GT5’s “Stealth” Mazda 787B Scale Model Now Available

January 24th, 2012 by Jordan

Polyphony Digital’s custom “stealth” race cars in Gran Turismo 5 are some of the most difficult to acquire in the game. Available as pre-order and Signature Edition incentives, they’re simply not available to the majority of players.

While their virtual scarcity isn’t likely to change soon, they are slowly beginning to make their debut in the real world thanks to the respected scale-modelers at Autoart. Late last year, three of GT5‘s “stealth” models, the Mazda 787B, the Nissan GT-R GT500, and the McLaren F1, appeared on the company’s website at 1/18th scale, but weren’t yet available to purchase.

Now, the Mazda 787B is apparently first out of the gate, as it goes on sale at for $246.99 (you can also find them on eBay). The price is high, but considering Autoart’s reputation for detail and quality, it’s still a must-buy for serious collectors.

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  1. Its good for people with plenty of money, why not give us the REEDEM code for the car instead???

  2. Thaboss

    Long live the rotary

  3. TheyViper

    need a free code for this for gt5 gust like the nissan gtr gt500 stealth

  4. I wonder how much I can get one for one TaoBao?

    • xSNAKEx

      1/18 is a joke. If this was 1/10 it would be 10x better.

  5. YiNG_YaNG_6o4

    Totally not worth it for that price. If Tamiya made this car it would look better and be more detailed. Bet you it’d be cheaper too

  6. Mikey006


  7. Mikey006

    Does anyone have these cars in the game, because I do and their killa!

  8. Mikey006

    Does anyone have these cars in the game, because I do and their killa! :D

  9. Mikey006

    Does anyone have these cars in the game, because I do and their killa! WHOA!! :D

  10. kultclassic

    for that money i want to either be driven or drive the original. although for toy car collectors, give it many years…will be worth far more. So serious collectors…should invest.

  11. Dynamite_Dave

    I just want the NSX Stealth Model! Somebody please???!!!??!!

  12. Well count me as “not serious” then, cause it’s a “must not have” for that price.

  13. JasonK92

    Lot of money for a dust collector!

  14. xzeroracer

    The toy for a Men ;)

  15. Turbo-Kai

    sweet but i like the original color design better…

  16. At that price, the box should contain another shell with the regular livery, plus at the very least 1 DLC code for the actual game (regardless if you have the car in the game or not)

    • BoneSawTX

      at that price you get a very detailed car like their others. I have a quit a few they are worth the price compared to other makers whose prices range from $99.99 to $150 and don’t have removable shells or even 1/4 the detail. For your wants they could add another $125 and have a good time trying to replace every piece to make the Renown livery. It’s more than just body shells.

    • they do the renown livery anyway for cheaper. $40 cheaper according to there website. Not all Autoarts models are well detailed though. There Porsche 917k is a disappointment. Engine consists of a yellow plastic fan. Some orange wires and a black piece of plastic. Luckily though i got mine a while ago before prices went up. I paid £45. Now it sells for £80+. Minichamps are better imo. Good prices and detailing is sometimes better than autoart.

  17. BlindZenDriver

    Amazing – but the rear wing is not in proper alignment.

    • Perhaps what you’re seeing is the distortion in the camera lens. Most of the time when you’re looking at a photo and things seem askewed, it’s due to barrel distortion. It’s more apparent when taking close-up which is the case here.

  18. BoneSawTX

    Nice but I don’t collect fictional cars.

  19. that’s cool but I want it in the game I live in US so we couldn’t get it

  20. silverstar189

    For the money I much prefer CMC models. They’re the same scale and retail at between £150-200 depending on the car, but they’re really works of art. Hand assembled with between 1500-2000 parts, they wouldn’t look out of place in a museum. The ’58 testa rossa is built with a proper chassis and the v12 looks like the real thing shrunk with a ray gun.


    that 1/12th scale GT-R is niceee

  22. Watevaman

    I’m not sure if I’d want this one or the regular Renown livery one. I’ve been planning on picking one up for a while, just never had.

  23. d12dotcom

    Love that model, but I think I’ll wait and buy the F1. Can only afford 1 of them this time of year. I bought the R33 GT-R R-Tune in matte black a few months back, AA sure do make some sexy models

    • madracer

      HAHA Sony and PD know how to “Grab” money from our pockets. 246$ ?? Insane – I’ll give 20$ for all work on details with 24H 787 winner livery – Not that 787 on black paint which they insist to call “Stealth” – Mr. Kojima will confirm that =D

      P.S. – When do we get a chance to drive the New NSX concept car?

