Nissan Concept 2020 Vision GT Revealed, Comes to GT6 in July

June 16th, 2014 by Jordan

The “NISSAN CONCEPT 2020 Vision Gran Turismo” has been officially unveiled, and will be coming to Gran Turismo 6 next month, according to the latest announcement from Polyphony Digital.

Crafted by a young team of London-based Nissan designers and engineers from the company’s Technical Center, it features a radical look that “proposes new possibilities for the future of sports car design”.

The video trailer released for the car also shows off a suspiciously foggy Nurburgring… Stay tuned for more info!

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  1. fordskydog

    Dates don’t mean a damn thing to Polyphony.

    Polyphony, I love you. But I can’t ever rely on what you say. And then I buy everything you put out anyway.

    I’m an enabler.

    • SZRT Ice

      Aren’t we all. Whether it’s the complainers or the defenders, We’ve all been enabling PD @ the end of the day.

  2. fordskydog

    So the reference to June 10 before was just for that teaser picture? They had me thinking this would be available in game on June 10.

  3. I like it.

  4. warpkez

    Oooh! A Datsun.

  5. sircarltonlotus

    This car is gonna absolutely fly! (not literally)

  6. Sharpie

    I like this car only thing that worry me is can this car be tuned. ?

  7. polpol3214

    well i guess there is no chance my car wishlist will be on GT6… p1,laferrari,huracan,z06…goodbye..welcome VGT!!!!

    • The Pianist

      Don’t you forget that beast named “SCC Tuatara”.

  8. I must say I like it more now with the videos and these pics than I did with that concept drawing. Still, the car’s stance looks a bit too boxy, mainly in the front and along the sides, I like the back. I like the wide stance, but this thing would just look so bad ass if it had a lower stance over all. Because it had all the sleek, flowing line. It just doesn’t work on a GT-R style box.

    About the foggy Ring, I’m pretty sure that’s not knew. I know with weather change on in GT5 sometimes there were foggy mornings at the Ring, pretty sure I’ve seen it in GT6. I’m just waiting for PD to put Zahara in one of these VGT videos, they like to dangle the carrot in front of our faces.

    • SZRT Ice

      Every Nissan from the GT-R to the Skyline, the Silvia to the Altima is distinctively “boxy” in nature. I agree the car looks much better by comparison to it’s teaser shot. But to me, it seems very “Toyota” in nature. I mean, I can actually picture the Toyota badge on the front and it goes perfectly imo.

  9. Isn’t this the car that we saw at the GT Academy trailer last year ? Last car that the R35 pass

    • I just watched the trailer to check, it wasn’t there, though you may be thinking of a different video because there was no montage of a GT-R passing cars in the trailer.

    • Normalaatsra

      Amac, the trailer was taken off and re-uploaded to remove the secret car in the trailer when it first came out. Someone has screencapped it fortunately, the it’s very similar to the Concept 2020 VGT in the rear but it’s colour was in white and it was very different to the new car.

  10. John_Marsten

    Its the Nissan R36: Future update spec

  11. JulesJackson

    Reminds me of a Kettle cook potato chip.

  12. German_V8 Fan

    This thing is so ugly…BUT I am always hoping that manufacturers dare to do something special in this vision gt project. Make designfantasies come true which do not need to sell in real life. Not like the bmw which just looks like every other bmw. So a special an uncommon look is very welcome.

  13. SnakeOfBacon

    They announced we’d see the car on June 10, then that it would be fully revealed on June 16, and now that it will be in the game in mid July. That’s still less dates than with the VisionGTI, but this tactic is getting old. How about next time they just show us the car and tell us roughly when we can drive it on the same day next time. Nonetheless, looks interesting.

  14. sirjim73

    When you watch this on YT, at the end you have the option to look at the video for the Nissan ESFLOW Concept 2020.

    Yes, I KNOW these are obviously not the same cars, but I wonder whether the concept for this car has come out of the mindflow of the other 2020 concept (if you understand what i mean). Perhaps some of the people involved worked on both cars, or the technology will be similar. Who knows, no idea of course just speculating.

    But it does seem rather coincidental that both cars are 2020 concepts?

  15. GT5 Level 41

    I was hoping those red LED’s were the tailpipes.

  16. Praggia

    A GT-R dressed up by Lamborghini LMAO!!!!

    • SZRT Ice

      I’d say it was a “Stealth GT-R”. That’s where Lamborghini got their angular designs from with the Revénton & Aventador. Even Ford had an angular design with the GT90. The Nissan is just more modern.

  17. Croatian_STIG

    Odd… I get the feeling PD will make this be the fastest road-legal car in GT6. It being a GT-R and all…

    • liv4hardstyle

      hope so.. in fact I hope its so fast that when it zooms past in a replay I don’t have to look at it. just a blur of ugliness.

  18. Amac500

    I kind of hat how PD is announcing these a month before we actually get them.

    • Croatian_STIG


    • TokoTurismo

      I so agree.

