New A-Spec Races Featured in Latest GT6 Seasonal Events

June 12th, 2014 by Jordan

Gran Turismo 6

Time and Drift Trials have dominated all the Seasonal Events published in GT6 so far, but that’s finally come to an end with a new batch of A-Spec races just added to the game, available through June 26, 2014:

Beginner Class Non-Racing Car Challenge

  • Circuito di Roma, 5 minutes
  • 500PP Max, Sports Hard tires or less
  • Gold: 50,000cr, Silver: 30,000cr, Bronze: 25,000cr

Intermediate Class Non-Racing Car Challenge

  • Willow Springs (Big Willow), 5 laps
  • 550PP, Sports Soft or less
  • Gold: 85,000cr, Silver: 51,000cr, Bronze: 42,500cr

Expert Class Non-Racing Car Challenge

  • Suzuka Circuit, 5 laps
  • 600PP, Sports Soft or less
  • Gold: 130,000cr, Silver: 78,000cr, Bronze: 65,000cr

As always, stop by our GT6 Seasonal Events forum for more analysis, and discussion!

GT6 Photomode image by grrlpurple.

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  1. xirage faith

    I actually thought the AIs for the 3 races were much more competitive, but still over aggressive at times and still no driver integrity and spacial awareness.

    Good effort by PD, at least not like the “superior” telepathic maniac robots in Failza. Could be me fantasizing, if Sony were to establish a pc department for PD and hire some god damn animators and sound artists (honestly what’s their problem for not doing so), the rest of the industry including the professional simulators can all go fly kite.

  2. Mozartist

    Why not make races on rims? It would be spectacular!



  3. binbin90

    hmm, based on the comments that I’ve been reading here (haven’t tried the seasonals yet), I think it’s a good thing that AI cars are making mistakes, over braking and some other stuffs, cause now they’re actually quite unpredictable. Isn’t that what you guys have always wanted?!?!?! AI that isn’t robot like? But still I’m seeing complaints :/

  4. Brunskill777

    AI makes mistakes, spins and out brakes – good.
    Getting a ramming penalty for someone hitting you up the backside – absolute crap.

  5. GRAFX21

    Geezez….the AI cars drive like horse poo. DUI on the track or what?

  6. BrunetPaquet

    Nice, I really enjoy repeating the first second race but the third one is weird… Sure, I completed it with gold result but PD’s penalty system will be a plague if you’re not careful.

    I used my McLaren F1 and I dominated… with some funky highlights involving the Enzo Ferrari and the AI’s McLaren F1 going straight into the sand trap at the hairpin after going below the tunnel and the Pagani Huayra literally rubber-banding into a powered up X2014 Junior pace. Beat it by 0:08.993 after the opponent car in question just Com-PLETE-ly overshot the fast left after the long backstraight.

    Did any of you guys experience AIs literally rocket boosting into walls/going off-track? Because I’ve had in race 1 and 3… and it was hilarious!!

    Finally the AI is showing up some signs of humanity! :tup:, PD.

    • BrunetPaquet

      I mean to say… the first and second race. sorry for double post, guys…

  7. danbojte

    The AI are no more programmed robots. Now they’re making mistakes – spins, over-braking etc. – which is so, so normal.

  8. warpkez

    Expert: Cuts corner, no penalty. Takes initiative whilst AI spins out, AI brushes with player, penalty ramming.

    Cuts another corner, no penalty. AI collides with barrier, player has nowhere to go, penalty collision.

    Player pushed into cutting corner, penalty short cut.

    Net result, the proverbial Ctrl-Alt-Del and the game again returned to its box.

    • BrunetPaquet

      These are all easy to avoid… just think ahead and expect the worst, this way you’ll be prepared for what you’d expect and you’ll get an idea of how to avoid it.

      I did that since Gran Turismo 4 and it massively improved my lap times when AI were in the way.

      But now that they’re showing some humanity, (finally!) this formula probably won’t work as well. I dunno, try it out… or not, since you returned the game to its box.

    • MeanElf

      So, you give up after one race where it doesn’t go your way? Like BrunetPaquet says, live and learn. I mean the AI have always been atrocious on the section after the Flugplatz on Green Hell, but having an idea when they are likely to jink left helps you anticipate and so get by.