  24. nitrorocks

    This has been around forever! I would love one, but sooooo expensive

  25. SaintSaiya

    At least they modeled the interior so it’s a premium.

  26. occasionalracer

    What a beauty! Might make the purchase down the road. I’m not a huge die-cast collector but this would make a nice piece for the man cave.

  27. SkierPS3

    This sounds cool, *click, scroll, read price*… nevermind.

  28. Radracing

    I think going into photomode and printing a poster size of this car or any other car would be a cheaper alternative. Would it be illegal if GTPlanet actually sold posters of cars in GT5 photomode due to copy right infringement or do we have the right to make posters and sell them.

    • No, that wouldn’t be legal without authorization. Photomode images are Sony’s property.

    • occasionalracer

      ^ Hmm surprised about that, since you go to auto shows/events/races, snap high-end pics, and print them to sell. But in this case I guess it’s like any digital copy, be it using movie scenes or snippets from music tracks, it must be authorized if you want to make money.

    • You could have an artist paint or draw an original image of one.. and hang that on your wall. I wonder if the artist could sell prints of a painting or drawing of this car? I don’t see why not. It’s freedom of speech if he painted it himself without a light-board or projector or other such ”copying” device. Hmm…

    • AERO_HDT

      All artists have the right to sell original artworks and prints of such artworks. Anyone interested in a graphite original of the 787B Stealth? ;) I daresay it’d be more expensive than the model however…

  29. Jawehawk

    I wish I could afford that beautiful AA Mclaren F1 in black. Looks absolutely amazing.

  30. NASCARFAN160

    So…..does it come in Standar? Cause Premium seems to expensive for me. :(

  31. Flagmo-T

    I must admit!!! This looks pretty awesome – It has some great details and it’s a fine little funky piece .. But i sure don’t need it :0)

  32. terminator363

    It would be cooler if it had the original livery.

  33. Blood*Specter

    Looking at the site, Koennigsegg CXX. Astom Lola LMP and Ford Shelby Concept. Wonder if Kaz has seen this.

    • Yeah, I’m pretty sure PD knows about AA.

      I’m sure many of the cars in Gran Turismo are actually modeled from the 1:18 Autoart models.

  34. Blood*Specter

    I’d like the unassembled kit, so I could build and paint it myself. Might be less than 249 clams that way :)
    It’s beautiful.

  35. Thats My dlc Allowance


    $250 is excessive, yes, but that is unbelievably beautiful. Need the cash, pronto!

  37. spikeyhairdude

    might buy it

  38. SamWalshy

    Just going to have to live with the virtual one for now. Not that that’s a bad thing =)

  39. I’ll pass on the fictional stealth car.

    I’m actually waiting for the 1:18 Autoart Aventador to be released. It will look right at home in my 33 car Lamborghini collection.

  40. Primus Ortus

    Some people collect Lladro, some Precious Moments, some Faberge, etc… Collectibles can be expensive, and to each his own. If money were not an issue, I think it would be pretty nice to have a collection like this in the man cave display case. It might look nice next to my Pele autographed futball and my golden bear (Jack Nicholas) autographed golf ball. Of course, it wouldn’t have the same sentimental value, but it would look nice nevertheless. :)

  41. although 1/18 gives much more details, i still like to collect 1/43 models. I simply have no place to put many 1/18 models at my home like i’m doing with 1/43.
    I would like to buy 1/43 Stealth 787b to my collection where i already have 787b with Renown #55 livery.

  42. LongbowX

    It’s pretty expensive, even a bit more than a winning #55 liveried one (which I do have, and can tell you that the detail is incredible, among Autoart’s best). Which the original cost around $180 when it came out some time ago (this is a re-release after it had been unavailable for some time – with them reaching over $300 due to rarity). I might consider it if I didn’t have the #55, but I’m not sure I would pay this much for a fictionally painted car I never even got to drive virtually. Haha. But the model itself is indeed worth it.

  43. Psionex

    While this is awesome, I wish that it was the Renown livery instead of the Stealth Model. That being said, I still couldn’t afford it…

  44. Killa Aaron

    Sorry but $250 dust collector is too much.

  45. EVODUDE999

    AutoArt…..Y U so expensive?!?!?! but in all seriousness that is a great model, i love collecting 1/18 diecasts but this is WAAAAY out of my price range ):

    • Even though Autoart prices have gone through the roof, they are worth every penny.

  46. ElieTheStig

    Better pay 60 box for buying GT5 then drive this piece of monster : ) !!!!!

