GT6 Time & Drift Trials Feature Red Bull Ring, Toyota TS030, & Lexus IS-F CCS-R

June 19th, 2014 by Jordan

Gran Turismo 6

The latest round of GT6 Seasonal Events went live yesterday and take full advantage of the free new cars added to the game in update 1.09, while celebrating last weekend’s 24 Hours of Le Mans and this weekend’s Nurburgring 24 Hours. Here’s a look at what’s new:

Circuit de la Sarthe 1 Lap Time Trial

  • Circuit de la Sarthe 2013, 1 Lap
  • Toyota TS030 Hybrid
  • Gold: 170,000cr; Silver: 100,000; Bronze: 60,000cr

Nurburgring 24h 1 Lap Time Trial

  • Nurburgring 24h, 1 Lap
  • Lexus IS-F CCS-R
  • Gold: 200,000cr; Silver: 130,000cr; Bronze: 80,000cr

New Drift Trials are also available in the game, one of which features the new Red Bull Ring and another which takes advantage of the ’80s version of Brands Hatch introduced in the Ayrton Senna Tribute content:

Drift Trial: 1989 or Earlier Non-Racing Cars

  • Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit ’80s
  • Non-Racing Car, 1989 or earlier
  • Gold: 65,000cr; Silver: 42,000cr; Bronze: 16,000cr

Drift Trial: European Non-Racing Cars

  • Red Bull Ring
  • Non-Racing European Car, Sports Hard tires or less
  • Gold: 70,000cr; Silver: 45,000cr; Bronze: 22,000cr

All of these events will be available in the game through July 17, 2014. As always, stop by our GT6 Seasonal Events forum for more analysis and discussion!

GT6 Photomode image by ProjectWHaT.

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  1. mikronimo

    With a really good joystick (a close clone of one of an xbox 360), i done a 9:15:145; maybe i can go a little under (some seconds, making every single corner perfectly), but the best leaderboard time of 1:46:xx it’s really amazing (34 secs under the gold, even if on a really long circuit; it’s about 7 secs in a 5 km racetrack), like others very close to him; i can be sure that they are not cheating, since the car is given from PD… right?

    • mikronimo

      I’m always curious to do these power laps with the possibility to customize the setup (only suspensions, gears, LSD and, if present, aerodynamics), but it seems i’ll never have the chance…

    • mikronimo

      I wrote wrong: not 1:46:xx, but 8:46:xx… :D

  2. Both Barrels

    My group’s leaderboard has a 9:00.6 at Nurb. Well done dude.

  3. The Nurb is tough in that Lexus, not a great car at all, compared to many other rides in this game. That time challenge for 9:20s was an eye opener after finishing it in silver with not that many errors, but to ring masters, it will come naturally after some time with this car. It feels different from previous patch for sure.

  4. biftizmo

    I”m lucky to get top 5000th in these none tune events that because I can’t do 2 laps streight.
    Tuned avents however! I’m touching top 100th and doing consecutive laps within 1/2 a second getting faster every other lap or so…
    No tuneing seasonal’s this week ..maybe next time on the redbull…great!

  5. biftizmo

    Did these easy….this time next week you won’t be able to beat me..these cars /track combos.
    Love it.and I’m collecting the credits like there real Dosh….
    Micro transaction..who”d of thought hay….I”m like’ing them..I”m earnig my DLC.
    That’s a definite plus from GT5 to GT6

  6. QuattroDelta

    I’m feeling as a kind of superman after doing 9:10 in the Nürburgring TT and reading the comments.

  7. I would’ve been mad if they’d offered the TS030 as a prize after dropping 2M on it a couple of days ago!

  8. If you get the Gold would you get the Car?

    • Psyfox_x3

      No, you don’t get the cars, but enough credits to buy the Lexus and a small part of the prize from the Toyota.

  9. IngRobNy

    Thank you Polyphony Digital.
    I really enjoyed this time trails, but i struggle with the time trail on Nürburing Nordschleife 24h, i manage to get my time down to 9:21.620 but i had two nasty wheelspin and lost all grip on the rear wheels, which almost trow me off track, i will try again and again today, in my opinion nothing beats the Nürburing Nordschleife.


    Really enjoyed the time trials this round of seasonal events. The Nurburgring and Sarthe are both very much my thing :D

  11. Croatian_STIG

    The Nurb TT is tough, 25 kilometers without going off track? That won’t happen…

    • MerleApAmber

      Ahh but it can, and when you do, it’s a great feeling.

  12. Matte Light Blue for the Le Mans TT! Finally able to make some Gulf livery cars!

    • OpticZero

      How do you get the orange stripes and the Gulf logo?

  13. Cut the chicanes as much as possible!

  14. TokoTurismo

    The two TTs were hard. O.O Watch out people.

    • watchclockgit

      Le Mans TT wasn’t!

    • Swagger897

      What is the gold time?

    • watchclockgit


      With electric boost on toyota that’s not quick at all

    • It’s missing it’s 300hp electric motor. So it should be in the 800hp region. Not 500hp.

    • I found both easy, plenty of time to mess it up and still get gold. The Toyota has the hybrid system ingame too, just the gearing that PD have on the TT doesn’t make the best of it.

    • Well Le Mans wasn’t hard and I ran a. 9:17 on my first complete lap at the Ring, but they were fun!

    • @Bom15, the car does have a working hybrid system. The HP rating is from the IC engine only.

    • ToyGTone

      Well 1 lap at Nurburgring 24h is a bit hard But the Circuit de la Sarthe one’s aren’t hard.

    • @HSV – Really? Well they could show it’s full power to stop confusion. I mean don’t the other electric vehicles show how much power they have? But if it does have the motor on then well.. It really is slow. But then it was but for endurance and not outright speed.

    • Supposed to say built not but.

  15. biftizmo

    The sunrise at the Nuremberg is awsome made me crash. I”ve done night raceing before..but wow that’s nice.

    • watchclockgit

      Are you from Nuremberg? Or do you mean Nurburgring?

    • sangdude82

      Lol watchclockgit.

    • biftizmo

      Ha ha..dam spell checked

    • Croatian_STIG

      That’s why I love GT6. The sounds may not be good, but it looks beautiful…

    • sircarltonlotus

      Yeah, that sunrise is hard to beat. It’s absolutely beautiful. Good amount of cr. also off these 2 events!

    • MerleApAmber

      Very nice tie in with the racing weekend. Thanks PD good job!

  16. MatheusBond

    Hate how these one-lap TTs trash your lap if you go off, just do like the other normal TTs dammit! Also, the boundaries at Le Mans are confusing.

    • Croatian_STIG

      They’re actually not Time Trials, they’re Challenges, as the time moves faster to make it night when you’re on one part of the track and day when you’re on the other part. Pretty cool.

  17. The Stig Farmer

    Literally had no idea that the drift trial was on 80’s Brands… lol

    Change the barriers and some buildings et voila

    • watchclockgit

      At least they could change the rumble strip colour to yellow and orange, as it was in 80’s. That would take PD all of ten minutes.

  18. ProjectWHaT

    OMG. Thanks for using my photo!

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