GTPlanet Forums Reach Over 5 Million Posted Messages

May 13th, 2011 by Jordan

After celebrating 10 years online in January, I am excited to announce that GTPlanet has already hit another milestone, with over 5 million messages having now been posted in our forums. Since the release of GT5 in November of last year, the community has grown by nearly 1.1 million posts, with an average of more than 6,300 new posts per day. 7-year member and Super Moderator, TB, takes the honor of making the 5 millionth post, with this very appropriate celebratory message.

Needless to say, this is quite a milestone for any online community, and one I’m very proud and excited to see that GTPlanet has reached. Congratulations and thanks to all of you – here’s to the next 5 million!

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  1. axletramp

    Wow, who’d have thought it, eh?! Can’t say I’ve read them all tho’. Congrats!!!

  2. guyc1161

    congaratulations Jordan and all those who contribute to GTP,yet another milestone,keep em coming.
    i have to say i rather enjoy viewing this site.

  3. well done and keep up the good work…best GT site online

  4. Brandon

    Congrats GTPlanet.

  5. JoostBaksteen

    Congrats Jordan! Your doing an awesome job with GTPlanet!!

  6. djinline

    Congratulations everyone!

    I wonder how much server space does GTPlanet take up?

  7. Pretty crazy.

  8. Well done, Congrats! I’m glad I found this site, I get alot out of it.

  9. This all stands as a testament to the great job Jordan has done on building this community. Hats off to you, boss!

  10. Congratulations GTPlanet! Thank all who keep this website running for your great work! Gran Turismo forever!!!

  11. Congratulations. Although I am new here, I have used a lot of the information to help me enjoy GT5 more.
    Looking forward to 10 million and GT6.

  12. Prototype_Z15

    Way to go GTP. Keep it up till 10,000,000!
    Ps. Still hate Japanese cars. :S

  13. Congratulations GTP!!! :D


    Alright!! Congrats! ^_^

  15. A_Higher_Place

    Wooohooo :) I’m proud to say I’m one of the new members :) Glad to see this site doing so well :D

  16. Sgt_Sheep

    Best Site Evar! Good work GTPlanet!

  17. Well done

    Congrats on getting 5mill, now i just need that much on gt5 lol

  18. GTP_ClockWork

    Too bad 90% of it is whiny complainers who want GT5 to be re-written.

    • kyleh613

      People should want GT5 to be re-written, it’s a really bad game. :/

  19. Congratulations!

  20. terminator363

    1,124 of them are mine

  21. mrdinosaw94

    Congratulations Jordan!

  22. gt3killer

    NICE!!! Go GT Planet!!!

  23. Congratulations!!!
    GT for life
    GTP forever

  24. the piston

    Congrats GTP !!!! ^_^

  25. AstonMartinGT5

    Well done GTPlanet! :D

  26. Bobert power

    Well achieved Jordan & congrats!!!!!!

  27. Jerome Powell

    I’ll see ya at 10Mil GTP. Congrats Jordan!


  28. nicceeeeee congrats Jordan and GTPlanet!!!!

  29. Jorge Rostro

    Congratulations GTPlanet!!!

  30. Roomboter

    And i read all of them LOL


  31. Demon2330

    Congrats !

  32. COOLfiat

    Good job guys! :)

  33. 4,999,900 of them are from trolls and/or whiners.
    Congrats GTP! = )

  34. # of posts on GT Planet: 5,000,000
    # of GT players racing online: 0.

  35. poolhaas

    Who was the 5.000.000th poster? :)

    • poolhaas

      Edit nevermind, I need to read everything next time.

  36. GT VET *****

    And most of those posts are complete rubbish.

    • or something negative like this, trolling about or just wanting to be big and clever whilst only proving the only way you can feel hard is hiding behind your keyboard trying to think of a clever reply…. oops looks like i joined!!

    • Gt5anticip8r

      @ Benja
      Yeah, yeah, go join the UN and fight for human rights already. GT Vet is right. Most of the posts are utterly pointless rubbish.

    • @Gt5anticip8r already did that, i like driving sims too much and didn’t have enough motivation…. plus it’s really difficult to make peace when you are being shot at from both sides

    • kyleh613

      He is absolutely correct. The GTPlanet forums have pretty low posting standards. It’s not enough to just have rules that tell people to get along, you have to have expectations for posting quality too which this forum just doesn’t have at all. People are pretty much allowed to post whatever they want so long as it’s not insulting anyone. So you get a lot of white noise that drowns out anything useful.

  37. CanineHostile

    Congratulations GTPlanet!

    Well done, I’ll be keep on posting to 10.000.000!! :)

  38. Olegonic

    5000007th POST


    Congratulations GTPlanet!

  40. RobGroove

    Congrats GTP

  41. deep_sky


  42. Thesrdic

    congratulations to the site creators, and all the wonderful members on the milestone ;) one of the best sites online

  43. Parabénsssssssssssssss

  44. play3man

    Congratulations gtplanet!

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