    • fluegelmann

      in case of reading closely one can find that they even the first article they spoke about to reveal it today.they did not even say it would be available in why they spread the news in this tease-reveal-integrate mode surely is to raise the hype,which is totally legite. one cannot develop content faster than people being annoyed bx the last one.even senna only took minutes to be claimed boring.

      sum of things, raising awareness is the only way to build tension

    • MeanElf

      You got bored with the Senna content after just a few minutes? Maybe you need to play a different game…

    • HuskyGT

      Got bored after 40 minutes with the Senna thing. The cars are fun to drive, but then you realize they have no use whatsoever other than doing hot laps… That gets boring after a while.

    • JulesJackson

      @HuskyGT I thought you stopped playing GT or is it a love hate thing? Just quit playing if you hate it. P.S the Skyline now looks like a Gumpert/ P1 had a child.

    • HuskyGT

      @JulesJackson It’s a love-hate thing… If I quit, I can’t stop thinking about the game. If I play it, I just can’t stand the game.

    • @fluegelmann Well look at the VGT cars in the game right now. Which one was the most exciting? The BMW. No warning it was coming, it just came and people flipped and loved the thing. It’s like the concern a lot of people have with the new Acura/Honda NSX, and that is by the time it hits the road nobody will care because they’ll have been showing the concept for 3+ years and it will already be old. Like I was really looking forward to the VW, but after knowing it’s been coming I’m a bit less enthused, although I’ll still drive the crap out of it because I love open tops and I hate driving cars without onboards. With the Nissan, we now know what the car looks like and people will be more use to it by the time it came out. So tension, yeah you could say that, but the most successful VGT launch so far was for sure the BMW and there was no tension there, it was just an explosion of energy.

    • fluegelmann

      @meanelf: Sorry was unprecise with that. I did not mean me to be bored within minutes. I saw that here in the forums. I love the F3 car.

      @amac: I agree. The bmw was a surprise and much fun to drive. I was trying to point out that this looks like a strategy from PD as they operate the same way with the golf VGT.

    • Aussie_HSV

      Is no-one considering the possibility that the manufacturers, as in the people who have invested in and designed these cars, may have some sort of say regarding the launch and the media announcements that come with it?
      Or is PD the only one with any say on how it’s done, and stuff the car company?
      Bit of a rhetorical question really, just making a point.

    • MeanElf

      Indeed, the point has been made a few time in previous articles and a few threads, but then conveniently ignored by everyone else because all seems fair in the let’s-brand-PD-as-the-bad-guys-in-everything drive that people seem to love to take a part in here.

      @fluegelmann – that’s okay, I was just surprised at such a comment (mainly because I don’t go on the main forums much anymore…see above – ’tis a silly place.)

    • Aussie_HSV

      It’s also interesting, for want of a better word, how the complaint bandwagon rides off into the distance when just a little bit of logic is applied.
      It really is out of control on this forum, and it’s a shame.

  19. Hideous.

  20. DCybertron

    Someone, somewhere, is going to call this the R36. It’s almost certain.

  21. Viper Defender mode GT-R :D

    • TokoTurismo

      Delayed till July… Grrrr!!

    • sangdude82

      Speaking of GT-R, I wonder if PD is going to give us the GT-R GT3 Nismo RJN race car as a DLC…

    • Croatian_STIG

      @sangdude82 – What? didn’t you win the GT-R GT3 Nismo RJN in the GT Academy round 4? I did lol.

    • HuskyGT

      Am I the only one here who knows what you’re talking about?! :D I loved that show…

    • MeanElf

      I didn’t win one either, there again, I didn’t get gold and I did win the Lotus where others did not…

    • sangdude82

      Yeah, that Viper used to turn into silver whenever it went defender mode. But I would like to watch it again since I can’t remember the show rather than it was about Viper. Nah, my best time was like 2.2 sec off gold time and I was being lazy to spend more time to do it. Then, the GT Academy has ended before I could have another go lol.

  22. DSUjoeDirte9

    To be honest, it doesn’t look as bad in the trailer as it does in pictures. Hopefully it looks alright when it comes to the game and the pictures are just making it look bad to most.

  23. The front looks like a flared caricature of the Jaguar C-X75 concept car. I like the rear and side though; very batmobilish.

    • Baron Blitz Red

      Although I kind of agree with the “Batmobilish” comment, when the first pics were out, and it was darker… one car instantly came to my mind. Back in the ’70’s there was a movie called “The Car”, an evil Lincoln IIRC. If there was a remake to that movie, and this car was painted a black hole type of black… it would be my pick as a new, fast and evil replacement. Something about those “eyes”, low slung roof and bulging sides… just makes the connection with me. I like it!


  24. Humungus

    A bit too Reventon for my taste, although I do like the shade of grey. And as always, another tease.

