” I soon learned that I was being a total tit and was probably pissing people off the same way that you are. If you dont like gt, the wait, the lack of info then dont come on the site, go on another sote because your comments are so close minded that I wonder if you are one of these kids getting sent to school.

    • Forza is a good game and for what I’ve seen it’s better than any other racing game… except Gran Turismo. I’ve said it many times. I considered getting Forza many times in the past, but the console-for-just-one-game thing always threw me off. Right now it’s too late to get an Xbox 360, and no way I’m spending my money on the Xbox DVR… I mean Xbox One. Even if they eliminated the restrictions.

      Graphically speaking, and judging by that video of the McLaren, Forza 5 is now a bit superior than GT. However it’s still a bit rough. But when it comes to physics, just as I stated in the other news article, I’m sure it will never compare to GT6. No matter how “foolish” this might sound, this is a fact.

    • MuoNiuLa

      @HuskyGT: I give up. Continue with your flawed train of thought.

    • lol “facts”

  39. HoneyBadger

    I think frame rate is a critical component in the sense of speed. I love the cockpit view but the drop in frame rate kills the sense of speed for me which unfortunately drives my back to the so-called “bumper cam” (yes I know its not actually bumper perspective in GT5). I think it would really nice if GT7 provided PC-like graphics tweaking capability that allows was to reduce or turn off certain graphics parameters to increase frame rate. No idea if Kaz has been thinking along those line but one can only hope.

    • The feature exists already. Decrease screen size in Options -> screen setup to 90% size. This WILL produce 100% stable 60fps. It is not as configurable as some purists like, but it is great to see their engine is capable or reducing slightly smaller images so easily

  40. I’d rather have GT5/6 at 720p with shadows and smoke effects that look good rather than 1080p 60fps with smoke and shadows that look like absolute crap. 720p with a little more anti-aliasing would be fine.

    Too bad they chase this ridiculous FPS and resolution requirements and sacrifice graphics.

    • SZRT Ice

      I can concur with this. Some of the most enjoyable games for me this Gen, had some of the worst if not Playstation 2 level graphics. But because of that, the developers were able to flesh out the entire game evenly vs sacrificing resources entirely in one to two areas.

    • DYLAN777-is-not

      Lol at your comment. Just no.

    • Rionmoon


  41. It’s amazing how far they are able to push this old console. I think PD is one of the few developers along with maybe Naughty Dog and Guerilla Games who have truly pushed the PS3 “as far as it can go.”

    And as someone else said, it is kinda sad as GT6 will also be my final purchase for my PS3. :(

    • Rionmoon

      Have they?

      Nobody has GT6 yet or even the demo.

    • Have they what? Pushed the PS3 to the max? Of course. What game hasn’t at this point?

  42. GT5 Level 41

    So Kaz is more than a figurehead and a hobby racer. More interviews like that please.

    • Terronium-12

      I can kind of understand the racing dig, but figurehead? Seriously?

    • GT5 Level 41

      I’m just bitter over the delayed GT5 release, lack of GT5 DLC tracks, and stale seasonals.

      This interview really changed my opinion of Kaz. I just wish he would’ve said all that along time ago.

    • Both Barrels

      Racing is an aside for him. The GT series is his passion.

  43. Stephanos82

    Great interview!
    No mention of tyre pressure!! :(

    • SZRT Ice

      Being the head of a company, it’s easy to be a figure head and simply talk at presentations and just tell people what to do. He’s commending Kaz for not taking that route.

    • Tyre pressure?! What? That wouldl be the most random thing to include.

    • SZRT Ice

      @ T-12

  44. wallpaper42

    Just makes me wish even more that they were making GT6 for PS4 instead.


    I’m Not Doing This So You Check Out My Twitter But I Have A Screenshot On My Profile About GT6 Coming To PS4, I Havent Read This Article Because That’s Too Long Lol. I’m Not Sure If Its Coming To PS4 Or Not? Go To @GiovanniJohnB On Twitter Or Go To “” And Search PS4 And Look Through The Games. Someone Please Get Back To Me….

  46. GTracer98

    Finally I understood why the heat effect didn’t find it’s way in GT5…

    • Both Barrels

      There is heat effect in GT5.

    • GTHEAD87

      To be fair I never noticed until read this article, now im gonna be hunting for other little things that would be good.

  47. A_Higher_Place

    Excellent interview! I’m excited to take the GTR GT3 to the same spot on the Nurburgring and see if it gets that kind of air!

    15 metres of “wheelie-ing” after that must have felt amazing. Probably felt like it lasted longer than it really did too!

  48. p3bucky

    I still have my fat PS2. It’s loud but still works like it should. I’ve lost a lot of my games, and some have really bad scratches, but all my favorites (Like NFS U2) work, and that’s all that matters. PS2 is definitely my favorite console.

  49. Hope GT6 won´t broke my PS3. (my 2nd one) Just that.

  50. Maddens Raiders

    It always has….

  51. sumbrownkid

    I really want to see this refrigerator sized developers kit.

  52. HKSBro92

    “Once everyone has played out GT6 on the PS3, we are thinking about a PS4 game” Thinking?? You better get to work, PD!

    • GTHEAD87

      Should only take a couple of years really, hopefully lol. Gt6 should be big enough to last us until then. Cant wait to see the next gen games like drive club just to see what kind of looks we could maybe get. Exciting stuff.

