Inside Polyphony Digital: A Photo Tour

September 28th, 2009 by Jordan


It’s always interesting to take a peek inside Polyphony Digital‘s studios – a modern space packed full of computers, PS3’s, model cars, and Japanese toys. While we wait for the interviews from GamesBlog and GameSpot, take a look at some of the pictures from they’ve already started sharing. Be sure and watch for the iconic Ferrari 330 P4 getting its interior modeled, along with some interesting track-side elements, curiously blocky screens of Gran Turismo 5, and a talking George W. Bush figurine (?). What else can you find hiding in the background? Take a look at our full gallery of 111 images right here.

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  1. Didn’t see any spectators around the Nürburgring. What’s the problem with that ? There’s like 250.000 around the track during the 24h-race every year, so I want to see, let’s say 5000 ?!?

  2. i like the wankel engine clock

  3. FlareKR

    LOL, the George Bush figure.
    Too bad it’s in Japan, would like to work there anytime, anyday.
    Thinkin’ of opening one of those studios in Miami Kaz?

  4. pic tgs09_8: Is this Infineon?

  5. @Napoleon_1st

    sorry for taking so long to reply, I haven’t seen any of the ads for gt5 Europe, if you could send me some links, that’d be cool, that’s pretty interesting

  6. LordVonPS3

    The Indianapolis motor speedway sticker is on there…
    See >

    Ah and the link I posted to the Valencia circuit broke, so here’s another…

  7. LordVonPS3

    It is possible that PD staff may have visited the tracks on the stickers at some point. Judging by how old & battered the case looks, they’re just as likely to have been collected pre-GT4 as they are from any trip(s) over the past 5 years…

    It is fun to speculate though, isn’t it? :-)

  8. alaM0000

    Sweet!!!!! :D

  9. quidditch

    Green Hell at night!?!?! They probably just did that to grind out the damage modeling. I wouldn’t last 5 turns at night on the Ring.

  10. better view of it in the 11th pic

  11. wats up guys,

    did anyone noticed a more simple HUD in the 6th pic. i mean it looks a bit different right?

  12. Bank Alexander

    Awesome studio =D

  13. Yes, Valencia is there. Still I would not overinterpret those pictures. Could be old, could be only stickers, but could also be an indicator. Let’s hope and see. I would LOVE to see the Singapore Night Track in GT5, but I have no hopes for that. But if, the setting would be great and it would not need headlights.

  14. Do want that Rotary Clock.

  15. LordVonPS3

    * Valencia is on the list too…

    Red / white with blue border and text “Circuit”.
    See >

  16. LordVonPS3

    Check out the stickers on the case…

    * Laguna Seca.
    * Nurburgring.
    * Spa-Francorchamps.

    What are the rest? Looks like that’s possibly Monza in the white there with the red text and blue border…

  17. Seriously, Kaz is a strange guy :)
    I am not that confident that we will see Monza and Spa. Those were only stickers. I only believe it when I see ingame footage.

  18. Rhino_WJB

    Interesting to see that there is only 1 wheel in the these photos, being the Logitech GT thingy. Limitations of this device: 1) not 900 deg rotation, 2) no clutch & 3) no H-pattern shifter. I do hope PD have not neglected their steering lock and manual clutch simulations.

  19. I knew I should be working there! Lots of cutie working at polyphony too :-D

  20. “While we wait for the interviews from GamesBlog and GameSpot”, what are they doing ?! What’s so hard publishing a simple ITW? I guess there’s nothing new to learn about GT5. That TGS 2009 was really scandalous! Nothing new except sti**y screens and cra**y vidz.

  21. jereweeti

    Anybody spot the Nürburgring at night?

  22. Mustangmiha

    Hm, MGS, Darth Vader, George Bush (…?), and other cool stuff in PD…

  23. an inside peek at that office. Nice stuff!

  24. Also @ Sam_NY, I think they used the doll to get the anatomy right for the rider models in Tourist Trophy. I hope, anyhow.
    Two interesting things that I spotted were the Porsche wing picture (not that that means anything) and the Giant Trials bike – those are as rare as GT5 news in 2008.

  25. luv how the pic of KY staring down at a 360+pro street dissappeared ^^

  26. Napoleon_Ist

    @W89rnr i was expecting something different here since they have started the GT5 ad campaign in Europe with Ferrari and Mercedes videos. also there was this Gamescom pamphlet with Q4 2009. since Europe is the biggest market for GT i hoped we would get the game here in December and japan would get FFXIII instead. ho, and for the record the chinese version of tourist trophy was released in the asian market before hitting japan *cough*

  27. Sorry for sounding a little rude, but duh gt5 won’t be released in Europe in 2009, japan usually gets the first release and that’s already been stated as march 2010

  28. Napoleon_Ist

    GT5 PAL will not be released in 2009 :(

    from the video interview: “Gran Turismo 5 will be released in March 2010 in Japan and a bit later in Europe” (around 3:00)

    i gave this’s video URL in an earlier comment.

  29. confirmed classic ferari spa monza

  30. Weird like the rotary (a 13B perhaps?) with a clock into the rotor ? XD

  31. Wow, a Wankel clock!

  32. Sam__ NY

    true that.

  33. @Sam__ NY i think you’re a gay nerd , ladies work aswell.

  34. Sam__ NY

    half the stuff in those pics were things you’d normally expect to see at a game studio. The other half was down right weird. Most notably the naked Nicky Hayden doll on his Ducati. So PD workers are gay nerds!!??…..

  35. Saw the flight control tower from the Top Gear track!!!
    Seems like a nice place to work, a lot less sterile then photos from 4 years ago, seems like they really have been working there.
    March 2010… Have to have patience.

  36. ohh the Nürburgring that track would be nice as dlc on prologue, keep me occupied till march 2010 :-)

  37. Haha go the WALL-E figurine. And the Ferrari F1 rod and piston? Nice souvenir!

  38. Patricko

    I would love to see Collectors Edition with “Making of…” DVD, like in GT Concept Edition.
    It was a great thing.

  39. They’re doing everything to keep us “awake” until march 2010 or later….

  40. cool!

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