GTPlanet Extension Now Available for Google Chrome

April 22nd, 2012 by Jordan

Each month, over half a million people visit GTPlanet using Google’s Chrome browser, making it the most popular way to access the site. Now, it’s going to be easier than ever for Chrome users to stay on top of news from the “world of Gran Turismo” with GTPlanet’s new Chrome extension!

Available for free on the Chrome Web Store, the extension places a small icon in your browser’s window. When new content is posted to GTPlanet’s blog, you’ll receive a small notification in your browser, and the icon will display a small red badge indicating new content is available.

Clicking on the extension’s icon will show you all the latest stories, along with quick links to various areas of the site, including GTPlanet’s Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages.

If you aren’t yet using Google Chrome, you can download the browser for free, then click here to install GTPlanet’s extension. Chrome has been gaining popularity among Internet users over the last few years for its simple design and speedy performance. I personally use and highly recommend it.

All credit goes to GTPlanet user Chase (cbabb), who developed GTPlanet’s Chrome extension and kindly donated it to the community. To thank Chase or submit any feedback or bug reports about the extension, you can contact him here. Thanks again, Chase!

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  1. Really nice man! Hope it won’t disturb me playing GT2 in my PSX Emulator :)

  2. Tvensky

    downloading it now! ;) and Google did a good job with its browser! I do recommend it also, but dont forget about Firefox its also very good. And I will still support and use it as second browser! ;)

  3. Pit Crew

    Über Wonderful nicely done old chap :)

  4. SZRT Ice

    Google is taking over the world.

  5. gtone339

    Is there one that I could use for my PS Vita?

  6. GTP_Versatile

    Keep up the good work updating the site, although I’m not a Google chrome user, those who do use it may find this very useful.

  7. Quakebass

    I’m not exactly sure why, but whenever I go to the Feedback section, the Banner, Tabs, and “GTPlanet” logo at the yop disappear and are replaced with blue-font links… I don’t know if it’s an issue with my computer or Safari… It’s only the Feedback tab, never on the “News”, “Forums”, or “Library” tabs.

  8. mazdaman83

    Nice !!!
    Thank you very much Chase !!! :-)

  9. Wow, this is an awesome idea! Great work, Chase! Much appreciated.

  10. Quakebass

    …Maybe I should stop using Safari…


    • Spacegoat


      Back on-topic I’ll definitely download this. Great job.

  12. HKS racer

    Ok great, can I has moar DLC now *trollface*

  13. This is great as I refuse to use Firefox or IE as I’ve had bad experiences. Well done yet again Jordan :cheers:

    • TayTheDay

      Don’t rule out Opera if you ever fancy a change. It’s my favourite browser these days :)

  14. Cobra527

    Ok is it time yet to unlock all cars in the game since its what u paid for initially.

  15. edawg456

    I like it

  16. ArcTypeMakoto

    Sweeeeeeeeet good news! good news!

  17. GranTurismo916

    Cool, I’ll go download it now!

  18. So does this mean it’s going to be even harder for people to be “first”? If so, thats awesome.

    • Yes. That’s a plus for the people who like to be first to comment. I see it as you’re always the last person, no matter how many comments rack up.

  19. WonkyFonk

    Nice work guys…

    …but as per tradition with the news topics I have to ask – wheres the DLC?

  20. zanxion

    Nah! I’d rather pay frequent visits to my favorite site for my favorite game. Besides I’d rather keep my browser as lean as possible without much cramping it.

  21. shepzki

    I like it, because I’m lazy and don’t go to the homepage too often. Thanks to ‘Chase’ & to ‘Jordan’ for this, makes life simpler.

  22. Marky264

    I use Firefox, Is it worth downloading Chrome to try this?

    • evanzo7

      Definately, I think google chrome is 10x better than firefox.

    • terminator363

      I use Firefox because of it’s incredible amount of add-ons

    • another_jakhole

      I switched over from Firefox a long time ago. I’m so glad I did.

      The bad thing is deleting bookmarks by accident. I have to regularly (sometimes) Export my Bookmarks to keep from accidentally deleting a bookmark I need and not knowing what it was exactly.

      Just about everything else SEEMS better to me on Chrome, even the Bookmark Manager, than on Firefox.

  23. Downloaded and thank you very much!! Very useful! no need to check every 5 minutes about some topic of interest. ;)

  24. terminator363

    That’s awesome, now make one for Firefox! :dopey:

    • tofudrifter


    • An extension for Firefox is planned. However, it requires a lot more time, work, & knowledge. I have to learn a few more things before I just jump in. Chrome has received all it’s popularity due to how simple it is.

  25. sporkafife

    This is actually pretty damn cool xD It works smoothly, personally I think it would be cool if it became more of a twitter like ticker that showed posts to threads you had subscribed to or something as well :P

    • Interesting idea. But this most likely won’t be included. I am aiming away from anything that requires a user to login within the extension.

  26. already downloaded it thx for that gtplanet

  27. I like this. Great work J

  28. TheeFrogmanlego


  29. Maddens Raiders

    Brilliant! Thank you Chase. :)

  30. another_jakhole

    Thank you, Chase!

  31. another_jakhole


  32. DaScouser101

    internet explorer not much better dr.frog

  33. markyracing500

    : D

  34. Yes!

  35. MOTORTRENDmitch

    Yes!!! This is awesome..

  36. Dr.Frogg

    Firefox and Safari sucks.

    • I agree-switched from Firefox to Chrome…never going back :D.

      But Explorer is by far the WORST web browser I’ve used.

    • TomBrady

      so is chrome really the best?

      I’ve noticed it’s faster than explorer but it’s horrible at blocking pop–ups. And yes I have it set to block all pop ups, some still get through. With IExplorer, I get no pop-ups at all. IE seems more secure overall but it’s slower and it started having trouble reading all those stupid “captcha” things, and that’s why I moved to chrome. Chrome also seems better with flash

  37. HKSBro92

    Awesome!! Google Chrome rocks!

  38. I wondered if after the app, an extension to a browser would show up. I guess i was right. It works fine on my end. Nice Job.

  39. TokoTurismo

    Hurray for Jordan for this fantastic extenstion. :)

  40. DaScouser101

    i agree bout chrome being the best i used it since its launch and never looked back

  41. DaScouser101

    cheers jordon :D

  42. Absolutely brilliant application for the best Web browser out there. Google Chrome has been a blessing for me on many occasions. It is very efficient and user friendly. If your not using it. You should be.

  43. DaScouser101

    jordon random question but how do you get all your info on GT5 ect ?

    • I watch GTPlanet’s forums and the rest of the Internet for relevant news. Readers also send in news tips.

    • HKSBro92


  44. DaScouser101

    This just means People will come to the site less don’t you think ?

    • otakukid96

      It still brings us to the forums.

    • ImprezaAddict

      Probably not. If people love the site enough to install the extension for it, they won’t stop coming to visit the forums and the rest of the site.

    • Ferrari458Italia

      I don’t know about that, since it’s still pulling in the news feed.

    • another_jakhole

      How DARE YOU! lol

  45. A_Higher_Place

    :) (: :] [:

    THis is quite neat

    • TomBrady

      ????? Those are some weird looking boobs man. Do it like this next time:

      ( . ) ( . )


  46. raybould1345

    Brilliant Extension. Just downloaded it! Love how it notifies you when there are new posts. :)

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