2014 GT Academy Announced – Starts April 21st


Gamers, start your engines – we’re just a week away from the next edition of GT Academy.

Unbelieveably now in its sixth year, GT Academy has taken gamers from their sofa and put them in some of the highest level races in the world, from Super GT to Formula 3, from FIA GT to GP3 and with repeated successes at some of the toughest endurance races on Earth – Spa 24 Hours, Nürburgring 24 Hours and, of course, Le Mans.

GTA2014_championsStarting April 21st is your opportunity to join them. More countries than ever before are included in the expanding program (sorry, Canada) and this year will see four new champions crowned and pushed through the gruelling Nissan Driver Development Program. GT Academy USA and GT Academy Germany remain as standalone competitions, while GT Academy Europe now consists of Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

A new “GT Academy International” competition includes Australia, India, Mexico and Thailand along with a Middle East (UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Kuwait) region.

All you need to qualify is a PlayStation 3, PSN account and Gran Turismo 6. Online qualifying begins on 21st April. As usual, see our GT Academy forums for more information and discussion.

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  1. A_Talianos

    well i guess cyprus will never be in it… :'( no seriously it won’t.. no-one knows us.. we don’t even have our own playstation store..

  2. Ian_83

    I find it interesting how Germany have their own competition and aren’t part of the European one. Last time I looked, Germany was in Europe.

    1. German_V8 Fan

      Maybe the amount of gt players in germany is higher than in most other european countries. I really dont know, confusing though…

  3. OpticZero

    GT Academy has been added to the Special Events section of the main menu. A sneak peak at the track is shown. Who can guess where it is???

  4. Blood*Specter

    Well this is the time for tracks and car’s. Hopefully at least bi-monthly software changes/fixes and maybe DLC. Not really expecting much.
    But with GT5 servers going away the focus at PD may change to GT7 & GT6.
    And in that order.

  5. GranTurismoer

    Yay on my birthday too! I’m soooo looking forward to thi…..oh wait I’m still waiting for the course maker to arrive until I even think about buying GT6!

  6. AlexFFM1991

    Do you think there are chances to have nordschleife as qualifying track ??? If not then tell me why ?? It’s the hardest and the best track in the world. But maybe it’s to long 4 academy ….

    1. GTP_DeathStar

      I hope not. That track is the worst. The road is too narrow for my liking. If there were wider sections of tarmac and paved runoff areas like in the GP sections, then I would love it. At least it’s one of the prettiest tracks in the game.

    2. AlexFFM1991

      Swagger nobody asked how hard the track is 4 me. If you thing you are the best and you should comment every answer because you’re pissed of then I invite
      You online to show you how to drive on the ring wich ss tyres cuz it don’t touch rs like all the kids. Psn: Alex-wks and you’re welcome to get you’re ass beaten like
      You never get it before :D
      I still have record laps in the ring on ss tyres ;) with a lot
      Of cars so you’re just a big mouth ;) join me this days if you thing you’re good

  7. thaisn

    so there is really no more reason to play gt for me…
    no austria and no switzerland AGAIN?

    assetto corsa and iracing ruined gran turismo completely for me.
    i hoped the academy would bring the fire back for me…
    now its even worse for me that the one time i had the chance i only got 3rd (without any expectaions and for that without preparin in any way) at the national finals, just to miss the chance to go to silverstone.
    i feel like an idiot preparin the whole year after and organizing a tv team and filming licenses just to realize it was for nothing.
    should have made another album instead.

    pd better brings a nearly perfect gt7 with all the things we sim racer want from it. otherwise i dont see me coming back :(

    sry for complainin, just really sad.
    see you in iracing and assetto corsa maybe

  8. smskeeter23

    After last years 446 finish I set my sights on the top 250 US for this year. Hope I dont dissapoint myself lol.

    Man I can’t wait… let it begin Let It BEGIN!!!

    1. MatheusBond

      I think all the finals are in Silverstone, no matter what country the Academy is. I was dreaming of going down the Senna S too.

    2. R Ercole

      I’ve walked on interlagos surface on Lollapalooza music festival a week ago. Such a beautiful track…

  9. doodlemonoply

    And now we wait for that one thread that complains about the fastest guys driving too unrealistically. Just like the past two years.

    1. Famine

      Neither the Middle East nor South Africa have been part of GT Academy before this year – yet Salman Al-Khater and Ashley Oldfield are GT Academy champions from the Middle East and South Africa.

      Just because Brazil isn’t in THIS announcement doesn’t mean it’s not getting a GT Academy…

    1. super_gt

      I only complain about one thing PHYSICS,and I will stop complaining when Gran Turismo physics catch PC simulators.

    2. TokoTurismo


      If that’s the case, than GT is not a simulator that it saids it is. It’s a simcade racer. End of.

    3. Dready1984

      Unfortunately GT Academy is a Nissan run competition. If you dont like the cars supplied, dont participate. GT will never match the physics of rfactor or iracing, accept it and move on.