  47. priesty

    Have to say, that looks awesome

  48. TokoTurismo

    My birthday present. :D I love this car so much. 1991 baby. :) Thank you Kaz and PD for this lovely legendary car for my B-day. ;)

  49. I hope PD release a patch for this soon cause I bought one and I can’t change the racing number on it.

  50. mazdaman83

    This looks amazing !!
    I am a huge Mazda-Fan and I’m really considering to buy this :-)

    • DutchThomas

      Me too!
      Remember that ”legendary” RX-500, too bad they didn’t put that car in the game :(
      I would also be happy with a premium Cosmo 110s :)

  51. montecarlo87

    Ouch! I’m sure that’s a fair price because of all the detail and the fact that it is 1/18th scale. But I could use that $250 for my Montecarlo SS currently being restorted. (Of which I’m still waiting to see one on GT) *hint hint* ;-P

  52. ChaosStar79

    Pass. 250 bucks lol. No.

  53. McSoap-90

    Just ordered mine from Ebay (due to delivery issues with Amazon)…

    Can’t wait to get it =)

  54. caasimun_18

    aww..i thought it was being released for free (in-game) but still, i want :P

  55. DutchThomas

    My favorite car! Let it come!

  56. istealteevees

    they should give us the in-game version too if we purchase the 1/18th model :)

  57. optimusveom

    give redeem code :))))))))

  58. fourliter

    I assume you’ve never seen a similar model in person. It’s a large car (nearly a foot long), highly detailed, and very accurate.These are not toys, there’s no way they could be sold for £40 ($60).

  59. terminator363

    Wow this model is amazing

  60. MrStender

    The Stealth Nissan GTR and Stealth Mclaren F1 are also available.

  61. Viper224

    At first I read “Stealth Mazda 787B Now Available”. Thought it was going to be released for everyone, now I’m disappointed lol

  62. that price they can keep that

  63. stjimmy

    I would be happy to pay £40 ($60) £180 is way too much.

    • fourliter

      I assume you’ve never seen a similar model in person. It’s a large car (nearly a foot long), highly detailed, and very accurate.These are not toys, there’s no way they could be sold for £40 ($60).

    • stjimmy

      Well, I wasn’t too happy about paying £150 for GT5 signature edition. I really couldn’t justify all that money for a model car. I was just saying how much I’d be prepared to pay, no doubt it’s not terrible value for money.

  64. belzebutt

    Anybody know if it’s possible to get a scale model of the X2010?

    • belzebutt

      Wow just as I replied I saw the link to the article on that. Thanks.

    • belzebutt

      Ok, THEN I saw the price, anybody know where you can get an affordable one? :)

  65. R1600Turbo

    I want! But sadly, cannot have. :(

  66. Energizerrr

    $250? What a ripoff, doesn’t look like it should be more than $50.

    • R1600Turbo

      You build a model of that detail for $50. Report back when you’re successful.

    • Energizerrr

      I have a bunch of Bburago and Maisto models, don’t seem to differ much from that 787B yet are 5 times less expensive.
      A ripoff is a ripoff.

    • R1600Turbo

      LOL at Maisto being anywhere near the same. Go to AutoArt’s website and have a look around. THAT is a real diecast car.

    • Energizerrr

      Again, what’s the difference?
      Looking from the pictures model is nice, but still for $250 I’d expect even finer detail.

      You can’t justify that cost, you just can’t.

      But hey, if you have a few dollars extra and feel like getting ripped off – go for it. :)

    • JKcreativeworks

      I think its well worth the price, i might even consider buying one.

      It looks incredible and the details are superb as always.

    • R1600Turbo

      If I had the money, I would buy one. Rip off it is not.

    • mando074

      lol i agree with r1600turbo, maisto should not even be compared to auto art. why dont you compare it to tonka while ur at it?

      this car looks awesome and well worth the price.

      it would be cool to see some pics of the car in GT5.

    • ChaosStar79

      For $250, it better have working gauges.

    • Apokalipse

      The price is normal for the quality of the model. Maisto and Bburago are the bottom when it comes to quality. It’s obvious to me you’ve only glanced at the pictures because even if pictures don’t do the model justice (and believe me they don’t) they do show that the model is a lot better than anything Bburago or Maisto have ever made.

    • I have a few Bburago and Maisto’s models as well as many Kyosho and Autoart model. Believe me there is a HUGH different in quality.

  67. V8 Rumble

    It says amazon has it for $246. I have auto art models and the detail is amazing.

  68. imallthumbs

    I wonder how much?

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