      I think these seasonal are fun, and I agree, it is good that the AI make their mistakes.

  9. Cole Morgan

    About time we got A-Spec!!!

  10. kayto101

    Nsx type r for the 500ppl cadie ctsv for 600pp and will have to build a car for the 550 pp for me

  11. Croatian_STIG


  12. John_Marsten

    BOOOOM! Hello A-Spec!!!

    Please let this be an indication of things to come.

    • Tenacious D

      Still hoping some new races creep into the single player game… but at least this is some racing and not just a bunch of hotlaps.

  13. So does this mean we won’t be getting a more expansive offline career? Bummer.

  14. Eyes Fried Open


    Finally starting to get busy like a 3 legged cat trying to bury poop in a cement footpath.

  15. OpticZero

    …but what’s up with the Penalty System at Suzuka? You get rammed-penalty. You brush the car next to you-penalty. You get pushed off the track-ramming penalty and cutting penalty. PD needs to adjust the penalty parameters.

    I’m still looking forward to see what new types of Seasonals PD will come up with in the future. There is so much untapped potential for themed events here it would boggle the mind to look for the limit of ideas.

  16. sircarltonlotus

    Did the Suzuka race earlier with a standard 458, huayra went into the sand trap at the hairpin. Just did it again in a standard enzo. Really good race. A.I has improved quite a lot. Not really any stamping on the anchors every time you get close/next to them. If they didn’t “cool down” as in b spec the mclaren f1 and huayra would be close to impossible to beat. Unless of course quali is introduced! Not anything like perfect but much much better. Thumbs up pd

    • watchclockgit

      Ai seems to be spinning off allot more for me too

  17. bandit0627

    So are the rewards repeatable?

  18. TokoTurismo

    Husky is going to be so happy. Finally something to do in GT6. :)

  19. Blood*Specter

    And as I said, once the PD techs have the time, they will come up with more support for GT6.

    We all know PD overloads it’s arse with nearly everything they do. So after GT5 went away it was a no brainer that they would be able to devote more effort to GT6. They still have GT7 on the stove but the work load got a lot lighter. We should expect to see more promised stuff coming down the pipeline in the next few months.

  20. XSRacing111

    Everyone is always complaining about the AI.
    If PD ramped up the AI, then you’d all be complaining that it’s too hard or impossible.
    IF PD put the AI in the “happy” middle, good to expert drivers, such as myself, will still complain that the AI is too easy, while the drivers who struggle to get silver times will complain that it’s too hard.
    The AI is like this so that everyone can beat it (with at least a bronze finish).
    If you want a harder challenge, play Forza 5. It’s harder to drive in that game, payouts are super low, and eventually, the AI in that game will never let you pass them.

    • Or here is a revolutionary idea that nobody in racing games has ever though of………get this, it’s going to blow your mind. ADJUSTABLE DIFFICULTY!!!!!!!

      Yes that’s right, with this brand new idea they could actually allow us to adjust the difficulty of the game to suit most peoples needs.

    • XSRacing111

      Tat’s GENIUS! Why didn’t I think of that myself?

      Probably because it’s already in the game :l
      (but barely noticeable)

      So, yes. Difficulty does need an update, but not for seasonals. Making adjustable difficulty for seasonal events is too much effort for PD. You’d have to overhaul AI, adjust payouts per difficulty setting, yadda yadda. PD has a hard enough time getting Arcade Mode updated to include tire wear, fuel consumption, and oh yeah the big dream, selecting the type of vehicle your opponents use. Naturally, if I was doing the coding for that, I would make it like the filter settings in car selection. You’d be able to select different opponents based on PP, HP weight, all that good stuff. But that would mean more AI to be inputted as I don’t believe every car in the game has AI.
      *sigh* One can dream…that some day Arcade Mode will be fully enjoyable.

    • MeanElf

      I’ve seen adjustable difficulty before in other racing games. It’s not new.

    • Johnnypenso

      Too right MeanElf. It seems that some GTFans just can’t wrap their head around what other games do and do well, and that most of us don’t want cookie cutter events, we want options. How well did the performance bonus go over in GT5? Extremely well, it added huge layers of repeatability and it’s just a simple calculation. Adding a difficulty slider would be the same thing, if the AI program was challenging and they drove competitively, which they don’t. Options, options, options.