    • ScotteDawg

      It seems that quite a few people have no idea about what exponentialism is! Basically, technology grows at a faster rate as it feeds off itself…
      Creating GT7 for the PS4 would, compared to GT5 or 6, take far less time to put together!
      In the opening to the paragraph before your quote grab, Kaz hinted at the possibility that they might already have started on GT7 when he said “That’s how we work on the PS4″!
      IMO, GT7 should be ready for a Holiday 2015 release but, because no-one knows how Sony will strategize this, I’d say 2016!
      Still, that comes in at between 2 and 3 years, enough time to play out GT6!

    • MeanElf

      I’m with Scotte here – it’s already been said that PD were integral in designing the architecture for the PS4 – discussion in the threads has already suggested that they have had a dev kit longer than other devs, so it’s fair to assume that they are already underway with GT7.

      Besides, the assets are there already, ready for the PS4.

  53. Ferrari458Italia

    Didn’t they say this about GT5? hmmm

  54. The PS2 truly was (and is) an epic machine. A perfect ratio of technical ability, simplicity, and reasonable pricing.

    • HuskyGT

      I know. Still have mine. Still use it. It’s still in perfect shape and I don’t think it will ever die. It’s probably the console that has brought me the best gaming memories.

    • DYLAN777-is-not

      Yea the ps2 ruled. The console was as small as the game cases, plus its quiet and doesnt break down. Plus its backwards capatible! Plus it was a great price.

  55. HuskyGT

    Damn, can’t wait for GT6. But I can’t wait for GT7 either XD

    • ScotteDawg

      GT6 – I can understand the impatience, but GT7? Gimme a release date and THEN I’ll get excited…

  56. linupix

    I just want a premium Formula GT ;)

  57. This is actually a really good interview, one of the most interesting I have seen in years. Can’t wait for GT6 it will be my lastt PS3 purchase which makes me kind of sad :(

  58. L8erBaby

    That Delta Wing pic ISN’T real world? *faints* I hope the 2014 Le Mans one is in, though not a no–buy if it isn’t.

    • Deko Wolf-GTPT

      What do you mean “isn’t real world”? The car is real. And I believe so is that location. I also believe that’s a photo produced using GT6 Photo Mode.

      …I still don’t understand what you’re talking about…

    • SZRT Ice

      He couldn’t believe that wasn’t a “real-life” picture, but yet picture produced through Gran Turismo 6. Not hard to comprehend. While trying to make others look stupid, the opposite can also take place.

  59. dylansan

    Although I recall him saying the same thing about GT5 pushing the limits, I’m inclined to believe him in this case, as there certainly doesn’t seem to be much room for improvement anyway. It’s easy to tell that GT5 struggles graphically while keeping high framerate, so it’s true that GT5 pushed the limits. GT6 is probably just going to optimize everything to get it looking as good as it can with the same hardware. Not pushing the limits so much as recognizing and remaining within them.

    I hope they don’t wait too long after GT6 to work on a PS4 game. I think we are all curious what kind of leaps can be made on a new machine. However, I’m sure they’re already planning for it and starting to get used to the PS4′s hardware so they can adjust as quickly as possible and start working on it.

    • GTHEAD87

      Remember gt5 supports 4k resolution. The tv’s are so expensive that it was almost a waste of time. Seen an article about 6/7 months ago

  60. MadmuppGT

    This just boggles my mind at how a Gran Turismo pushing the PS4 will look and play.

  61. Deko Wolf-GTPT

    Now, you see? You see how Kazanuri goes into a relaxing, yet complex explanation on the subject? If we had this back when GT5 complaints were out there, everything would have ran much smoother.

    I believe GT6 will certainly push the PS3 to the limit, however, this has been said about many games. Even during the PS2 games.
    I’ll have to wait until I can pass judgment.

    • Madertus

      Kazanuri? Really?

    • Deko Wolf-GTPT

      Yes! Really. Allow me to explain Mr. Typo Teacher. That’s how I pronounce it, so that’s how I wrote it. It was a typo mistake. It sounded right at the time in my head.

      I also like how you completely ignore my entire comment and focused only on the typo.

    • roflcoptor

      “Because internet”

    • GTHEAD87

      The amount of times ive read the name but forget how to pronounce or spell it.

      Aaanyway, I know what you are saying. I was one of the people pulling my hair out wondering how long it will take for gt5′s release. Wish they come forward sooner.

  62. CaddyKOP

    Is that pic of the DeltaWing really ingame?

    If so, I’m sold on GT6. Done. Who needs Forza?

    • Xride92

      Yes it is.

    • Deko Wolf-GTPT

      You must have missed the trailler and the screenshots pack.
      Yes the Deltawing is in the. Along with that photo location. And all of that is in-game graphics. No rending done. In fact, they no longer need to do rending since Gran Turismo went on PS3 (starting with GT HD)

    • Deko Wolf-GTPT

      Did some spelling mistake on my previous comment (must pay more attention to what I type…)

      Also, I’ll tell you who needs Forza. Those who don’t own a PS3.

    • Projectoutlaw

      Yes but it is in photomode so it uses advanced rendering. The game in movement may not look as crisp just like in gt5 photomode.

    • Terronium-12

      Let me toss something out that’s probably completely unheard of:

      Who needs one or the other when you can have both?

    • Both Barrels

      Kinda like Pepsi or Coke? I prefer one over the other, but either will do in a pinch.

    • CaddyKOP

      The reason I said, “Who needs Forza?” Is because I’ve been considering picking up an Xbox and Forza 4 just to kill some time alongside GT6.

      Now, I really don’t think I’ll need it.

  63. spikeyhairdude


    • spikeyhairdude

      hopefully my ps3 better not break

    • Raggadish

      Keeping my flingers crossed for your PS3 to not break down. :)

    • liv4hardstyle

      If it does a new one is only a couple of spins on the pokies these days! :D

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