  25. Honestly, I don´t like much these Vision GT cars.
    More real cars PD, cars that don´t exist…mehhh.
    At least work on your current standadr cars and put transform them on premium. Make a poll to see the cars that people want to see as premium. C´mon…

    Want some examples for new cars on the game, and real ones:

    Renault Clio Williams
    Renault Clio R.S 2014
    Fiat 131
    Alfa Romeo 155

    Want more, I could be on this all afternoon…

    Note – Great job on the Senna tribute!!

    • Well I would modify that a bit to say that you want more new European hot hatches, lol

  26. Freezer445

    Looks like some Ridge Racer car.

  27. binbin90

    …………I like the foggy nurburgring part :)

  28. Lord Protector

    I don’t know but something tells me that Jordan knows something about the “suspiciously foggy Nurburgring…

  29. Makkan786

    Hmmm i see fog i hope thats part of the update

  30. The Stig Farmer

    I’m getting a sinking feeling that we won’t see any REAL cars until VGT is over

    • I’m getting the same, and I’m a fan of the VGT program…

  31. Steph290

    It could do with a redesign of those front headlights. It reminds me of what Jeep did to the Cherokee, and that was a truly fugly design. Other than that, it’s not as bad as I had feared.


    We want new GT3 Cars

    • A_Higher_Place

      Yes we do!

      Also, this new car looks filthy.

    • sirjim73

      Take it to the GT6 car wash then @A_Higher_Place lol

    • and we need to fix the ones we’ve got. GT3 cars are know for being easy to drive and incredibly forgiving. Drivers come from little British Touring Cars and say they’re trying to get to how forgiving it is. They need to redo the handling and fix all of that. Remember that #71 GT-R Nurburgring racer that was in the spec 2.0 update to GT5? That’s what GT3 cars are suppose to handle like. GT3 cars even race with TC and ABS and everything. The Audi ESPECIALLY needs to get shorted out. But yeah, I want more GT3 cars too and I’d LOVE to see base models for the ones we got!

    • “Little” British Touring Cars? I presume you’re referring to TOC?

  33. These cars are completely irrelevant. Where are the real cars? Although I must admit I’m glad they fixed this thing. In the previous news article it looked horrendous. Now it’s just mildly ugly.

    • These cars are totally relevant. They are forecasting the vision of the manufacturers and they will make their way down to street cars. Mercedes did build 5 of its VGT, and Mercedes themselves have said that many of the styling cues from their VGT will directly be carried over to the SLS AMG replacement.

    • That said PD does need to add more street cars, and although we all want the new big name cars. PD needs to be balancing their attention between VGT’s and road cars, they should be releasing street cars and VGT’s overall at about a 1-to-1 ratio. I really do wanna see some new cars like the Alfa Romeo 4C. Hopefully we’ll get the new Z06 Corvette because PD had made that deal with GM.

  34. Ferrari458Italia

    looks better than i expected it to

  35. Cole Morgan

    I believe that this car will sort of be like the Lexus LFA. The body shape sort of reminds me of it. And as we all know, the Lexus LFA is a brilliant car.

  36. Jaycue58

    Well i gotta say, that is one ugly concept car , but it’s no different to any other thing that Nissan throws at us ,they are growers, Gtr was pug ugly but its grown into a fantastic looking car so will have to give this time,would love to see another Furai,ish concept.

  37. DingoDile

    I LOVE these futuristic concept cars! :D

  38. SavageEvil

    Interesting trailer, but I have never seen that much fog on the Nur that must be one unfettered PS3 dev machine. That is one low slung roof line, like seriously S7 low, goodness gracious it’s going to be work to get in and out of that.

  39. PhillGuy

    need…. more… real… cars…

    fake… cars… irrelevant…

    • RyanRacer

      I couldn’t agree with you more @PhilGuy.

    • OriginalCheezIt

      I for one am glad to see a racing game that is looking towards the future. Just because the cars don’t exist now doesn’t mean they can’t in the future.

    • xero0083

      Totally agree

    • SZRT Ice

      I’m wit’ CheezIt. VGT’S are a good move. If they went back to real cars, we’d probably get a new Prius or some ‘ish anyways.

    • challengerrt10

      You got to be really naive or silly thinking that we’ll get new real cars in GT6. All of them all reserved for GT7 only.

    • OriginalCheezIt

      ^ Please enlighten us on how you know this.

  40. GT5 Level 41

    Looks Lamboish. That’s a good thing.

  41. beezball

    Pretty cool little trailer. I like the look.

  42. x_Lone_Wolf_x

    First it was the 10th of June, then the 16th and now we have to wait even longer till July? :c

    Car looks great though.

    • SavageEvil

      Pretty sure that they said that those dates were teasers leading up to the cars’ reveal. I could be wrong though.

    • sircarltonlotus

      I think we’ll have to get accustomed to these same queries. Perhaps another 20 odd times in fact. You are correct savage, the dates given weren’t in anyway shape or form dates for its inclusion in game. As a side note, the foggy nurb hasn’t been promised either, but certainly something to mull over!

    • QuattroDelta

      That were dates for the reveal, not for the release.

    • It’s PD’s new release date for release date for release date trick, details are in the fine print.

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