    4. super_gt

      The only thing which keep me to play GT is laser scan nurburgring nordschleife.
      In real life Nissan 350/370 Z is VERY FUN car to drive.but not in Gran Turismo.

    5. GTP_DeathStar

      Oh my gosh…a Playstation game being played on your couch doesn’t have perfect real-world physics? A car company wants to use it’s digital cars for advertising? Say it isn’t so!!!

  10. im2fst4u

    Oh Canada! Why are we forsaken?
    We only long to race like everyone else.
    Mexico is allowed but not us?
    If Canada isn’t in next year I won’t know what to say. :(

    1. DBY___86

      Its because of your competition laws! Canada isn’t allowed to participate because of your own laws. It isn’t Nissans fault!

    2. Bigsword1955

      Or they seem to think we’re part of the States. They should call it GT Academy North America…8)
      What Laws…??? Since when did Country Laws influence Video Games…???
      Give us what we want…recognition for starters..if not…F#@K U 2…8(

    3. Johnnypenso

      Not that we don’t admit it Doodle, most Canucks aren’t aware of the reason we’re not in GTAcademy. Unfortunately most of us aren’t lawyers familiar with the intricacies of contest law!!! Damn you Canadian government!!!!

  11. 01Michael

    My bet for the track is either Monza or the new Spanish circuit teased by PD recently. The cars have been revealed as the Nissan Leaf and 370Z Z34, same as last year.

    1. Amac500

      I don’t think it’ll be Monza, I think it will for sure be a new track. I doubt they’ll use Zahara as it wouldn’t be accurate for finding out who’s quickest on a track, cus that will be a winding country road and the new longest track in the game, so they definitely shouldn’t use that. My money is actually on the Shang-hi F1 track.

    2. Amac500

      It’s because Canada has never produced any great drivers, like Gilles and Jacque Villenueve, Paul Tracy, Greg Moore, James Hinchcliffe, Ron Fellows, or Alex Tagliani… *rolls eyes*

    3. GTHEAD87

      I think it will be Interlagos too. the Senna pack is meant to be out next month so it would be a fitting part. I hope lol. FM5 has had some pretty cool updates so far so fingers crossed PD do the same. well, more content sort of thing. the updates so far are actually pretty cool, just not practical for everyone playing the game.

      I ain’t expecting to win GTA, but I’m excited to take part and have some fun :)

    1. kolio123

      Nope, top 10.
      I am a doodle fan!
      I like Denny Hamlin in Nascar and I like you in GT. Whoa that sounded weird, but just use the comparison.
      Go doodle!

    1. Halcyon925

      I never got my free GT-R from last year. And I got Bronze or higher in every event. I didn’t even recieve an email.

  12. smskeeter23

    Gahhhhh I knew this would happen! I leave for Boston for work on the 21st… I knew something big with GT would happen as soon as I left!

    Damn, a whole week lost :-(

    Seems really early this year?

    1. SZRT Ice

      I think it’s dropping early because of a GT7:P announcement @ E3 this summer. I wonder if a downloadable version will be made available for PS4?

    2. z06fun

      Seems like the could have announced it a bit early than say a week before it starts. Maybe its several weeks long though. Maybe we will find that out the day before it starts:) Either way I’m a previous participant and ineligible but would be nice to do the online parts.

    3. Amac500

      I don’t think PS4 will get ones the engine would be completely different for a PS4 and you know Sony won’t have one developed yet.

    4. SZRT Ice

      But wasn’t there a downloadable GT-A that released before GT5? They could possibly make a higher res’ stand-alone version of GT-A for the PS4.

      A few Nissan cars for each event, touched up tracks, etc. I mean, it’s kinda backwards thinking on Sony’s part to not have ANYTHING GT related for PS4, and if Prologue has indeed been underway for as long as they’ve said, an Academy/Trial edition would be a good direction to take. Re-invigorating the sim crowd and stimulating the racing scene.

      We all know the PS4 needs it by now. I mean, what PS4 owner actually wants to go “backwards” to a PS3 just to get their GT/racing fix?

    1. Hastatus

      I’m Canadian. I can assure you that Canada could not change its laws if it wanted to. The system here is archaic, slow, and rarely influenced by logical thinking. The slow speed at which everything moves means that there is always something more important to deal with, so nothing small no matter how trivial or beneficial will be easily changed. Canada will never officially see a GT Academy.

  13. AlexFFM1991

    Huh nice nice. Last jear just place 42 :(
    Hope this jear I’ll qualify. Hope it’s on the ring this time but I don’t think so. Silverstone again ? Hmm

    1. smskeeter23

      Looks like it’s rolled into GT6 this year. Smart move to sell more discs, or, cut down on participation.

    2. biftizmo

      was thinking same thing…maybe stand alone and also on in game menu too.. it will add the mileage to my stats.

  14. 01Michael

    Last year I had to decline an invitation to the UK finals due to a shoulder injury so I’m glad there’s another opportunity. Hopefully I can repeat my position.

  15. thestig11

    Will we get the single seat shown in the picture? That would be cool! Anyway, cant wait to see if i can beat my place from last year!

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