    • Quakebass

      Honestly all PD would need to do is have set payouts for each difficulty, it isn’t hard. Forza has (and has had for quite some time) payout calculation based on the aids you use and the difficulty you set the AI to. It’s basic algebra.

      The issue here is that even with a difficulty slider, the AI wouldn’t get any quicker or more aggressive. PD’s AI programming is ridiculously behind the curve in this era of racing games. What we have in GT6 right now is the best currently in-game. An AI update will need to come before the slider you wish for is even possible.

    • transam

      If you want a more difficult race, you could just use a lower performing car.

    • Johnnypenso

      @transam Arriving at the finish line barely ahead of the AI because you dropped 2 tire grades and 200 hp isn’t “racing”, it’s a time trial with moving roadblocks. Having AI that can drive almost as fast as you is racing.

  21. 23 A-Spec / Time Trials remaining until our Sound Update in November. (Project Cars Trailer)

    Though I know GT7 on PS4 will regain the title. (or will.. it?)


    I was so bored that I was trying to get all gold at the Goodwood time trials =/
    finally some : : : R A C I N G : : : =D

  23. Finally, those Time Trials are getting boring and annoying. GT is about racing after all..

  24. Finally! But it’s a bit too late I feel.

  25. Morphisor

    Now the first 2 races are easy, business as usual. But the Suzuka race….holy smokes, that was the best offline racing I’ve had in GT yet! I actually had to take my tuned ZZII to even be able to win; my Aventador just couldn’t do it…

    The top AI cars actually run laptimes of 2:05-2:08 the whole time, and you start with 20 seconds behind the first one – it’s REALLY tough for most cars.

    • XSRacing111

      I didn’t have a problem with the Suzuka race. I beat it with the Callaway C12. You gotta refine your driving line dude. :)

    • Magic Ayrton

      Suzuka race was won on lap 3 in KTM X-bow, or so I thought, but then the Pagani Hyuara speeded up and re overtook me twice, final lap I nailed and crossed the line with no sight of it.

  26. Ok let the complaining begin. A spec races are here so can we all chill with the complaining and enjoy the free content. This should help everyone rest peacefully that we will get all the content we all are craving. It just takes time and patience when its ready we will get it you dont want new half finished content do you. We have 2 new cars coming probobly in a few weeks that will come with probobly new TTs, and we can all assume theres a good chance based on what Mitsubishi pulled on us that we could get another vision gt car mabey any day or week now.

    • Johnnypenso

      A spec races are here with low payouts and no difficulty multiplier and terrible AI , so we can all chill because it’s free….lol.

    • A kick in the teeth is free as well.

    • There’s a saying, the best things in life are free and we all know nothing in life is free, hell even freedom, and that has “free” in the word freedom. I once said the only thing you can walk inside a store and get for free is a book of matches, and what’s crazy is some stores are even starting to charge for that! I walked in a store one day and said let me get some matches and the clerk said we charge fifteen cents, I said are you serious, he said yea and I turned around walked out. Bottom line is nothing is free, the game, ps3, internet, tv, electricity, a home to play gt6 in, nothing is free.

      On topic, PD seems to can’t do nothing right, I mean if I wanted to do five laps of willow, I would just go to a-spec or arcade, seasonals should be about something different, a type of race that you can not do on a-spec or arcade to make it interesting, you know something “special”.

  27. I don’t know why everyone was waiting for these, we all knew they would be ‘races’, but not as we know it.

  28. You’d think that they would be embarrassed by the AI

    • XSRacing111

      I have no problems with the AI driving like children. IF you want AI that you can almost never beat, go play Forza 5.

  29. research

    Its time for an Event Creator.

    Its time for an Event Creator.

    Its time for an Event Creator.

    (sing it with me!)

    • Johnnypenso

      It’s time for an Event Creator,
      Without one the game just isn’t complete,
      I don’t want to sound like a hater,
      But the game is beginning to resemble something you excrete.

      So Kaz, let’s pull out all the stops,
      And burn that candle at both ends,
      You may have to bust a few chops,
      But in the end we’ll all be friends again.

    • Haha epic

    • Magic Ayrton

      The game is Excrement? eh Johnny! lol

    • TokoTurismo

      Agreed research. We need that Event Creator right, damn, NOW!!!!!!!

    • super_gt


    • Johnnypenso

      @MagicAyrton Not many words rhyme with complete…excrete looked like a good one…lol.

    • research

      Ok back to the chorus:

      It’s time for an Event Creator
      It’s time for an Event Creator
      It’s time for an Event Creator

      Hahahaha! This went SO much better than I could’ve imagined. Thx guys. : )

  30. Races… FINALLY!!

  31. Fat Tyre

    I’m glad to see the races back, disappointed to see the state of the AI. Guys try do the Willow Springs race and instead of overtaking everyone just follow the 11th car for about 30 seconds, the “guy” is not even trying! I know it was the same in GT5 but I don’t know how I am supposed to get any enjoyment or sense of achievement in overtaking 11 moving obstacles who don’t know I am even there.

  32. OpticZero

    The Seasonals are finally getting back into the old swing of things. Not sure what took so long to get actual races, though. And before someone says that they were just waiting for GT5 to go offline…why? Why did they need to wait? It’s not like they were trying to encourage people to go back and play the old version; that would be near pointless. Do they not have enough resources to create weekly Seasonals? If so, then I think that PD and Sony are into a very financially tight territory; but I find that hard to believe. Don’t get me wrong; I love these new races but they are long overdue.

  33. Dready1984

    Finally! Any bonus for completing them with lower PP than required? Can the be done more than once?

    • OpticZero

      No special prizes to be won here. No extra bonuses to be paid out. No cars or paint chips to be won either. Just a few hundred grand worth of credits…so I guess there is enough to buy our own supercar.

  34. Tenacious D

    Ohhh… if only PD would manage to wedgie new events into the game, with tweaked A.I., t’would make GT6 so much nicer. Maybe the Best Of Seasonals, or if the best of these new events WOULDN’T have an expiry date. Just a thought.

  35. TheProRacer

    Here comes the real stuff! :)

  36. TRLWNC7396

    Easy, challenging, and seriously intense. Very good balance! I like!

  37. gtfanforlife

    I thought we would never see the day!

  38. Jayson619


  39. IngRobNy

    Finally A-spec races. This made me happy ( for a change :) ) Many thanks PD ;)

    • IngRobNy

      Now we have a good mix in the Seasonal Events.

    • IngRobNy

      Maybe in the future we can have Nascar on Daytona International Speedway, Le Mans on Circuit de la Sarthe, Formula Gran Turismo race on Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps/Suzuka Circuit/Autodromo Nazionale Monza/Nürburgring GP and Red Bull X2014 on Red Bull Ring in the Seasonals Events?
      Anyway this A-Spec was a nice surprise, no date, no delays, no false hope.

  40. fresh11


  41. Yawn…still boring. PD still have the all the imagination of a wet dish cloth when it comes to running events. Head on over to the GT6 Online Racing forum to see how it’s done properly!

  42. warpkez

    By “Expert” do they mean successfully found a way of dealing with the stupid AI?

    I like how the player is not allowed to use Nitro, but the AI is. There is no way a McF1’94 can constantly gain time against another McF1’94.

  43. Far too little, far too late.

  44. ToyGTone

    YEAH!! glad they did it.

  45. We need online race type seasonal events like one’s we had in GT5 prologue.

  46. joaocb40

    Congratulations! I’m so happy!!! :)

  47. Rafael F

    What!? (´º_º)

  48. LotusTeam

    AI improves just a little bit, still easy gold, cmon PD~

  49. YES!!! They finally did it.
    I like time-trials, but I was beginning to be fed up of being served the same soup (TT’s) every time. If they keep alternating between TT’s and races, I will be very pleased indeed.

  50. Are they still just rabbit chase races though?

  51. danbojte

    I’m very happy for that! :)

  52. Nomadpt1

    FINALLY!!! at last, a reason to play gt6 with the wheel. I’m sick of the red bull challenge to win some cash

  53. A-spec finaly back!! Nice.

  54. Finally


    Looks like I was right about the Circuit races coming over once the GT5 servers went down. Hopefully, the payouts are good enough to do over and over as they were in GT5.

  56. andrew84555

    Good stuff, looking forward to A-Spec events with some actual challenge.

  57. Finally some races.

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